We had a spring bear hunt in 2018 (after a 6 year wait)... it was awesome.  
At this time, we are not planning a 2020 hunt but if you are interested in getting information about our future hunts, send us an email!

You want black bear - we've got them!  
You want blonde color phase bear - we've got them!  
You want cinnamon color phase bear - we've got them!
You want chocolate color phase bear - we've got them!

Baiting in Saskatchewan is still allowed for bear.  We keep up-dated with the best baiting techniques and YOU KNOW THAT YOU'RE GOING TO SEE BEAR during this hunt!  Many, many of our guests have told entertaining stories about playful cubs keeping them company until .... the forest grows quiet, the cubs prick up their ears and run to hiding places deep in the woods .... still silence prevails .... and then, from the corner of your eye, you sense a movement .... ever so slowly you turn ... and there he stands ....

Makwa River Outfitters provides a  QUALITY GUIDED HUNT for black bear. Our guides are the best of the best!  They are experienced, courteous and fun to be with!!
The guides will leave you alone as much as possible to make sure that nothing alerts those preferred BIG BEAR but each person will have a radio with which you will hear first-hand, your fellow hunter's successes and of course announce your own exciting announcement of 'I GOT HIM!!" All we can say is - make sure you have your camera with you - you will want this one in your "brag book" to make the people back home green with envy!!

You may use rifle, muzzleloader, archery, shotgun or crossbow.

YOU WILL SEE A LOT OF BEAR!    During a 5 1/2 day black bear hunt in Saskatchewan, our  hunters report seeing as few as two to four but as many as 15-20 bear!     Now that is exciting!
SUPERIOR COLOR PHASES!  We have cinnamon bear, blonde bear, chocolate bear & of course, black bear.  
REMOTE, RUGGED HUNTING AREA!  Lots of wildlife—deer, moose, beaver, wolf, elk, etc will be seen during this quality trophy bear hunt
We get you right up to your stand by way of truck, and then all terrain vehicles

Success rate:  we call it 100% - but we also need to tell you that not everyone harvests an animal!!  The reason for this is that some of our hunters have hunted with us for many years and they are now looking for something different—usually a color that they do not yet have.!  It is important to note that EVERYONE SEES BEAR AND HAS AN OPPORTUNITY TO SHOOT AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANT IS THAT  EVERYONE HAS FUN! 

 Guests take care of transportation to camp.  We suggest flying into Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - our camp is approximately 3  to 3 1/2 hour drive from there. Also consider the Edmonton, Alberta airport - our camp is approximately 4 - 4 1/2 hour drive but the airport is larger and has more flights to choose from.   It seems that the best way to find flights nowadays is to go online.  We suggest staying away from flights that land in Toronto... many of our clients have had problems there.

Guides are knowledgeable, dependable & friendly.

Tree stands are baited daily (& we start baiting LONG before you arrive).
FRESH tree stand for EVERYBODY!  The tree stand is removed as soon as an animal is harvested so that only one animal per stand is taken.  This shows our commitment not only to our hunters but also to our animals and to our business!
Each stand has a VHF radio so that you will constantly be in touch with your guides and your hunting friends—you know that you will want to BRAG as soon as your bring down that BIG ONE!
If you wish to bring your camera/video camera—ask us to put a tripod in the stands for your cameras.  

Tree stands are of metal construction.  Ken had personally designed and constructed the stands so that they are as comfortable and efficient as possible.  He did not like climbing “tree pegs” and so had built the stands with safer and more convenient ladders.
We skin and freeze your trophy in preparation to take home.  No trophy fees
No pesky black flies
Accommodation in fully modern log cabin complete with shower, kitchenette, TV (including satellite dish and VCR).  Cabin sleeps up to 11 peoplebut during bear season we like to bring in only 6 people at a time.  Cabin is supplied with all bedding, towels, soap, shampoo and thermoses for your coffee.
Smoking is not allowed in cabin (which is where you sleep) or the eating area but smokers can smoke anywhere else.
Access to phone, fax,  e-mail.  There is cell service but the roaming costs are going to be pretty high so we suggest that you use our phones.
All meals and beverages (except alcohol) are provided.  This includes full course home cooked meals complete with wonderful homemade desserts!  If you require a special diet just let Kathy know in advance.
Camp arrival:  Anytime after 2:00 pm Sunday afternoon.
Camp departure:  right after lunch Saturday afternoon

DO NOT LET OUR GUN LAWS SCARE YOU!  We will provide you with the proper forms to get your guns across the border.  None of our clients have yet experienced difficulties. 

Paper work is done here to eliminate any delays taking your trophies across the border.
We have GREAT golf courses nearby.  Our favorite is about 20 minutes from camp.  You can rent golf clubs at the course.
We have fishing lakes - so you may wish to bring your poles.  We have walleye, northern pike and perch (see the "fishing" section of our site for more information).   We suggest that you think of fishing only if you tag out.  Experience has shown us that you will enjoy yourself much more if you firstly focus on the bear hunting aspect and then once you are successful with that, then you can think about fishing.  Trying to do both at once will just end up being too "rushed" and too tiring ... trust us, we have been doing this for many years!  For more information on this, go to our "Fishing" section.

We are members of the Saskatchewan Outfitters Association.
All hunters are required to sign a liability release prior to beginning their hunt (this is a standard hunting procedure).

We strongly recommend obtaining travel insurance in case of a need to cancel your trip, etc.  A client of ours that does a lot of hunting trips has used Travelguard and  AIG and finds them to be very good.
For further information, read on or contact us:

Makwa River Outfitters Ltd
Kathy Dopko-Esler

or e-mail us   k.dopko@sasktel.net

cell/text: 1-306-236-7444

Postal address:  Makwa River Outfitters Ltd
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Saskatchewan hunting at its best!