We are taking bookings for 2021 now
... It is NOT TOO EARLY!

What excitement will 2019 have?

Sunday, November 10, 2019 - the night before it all starts:

It is so wonderful to have such wonderful friends
all sitting around my kitchen table.

Welcome back John S, Kenny, Tom, Justin, Josh, Bob, John K
and welcome to our newcomer, Michael!

Look out Michael, you are going to have too much fun with this bunch!

    With a group like this ITS GOING TO BE AN AWESOME WEEK!


Monday, November 11, 2019 - day 1 of week 1

Its a "balmy" -6 degree day.  
Breakfast of pancakes and bacon, coffee and juice at 6:00 am.  
By 7:00 they are off to the woods.

Good luck everyone!



Nope... no deer taken today.

But ... we do have a Birthday to celebrate.  It was Randal's birthday actually yesterday but we are celebrating it tonight.
Happy Birthday Randal!

Here are all four of the guides:  Larry, Walker, Randal and Che


Tuesday November 12, 2019 - day 2 of week 1

It warmed up overnight ... its a 13 degree morning.

Its 6:30 am and they are off for their hunt!
... so exciting!

And our first deer for 2019 is taken by Kenny!
Congratulations Kenny!!

Nov 12/19 - Kenny

"It was a great week with you guys,a blast"
- Kenny - NY (on Facebook)

And another birthday to celebrate!
Happy Birthday Che!

Tomorrow, lets get back to huntin'!!


Wednesday, November 13, 2019 -day 3 of week 1:

What a great morning ... Justin has a deer already!
Nov 13/19 - Justin

And in the afternoon ... Bob takes a deer!
Nov 13, 2019 - Bob
This is Bob's 10 year here!

But there is more ... Tom has a deer down too!
Nov 13/19 Tom

But wait ... Josh has a deer down!
Oops ... Josh's deer got up and walked away!
A search party will be going out in the morning!

And what would be more incredible is if we found deer #4!

Good luck to the guides in the morning!

A shout out to Ray Manincor
and the whole group from Norway, Michigan
who hunted with us for many years
when my husband, Ken Dopko was still with us.
 Ray phoned me today to tell me that he watches the website
every day every hunting season.
 The last time he was here was April, 2006 ..
he and Eddie Dierkens travelled all the way from Michigan
to come to Kenny's funeral ... how special is that!
Well I tell you Ray ...
we miss the whole bunch of you
and much reminiscing is done
about the water fights,
Kenny spray painting boots
and all of the fun that was had when you were here ...
very special memories for sure!
I love all of you guys!


Thursday, November 14, 2019 - Day 4 of week 1

Last night we were left with the story
that Josh shot a good buck
and that it fell but then got up and walked away!  
The guides looked and found very little blood and no deer
but the fact that it fell was a good sign.
Unfortunately, it got too late to continue the search
and  so with great anticipation they went looking this morning.

Yup ... Our guides are good!
No blood trail this morning at all but they still found Josh's deer !
Josh actually made a great shot and the deer didn't really go that far!

And it it's a GREAT DEER ... VERY NICE JOSH!
Yes ... I'm glad that this is the BIG ONE that didn't get away!
found Nov 14, 2019 - Josh

And more good news - Mike got his deer too!
Nov 14, 2019 - Michael

I could not have had a better Makwa deer hunt if I drew up myself. From the moment I arrived you greeted me as a friend and made me feel at home. You entire organization and accommodations are first class and comfortable. All the meals were just outstanding. And the deer hunting was amazing. I want to give a special shoutout to Randall. He really is an outstanding guide. I hope he’s there next year when I return. All the hunters in camp are all really great funny helpful guys that I am sure I’ll be in touch with for many years.
Please tell my future wife Natasha I said hello.
Michael Young"

Ha ha ha ...
Natasha helps me in the kitchen ...
she is gorgeous,
she is a hard worker ...
she cooks amd bakes ...
wears camo
and loves to hunt!
(like .. check out her 2019 buck in the "about our camp"
 What's there not to love about "our girl, Natasha"!
Michael, in joke proposed to Natasha here in the kitchen!  
All in fun!!

Dang ... its a GOOD DAY!

Just wait ... a shot was heard in the direction of John K!
Hang on people!
... Yes, John K has a deer down!
Nov 14, 2019 - John

OMG! ... I think that John S also took a deer!
This is WILD!
Nov 14, 2019 - John

"Thanks so much Kathy for a week that will NOT be forgotten.
You and your crew are the best."
                                            - John

YES ... YES !!!!
Both Johns have their deer !




And take a look at this picture that our guide Randal took:
A RAINBOW IN NOVEMBER??? ... amazing!

HA HA HA HA ... I received this message today
from Wayne who will be coming in the last week of this year:

" You guys are getting it done!  I saw the pics and the one found this morning is a stud.  Very Exciting I can't wait.  I was checking your website at 5am before work for updates.  MY WIFE SAYS I HAVE A HUNTING PROBLEM"

Ha ha ha ... yup, Wayne, we can't wait to see you here!... Its gonna be a blast!!

Just a couple of our up and coming bucks for future years but
check out our treestand in the back
you have to look hard ...(between the two bucks) ...
blends in pretty good, doesn't it!

We sometimes have people who are concerned that moose chase deer away but the following two pictures show a different story:
Here is both a moose and a deer together.
 The deer might not come right into the hay but its close by.

Here are the moose leaving with a deer coming in right behind!


Monday, November 18, 2019 - Day 1 of Week 2

6:00 - breakfast is on for our four hunters.
Welcome back Ben and Dan
and welcome to our new hunters, Cobbie and Bob!

Lets talk about the weather ...
45 degrees this morning!  45 degrees on November 18th!!!
.... and not only 45 degrees but windy too!
Its going to be a tough day of hunting today
... deer don't like days like this!
But .... you just never know!!

As the day goes by it will get colder ...
by tomorrow it will be 28 degrees (or so says the weatherman).

... Well, like I said, YOU NEVER KNOW!
With wind and rain and warm temperatures
who would have thought that we would have a deer today?  

But Dan has his deer
it has a DROP TINE!!

Nov 18, 2019 - Dan

Another angle on Dan's drop tine buck:

Dan was watching another buck for quite a while
that was a lot bigger that this one
but it was the first morning after all ...
but when this one came in and he saw the drop tine,
he didn't think twice about pulling the trigger!
 .. who would?


Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - Day 2 of week 2

31 degree morning ...
What excitement will we have today?


Nov 19/19 - Ben

Just Bob and Cobbie left out there hunting ... good luck guys!


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

I haven't heard anything today ... not even any static on the radio today.
Both Bob and Cobbie will be going out again tomorrow.


Thursday, November 21, 2019

The weather continues to be mild .. 33 degrees here this afternoon.  
Last week we had the excitement of having 8 hunters and
this week it has slowed down because we only have 4 hunters
but its still exciting!

Ok ... I hear a rumour that Bob has shot!
Stay tuned, Friends! .....

Yes!  Bob has a deer!

Nov 21, 2019 - Bob
Notice the really cool worm hole on the bottom of the antler ... sweet!

And the story doesn't end yet for today...
Cobbie has tagged out too!


Here is the first view:
Looks good Cobbie!

HOLY MOLY ... this is an awesome deer!

Nov 21, 2019 .. Just one more picture of Cobbie's magnificent buck!
Congratulations Cobbie!

"HONORARY GUIDE" Barry comes out to cape Cobbie's deer
(with guides Che and Randal watching/helping)
in preparation for a FULL MOUNT!
.... WOW!... I can hardly wait to see that!
There are a few Makwa River Outfitters full mount deer
out there already and its always exciting to see another one!

This is wonderful!
We are still have a 100% year ...
Last week all of our hunters got their deer
and this week all of our hunters got their deer!
Way to go guys!


Sunday, November 24, 2019 - night before the hunt starts:

Jeff, Gareth, Walter and Luke listening to Larry
(Walter and Luke are father and son)
Phil and Phil (father and son)
Can you tell that I really enjoy "father and son hunting teams"!!  LOL!

Its very wonderful to meet new friends - Phil Sr, Jeff and Gareth
... I can see that we are going to like them A LOT!
Its even more wonderful to see old friends, Phil Jr, Luke and Walter!
Phil Jr, Luke and Walter hunted with us in 2012 and 2013
They hesitated in booking for 2014 because of an event at home.  
When they called back to book, we had no available spots
so they took the opportunity to hunt with several other outfitters.
 They are back with us ... to stay!
That makes us very happy!!


Monday, November 25, 2019 - Day one of week #3

Its still unbelievably warm weather for Saskatchewan at 33 degrees F.

Usually we think of warm weather as being a slooooooow day on the treestand but shortly after 10 this morning Gareth already had a deer down!
The man came here for a deer and he didn't waste any time!
Way to go Gareth!
Nov 25/19 - Gareth

Luke had a great day ...
he saw deer ...

he saw Elk ...

he saw moose ...

and then he saw deer again
Just no "keepers" today!

And Phil Sr ..... Phil Sr saw a real beauty and decided to let it walk!  Whaaaaat?
Ha ha ha ... he will never hear the end of it
from everyone if it doesn't come back!


Tuesday, November 26, 2019 - Day 2 of week #3

"Two of us have got'ter done" says Jeff as he brings his deer in!
You bet Jeff!
Nice deer!
Nov 26/19 - Jeff

Jeff watched some does all morning (what better "bait"?).
This was the first buck of the day to come in.
It came in by Jeff's side
and as Jeff slowly and cautiously raised his rifle in readiness,
the buck heard him and removed himself from Jeff's sight.
Very patiently, Jeff waited as the buck slowly circled around...
and when the moment was right ... BOOM!

We thought that we had another deer this afternoon
but thankfully it was a completely clean miss!
Hey ... there isn't a hunter out there that hasn't had at least one miss...
some more than one!  LOL!
But as I said, it was a CLEAN MISS and as hunters,
we ALL appreciate that...

So ... at supper, I asked Phil Sr if his big buck had returned.
He shook his head "no" and then he looked directly at Luke.
That buck had wandered down to Luke's stand and that's what Luke missed!
That dang buck has 9 lives .. LOL!

"Retired" Barry who had guided Luke in past years
had to come to camp for "the ceremony"!
And, just like that,
there is another shirttail hanging on our "Wall of Shame"!  LOL


Wednesday, November 27, 2019 - Day 3 of week 3

So ... OK ... on the first day,
Phil Sr tells us that he let a real nice buck "live another day"
so when I heard that he had shot
I waited anxiously to see if that buck had come back.
It didn't ...
Phil says the first buck was bigger ...
But he LOVES the buck he got ...
and so do we!

Way to go Phil!
Nov 27, 2019 - Phil Sr

Our guide Larry came upon a part of the forest
that had recently been the scene of what must have been
quite a magnificent bull moose fight.  
All that was left was trashed snow
and tufts of hair everywhere!

The forest shakes when bull moose "rumble"!


Thursday November 28, 2019 - Day 4 of week 3

We all have so much to be thankful for!

Wishing you all a very BLESSED DAY!

Its a 16 degree morning here in Saskatchewan!

Phil says to his guide, Larry ...
"Don't go any where ... I'll be done by 10 this morning!"
He saw 5 bucks and was done by 9:32!  LOL!!
Nov 28/19 - Phil


Friday, November 28, 2019 - Day 5 of week 3

8:45 am ... Walter has a deer down .. on the bait pile ... Good shot Walter!

Nov 29/19 - Walter

Just one more hunter out there this afternoon... good luck Luke!


Saturday November 30, 2019 - day 6 of week 4

Luke did not take a deer home.  
He patiently waited for that BIG 11 POINT
that he had a chance at on Tuesday.

Another group of wonderful friends head home...
See you next year Phil Jr, Phil Sr, Walter and Luke!
Gareth and Jeff are coming back also!!
We love these guys!


I still have a tear in my eye
from saying goodbye to Jeff, Gareth, Phil Jr,  Phil Sr, Walter and Luke...

and ...

this e-mail arrives this evening from Tim who is coming tomorrow:

Ok I know your excited to see me - and trust me I can’t wait to get to my home away from home!!! I can’t believe it’s been a year since last season already - and trust me when I say - Me, Kevin, Dick + Rich are sooo looking forward to hopefully another successful camp this year. Can’t stress it enough what YOU and your crew do for us and I just wanted to say THANK YOU Kathy, Larry, Che, Natasha, Walker + Connor - Your the Best.
See u Tomorrow God Willing,

See you in a few short hours Tim!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Our last week of the season has arrived!
Welcome back Tim (this is his 7th year),
Kevin (this is his 5th year)
Dick and Rich (this is also their 5 year)
and "newbies" Mike and Wayne"!

WOO HOO!  ... Let the fun begin!!


Monday, December 2, 2019 - Day 1 of Week 4 (our last week of the season)

It's 21 degrees (Fahrenheit) this morning.
Good Morning Kevin!

Good Morning Rich!

7:30 and off they go!
ok ... I think I should probably leave the picture taking
up to the guides because these pictures aren't so hot!  LOL!

Meanwhile, in the kitchen,
I am brewing up a batch
of Cinnamon Apple Moonshine for Christmas
featuring LARRY'S OWN MOONSHINE so its gonna have "KICK"
and all of you that have been here know exactly what I mean!!

The guides have been instructed
that if the lights are all out in the house tonight when they return from the hunt
to take the hunters out to the local bar for pizza
because that means
that I have been "tasting" a bit too much!

So .. lets see what the day will bring!

2:00 ... A SHOT WAS FIRED!
Who was it?
Was the shot good?
The excitement grows ....

Yup ... Mike has his deer!
Way to go Mike!

Dec 2/19 - Mike

Most of us achieve a certain age
before we have a refined taste for a particular beer ... right?
Not Natasha's puppy Aspen!
Two cases of Labatt's Blue and one case of Corona
were left on the lodge's steps to stay cool.
It looks like she ripped open the Labatt's first ...
Took out 5 bottles and then dropped one over the steps shattering it.
Next, it looks like she opened the box of Corona's....
Yup ... she liked them!
The box was ripped into a million pieces
and the bottles were scattered along the path between the lodge and the house.
All dogs like to hide their "treasures"...
so I suspect that bottles of Corona will be turning up all spring!
ha ha ha ... I have to admit, she has good taste!

Around the kitchen table, Tim tells us about a buck with very strange antlers.  A football sized "ball" on one side... interesting!


Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - Day 2 of Week 4 (our last week of the season)

9:25 am ... a shot echoes through the forest!
We now have a hunter trembling with excitement
sitting in the stand for the mandatory 45 minute waiting period,
letting the buck settle down and stiffen up,
allowing us to find him easily.
"It's a REAL BRUISER" he says!

"my heart was beating right out of my chest!"
"This is the first time I've had buck fever!"

Ha ha ha ... now that's what its supposed to feel like!

And here he is!!
Dec 3/19 - Tim

Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - Day 3 of Week 4 (our last week of the season)

10:45 am ... quiet

12:45 pm ... quiet

2:45 pm ... quiet

4:45 pm ... quiet

sigh ... I don't like quiet!

I'm hoping that Dick, Rich, Kevin and Wayne
are just quietly watching a LOT OF DEER!

No deer were taken today.

Barry scoring a deer with Larry

Rich recording the measurements

Mike and Wayne

Kathy & Tim

Thursday, December 5, 2019 - Day 4 of Week 4 (our last week of the season)

Ok ... we are all cheering for you guys!
Dick says he had a really good day yesterday ...
lots of of action!
Kevin says Day 4 is always HIS DAY!

Rich texts me:
"I'm PUMPED!!!"

I can see why ...
Nice deer Rich!

Dec 5/19 - Rich

Sorry Kevin ... this year was not a "Day 4" year for you!


Friday, December 6, 2019 - Day 5 of Week 4 (our last week of the season)

As we head for the end of our 2019 season, we still have minimal snow...
every year is so different.

I just got a message on the radio that Wayne has a deer down!
Dec 6/19 - Wayne

And then Kevin is on the radio saying he has a deer down!
Its a beautiful 11 pointer!
Good job Kevin!

Dec6/19 - Kevin

And then I get a message on my cell:
"The Mai's are tagged out at Makwa"!

Ha ha ha... this is SO GREAT!

Dec 6/19 Dick and his son Rich

Ha ha ha ...
This is Dick's 5th year here but for the last 2 years
So here he is on the 5th day
thinking that there was a strong possibility
that he would be going home empty handed again!
"I was thinking I must smell bad or something" he laughed!
But then this one came in!
Good job Dick!

2019 is a 100% YEAR!

Luke ...
sorry Buddy -
you were the only one who went home without a deer
but you did get a shot off on a magnificent 11 pointer ....
thank you for missing it clean!
You then spent the rest of your time waiting for an opportunity at him again!
... it just wasn't your time!
... next year!

And just like that ... WE ARE DONE!


The "Shop" was rocking tonight!

And we even had fireworks ... thank you Wayne!


Saturday, December 7 - Day 6 of Week 4 (our last week of the season)

Of course, just before the guys leave, we need to celebrate one more thing:
Tim's birthday!
Happy Birthday Tim!


2019 was a tremendous year!
I have come to the conclusion
that we get "the best of the best hunters"
here at Makwa River Outfitters!
Each and everyone of you guys are "top notch"!

As usual after the season is over with, I find it too quiet.
Nobody in the lodge,  nobody in the "shop".
The quads are put away.
The trailers are all neatly lined up.
The treestands are put away and the tarps rolled up....

Sigh ......
48 more weeks until you all are here again!
.. Can't wait!!

Hey ..
We are taking bookings into 2021 now!
It is NOT too early!

Note:  if you are not seeing my updates, click on your "refresh" button (especially if you have already checked out the website once today)


Sunday, November 4, 2018 - Day 1 of Week 1

Yippee - Ki - Yay!
... the 2018 hunt has begun!

May the bucks be plenty and your shots be true!

Breakfast at 5:15 and by 5:45 the boys are on their way out to the stands.  30 degrees fahrenheit this morning.  Weather forcast shows snow ... about 4 inches in the next 24 hours.  Lets see how the bucks like that.  The guys will be cozy in their enclosed and heated stands.  good luck this morning to Jason, Justin, Bryan, Craig, David and Aaron!

Jason doesn't waste any time!
 He has a deer already this morning!
Nov 4/18 - Jason

We all know the decision that Jason had to make this morning ...
First thing in the morning ....
On the FIRST DAY of the hunt ...
Will he see something bigger?...
Will this one come back?....
But the more Jason looked, the better he liked this buck!
We think he made a good decision!

The deer are obviously liking the snow!
And ... Aaron is obviously liking the deer ...
because Aaron has a deer down too!
Nov 4/18 - Aaron


Monday November 5, 2018 - Day 2 of Week 1

The weather man was right ... we have snow.  It snowed all night and is still snowing - I'm guessing about 3 to 4 inches of snow on the ground.  Its also blowing which makes it hard to determine.  Where the guys are hunting there is always even more snow.  The temperature is down to 18 degrees F today.

Two deer came in today!
Congratulations Justin and Craig!
Nov 5/18 - Justin

Nov 5/18 - Craig


Tuesday November 6, 2018 - Day 3 of week 1
(temperature at 10:30 am is 11 degrees Farenheit)
It stopped snowing.  

Because of the snow we have on the ground, Dave was in his stand just after the sun came up this morning.  We try to get one person in just before legal hunting time, one at legal hunting time and one right after.  No use getting in before you can see anything.  Plus, anything that was there before arrival will come right back.  Sure enough, the quad could still be seen going back down the trail when a couple does came in and right behind came this buck.  Dave was only in his stand for 2 minutes and ... BOOM!
Way to go Dave!
Nov 6/18 - David

Jason & Craig processing their tasty Saskatchewan venison!

I just got a message from Tim who is coming for week #5:
Hope all is well and I see the season is starting off on the right foot - 5 deer already - That’s Awesome !!!!  It’s that time again and I can’t wait until the end of the month to leave for one of my favorite places on earth Makwa, Saskatchewan !!!! Just wanted to tell you that I can’t wait to see YOU, Walker, Connor, Larry, Ken and a tree stand again - lol !!! Again your the best - you’ve always treated me awesome and I wouldn’t even consider hunting Whitetail anywhere else in Canada but with Makwa River Outfitters !!!! Thank You for everything you do for us - your truly a special person !!!! See u soon !!!!"

Wow ... Tim ... you are putting a tear in my eye!
See you on December 1st Friend!!


Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - Day 4 of Week #1

We are all rooting for Bryan who is still enjoying Saskatchewan wilderness at its best from his treestand window!


Thursday, November 8, 2018 - Day 5 of Week #1

Bryan is out in the tree stand this morning.  Temperature this morning was 4 degrees fahrenheit and it went up to about 17 degrees in the afternoon.
He has been seeing deer this week just hasn't seen a "keeper" .... yet!
Lets see what today brings him.

Some of the challenges our guides are facing this week:

This trail had been clear but the heavy snow has weighed the trees down... chains saws and much sweat was required to clean it up again.

The snow has created an insulation over the mud and even with temperatures falling the mud and water are not freezing fast enough.

The weather channel tells us that the temperature is supposed to drop to -4 F tonight (with the wind chill, its going to feel like -17 F!   brrrrr.....  but it will warm up to 18 F by the afternoon.

Bryan will be going out again in the morning.

November 9, 2018 Day 6 of week #1

And Bryan has his deer!
Nov 9/18 - Bryan

What a great bunch of guys in camp!
Lots of fun ... lots of laughs!
What a week!


Sunday, November 11, 2018 Day 1 of Week 2

6:30 am... temperature 15 degrees F.  Wayne, Bob, John, Bill, Keri and Roger are just leaving to go out on their hunt.  There was more snow yesterday but the cold weather has frozen the wet spots and the guides had a much better time getting around.

There were deer seen today but no keepers.


Monday, November 12, 2018 - Day 2 of Week 2

Keri saw lots of deer ...
Bob tells me he saw lots of deer including a 13 pointer ...
Bill says he maybe only had a 1/2 hour in two days that he did not have deer in front of him ...

...alas, no deer taken today.

But we did have a birthday to celebrate!
Our guide Che's birthday today!
Happy Birthday Che!


Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - Day 3 of week 2

We have a warm 29 degree day today  ....  hope it doesn't put the bucks off!
So far, I haven't heard any chatter on the radio.


Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - Day 4 of week 2

What the heck ...
the guides work their arses off,
finding good spots,
setting stands,
providing the most nutritious food,
making sure all equipment is in condition,
shaping and clearing trails in preparation for the hunt ....
 ... it's 26 degrees fahrenheit here at 11:00 and it's going to get warmer and that is not a good hunting temperature!!

But wait ... what's this?
Bob is coming in with a deer!

Nov 14/18 - Bob

Bob says "...I'm HAPPY!"

We LOVE Bob ... we love his wit, we love his stories, we love his happy view-point of life!
Yup ... Bob is "family"!

Ok ... Keri, Roger, Wayne, John and Bill ....
you all need to chant in unision:

" Hey Mr Buck - big enough to make book..
Come and give my treestand a look!"


And looky here ... here comes Wayne with a deer!

Nov 14/18 - Wayne

It seems like the men from Pennsylvania are gettin' the job done!!


Thursday November 15, 2018 - Day 5 of week #2

We have IN COMING!

John and his deer are on their way into camp!
Nov 15/18 - John

John told me that he comes hunting for 3 main reasons:
Number one (and most important) is to enjoy Nature ... the sounds, the sights, the smells ... the peace of mind and contentment that it brings.
Number two (and almost as important as #1) is the camaraderie .. the friendships ... the laughter ... the stories ... the memories.
Number three was the actual shot.

John .... I absolutely agree!
When I listen the excited conversations around the kitchen table, that is exactly what I hear from everyone ... you just put it all into words!

Its been a dang tough week but we still have fun with this bunch of guys!
We celebrated the birthdays of these two "young bucks" tonight!
Happy Birthday Wayne and John!


Mother Nature won this week ... it was brutal hunting.  
Three deer for 6 hunters - yikes!

Bill and Kathy
(thanks for the picture, Bob)

I feel bad for Bill ... a slight turn while sitting in his tree stand set his  problem back/side into spasms which made him stay in the lodge for the last two days... dang it, Bill!!!

Roger and Keri had to leave a bit early.  They were driving all the way home and there was a weather situation moving in.  They also didn't see any "keepers" and we appreciate that they didn't take a young buck just to shoot.  What they left behind will grow to be perhaps "that coveted world record deer"!!!

We hate seeing people go home without a deer ...
But I tell you ...
if laughter and fun is a successful hunt then we were VERY VERY VERY SUCCESSFUL!!!


Saturday, November 17, 2018

This is not a hunting day but it was a great pleasure to see Phil and Walter stop by with their hunting party this morning just to give us a big HELLO.  They are past clients/friends of ours but I was not able to get them in this year.  They hunted with another outfitter in Saskatchewan this year and were on their way home and decided to cruise by our camp ... that is sooo great!
They mentioned that this week was not a good week where they were hunting also (although we wish EVERYONE a successful hunt, it is always nice to know that a poor week is not somehow a mistake on our part and that is is all just Nature giving us resistance).  They stated that THERE IS NO BETTER PLACE TO HUNT THAN MAKWA RIVER OUTFITTERS!
... ahhhh, thanks guys!!

They left a deposit with us for next year's week #1 ... see you in a year you guys!

Awaiting the arrival of this week's hunt:
Ken, Jay, David, Kevin, Josh, Scott!

I look back and see there was a lot of "writing" and not many pictures ...
lets make this coming week A LOT OF DEER PICTURES!

Sunday, November 18, 2018 Day 1 of Week #3

A new week starts at 12 degrees Fahrenheit with snow coming down.  
This colder weather looks more favourable but the weatherman ... oops .. weather person is giving us only a small window of cooler weather before Mother Nature spanks us hunters again with warmer temperature (supposed to go up to 32 degrees by Thursday!  Whaaaaaat?

So ... good luck all 6 of you!

I am looking forward to Jay's comments this evening.  He is from Texas so snow is new to him and so are SASKATCHEWAN deer!  Its going to be a different kind of day for him!

3:30 pm ... Dave has a deer ... way to go Dave!

Nov 18/18 - Dave

Dave, 87 years young, has been coming here hunting since 2014.  
He comes with his son Kevin, his grandson Josh and his son-in-law Scott.
What can possibly be better than a family unit like this hunting together?
What a great way to bond ..
What great memories ...

Monday, November 19, 2018 - Day 2 of week #3

My son Connor will turn 23 on the 23rd.  But he is leaving tomorrow to go back up north to work a 24 day shift.  Today, his girlfriend Natasha (aka my kitchen assistant) baked him a birthday cake from scratch!
Some of you were present on his birth 23 years ago ...
some of you met him as a child ...
You have watched him grow and mature and become this young man
that I am so very very proud of!
Happy Birthday Connor!


Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - Day 3 of week 3

This evening Ken took a nice deer ... way to go Ken!

Nov 20/18 - Ken

Kevin showed me a picture of a buck he watched for a long time today that looked pretty nice.


Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - Day 4 of week 3

Looks like Kevin is on his way in with his deer!
Nov 21/18 - Kevin


Thursday November 22, 2018 - Day 5 of Week 3


It is still unseasonably warm here ... 11:00 at its 21 degrees Fahrenheit.
Even the non-hunters don't really like it this warm ... everything stays "slushy" and roads get icy and people get colds easier because the cold weather seems to kill cold/flu bugs!

And the good news of the day is Josh has a deer and a dandy it is!!
Nov 22/18 - Josh
Six does came in this morning and then shortly after, Josh saw "antlers".  
He brought his gun up to take a look and knew this was the one.  
Just then a local moose hunter fired 5 shots in the distance
and of course the deer scattered!  
Josh was disappointed to say the least.  
But, it didn't take long and the deer all returned
but this BIG BOY didn't give Josh an opportunity for a shot for a long time.  
Your patience has been rewarded Josh ... he is a beauty!!!

And Jay shot also!

Nov 22/18 - Jay
This hunt has been quite a challenge for Jay.

It was his first time to be in snow like this...
First time climbing into a raised treestand ....
It was also his first completely wild hunt without fences...
It was his first time seeing a Saskatchewan buck ... do you guys remember your first sight of these big bodied Saskatchewan deer?
It was a lot to learn for you Jay!
You did good!

Thats one tough bunch of hombres enjoying friendships!!


November 23, 2018 - Day 6 or week 3

And the final deer of the week goes to Scott.

Nov 23/18 - Scott

Way to go guys!!


Sunday, November 25, 2018 Day 1 of week 4

Its 21 degrees Fahrenheit at noon here.
Russ, Gordon, Todd, Jay, Joe and Jack are enjoying the rugged forest of Saskatchewan, waiting for THAT buck to show up!

Well hello Joe!
Thats one sweet buck you got there!!

Nov 25/18 - Joe

Joe watched this morning as his deer approached through the woods.
 He couldn't see detail through the shrubbery but thought to himself
"the size of that body ... that means that is a HUGE BUCK!".  
As the deer came into the clearing he realized it was a doe!
Welcome to your first viewing of a Saskatchewan Whitetail deer Joe ...
they are the biggest of their kind right here!!

A while later, this BIG BOY came in.  
Joe watched it for a long time, knowing this was HIS BUCK.  
Not once did the buck present a shot to Joe and then it left!!!
A curse word or two, I'm sure left his lips!!! LOL!  
(Joe is too much of gentleman to tell me that detail!!)

And then ... the buck came back!
About 10 minutes later Joe made his careful shot!
The buck didn't go far!!
Good job Joe!!!

Jack saw a nice deer and thought for a long time
but decided to let him pass because it was the first day.
Hmmmm... that's a tough decision.

November 26, 2018 - Day 2 of week 4

Gordon saw a very nice deer yesterday that had really long tines but no mass ...
he let it go because it was a young deer and he is thinking next year it will be a booner!  
Thank you Gordon - you are a true sportsman !!

So today ... it was exactly 12:00 noon.
Gordon had his mouth open
with his sandwich in his hand a mere 1/2 inch from his lips
when this buck comes in!

Ha ha ... you can just picture it, can't you ...
and how many times has this happened to us all!
So ... as quietly as he can...
he puts his sandwich down...
gets his gun ready...
hardly breathing ...
all the while expecting the buck to bolt!

It was a great shot ... the buck didn't go far!
Way to go Gordon!
Joe is laughing because that is EXACTLY what happened to him yesterday with his buck!
These are "Nooner bucks!!"
Ha ha ha!!

Nov 26/18 - Gordon
Everyone is seeing deer ...
Todd was talking about a buck that he passed up because it had a broken tine - it sounded pretty good but it was his decision.


Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - Day 3 of week #4

This is the buck that Todd passed up yesterday!
Todd agrees ... he needs to get his eyes checked!!  LOL!

Nov 27/18 - Todd

So ... the "nooner buck" story continues!
Todd was on his SECOND BITE of his sandwich when this BIG BOY came in!
Joe dropped his sandwich on the floor and it stayed there ...
Gordon put his sandwich on his lap and it stayed there ...
Todd put his sandwich on his lap and it dropped to the floor!
Ha ha ha ... you guys are crazy!!!

Ok ... Jack, Jay and Russ ... we are going to give you 14 sandwiches each for tomorrow!  ha ha!

At the supper table Todd continued his story about his buck.
The buck came in but Todd did not have a good opportunity to shoot.  He kept watching and watching and then the buck left.  A while later, it returned ... Todd brought the scope up to his eye and focused just as the buck turned to look at him.  Todd swears the buck winked at him!
Ha ha ha ... Todd, you break me up!!!


Wednesday, November 28, 2018 - Day 4 of week 4

I'm sitting in the lodge visiting with Gordon, Joe and Todd.
The flame from the fireplace is making everything cozy and relaxing
and of course there is a hunting show on the TV (what else do hunters watch?).
Todd tells me that he has been on all kinds of trips but this hunting trip
with Makwa River Outfitters exceeds all of his other travel experiences!!
Ahhh ... thanks Todd.

Jack apparently has seen a moose today from his treestand .. that's always cool to see.
Moose come in sometimes to feed and the deer move aside and wait in the bushline.  
As soon as the moose move out, the deer come right back in.

But ... thankfully it was a good clean miss and he can go back to his stand!
A wounded deer is a harvested deer so thankfully, his "miss" was clean... hey, if you are a hunter, it has happened to the best of us!!

Thursday, November 29, 2018 - Day 5 of week 4

Jay has redeemed himself!!

Nov 29/18 - Jay
This boy has been in some fights - he has a couple broken points/tines!

24 degrees Fahrenheit here at noon.
Russ and Jack are still out there in the Saskatchewan forest.
Jack is probably lamenting his decision to let that nice buck pass on the first day ...
but, hey ... it WAS THE FIRST DAY!

As you all know, here at Makwa River Outfitters, we take birthdays seriously!
Happy Birthday Todd!


Friday, November 30, 2018 - Day 6 of Week 4

The last day of November ... man, this month flew by sooooo fast!

This morning, by 5 am Russ and Gordon left.
Russ is going home without a deer but remember, this was his 7th hunt
with Makwa River Outfitters (starting back in 2001)
and he did not see anything better than he already had on his wall from us.
It was very nice to see Russ again and we spent a lot of time reminiscing
about the days with Kenny, Eddy Dierkins, Sevy
(we couldn't helpbut break into laughter at the memories those three created!!)
and the whole gang that came along!
We laughed hard about all of the CRAZY TIMES that came along with a group like that!
We also talked about how great it would be if Kirk (and Cec) could come next year with Russ ... how great would that be??!!

8:30 its 14 degrees fahrenheit and ..
Jack just shot!
Nov 30/18 - Jack
Way to go Jack!

HEY ... Todd ... somebody is missing you:


Sunday, December 2, 2018 - Day 1 of Week 5

Welcome to Tim, Rich, Dick, Kevin, Dean, Jeff & Lori!
7:30 am - its 21 degrees Fahrenheit and the group are on their way out to their stands.
Good luck and have fun!

9 AM ... You wasted no time this morning Tim!!
Dec 2/18 - Tim
"It was like a zoo out there!"
Tim excitedly says because the deer were everywhere.
He watched this buck through the trees.
When he poked his head out and Tim could count 12 points with his bare eyes,
Tim knew this was the one!

This is a good year for Tim...
He took a 9 point in Michigan a couple weeks ago
and now this 12 point in Saskatchewan!

This is Tim's SIXTH hunt with Makwa River Outfitters
(2008, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018)
and he has already confirmed 2019!

12:15 ... Jeff has a deer down!!
Dec 2/18 - Jeff

Jeff's wife, Lori passed this buck up ... Jeff didn't!
This is an awesome buck!

Jeff didn't see much all morning and then this boy walked in!


December 3, 2018 - Day two of week 5

no deer taken today


December 4, 2018 - Day 3 of week 5

Last night Rich saw a deer at the end of the day that he liked but he didn't take it.
This morning that same deer was there just like he left it last night!
He shot and he knew he hit it well but it ran off.
 As we always do, our guides didn't come in for about an hour so that they might not scare up the wounded deer.
For Rich, this was one of the longest hours of his life ..
wondering if maybe he missed the deer ...
wondering if maybe the deer might not be found ...
Still he patiently waited.
When the guides, Larry and Che approached Rich's stand they made it look like they couldn't find the deer ...
poor Rich ...
but, of course they had the deer!!!
Dec 4/18 - Rich

Dick saw a very nice buck ...
he was chasing a doe and only gave Dick a 4 second long shot ...
not good enough!


Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - Day 4 of week 5

11:00 am ... its 15 degrees Fahrenheit.
Kevin has just arrived in camp with his deer.
Dec 5/18 - Kevin

And then his message was "I screwed up"!
Oh Dean ... how many times has that happened in a hunter's life!  LOL!
This buck was chasing a doe and ran 100 miles an hour past Dean
The doe came back and as soon as this buck made his appearance ...
well lets just say that the Buck stopped there!!!

Dec 5/18 - Dean


Thursday December 6, 2018 - Day 5 of week 5

Lori and Dick continue to enjoy the rugged wilderness of Saskatchewan but they are not seeing bucks that they want to pull the trigger on.

Lori, along with her husband Jeff who took a nice buck earlier this week left this evening leaving only Dick to go out for his last day of the hunt tomorrow.


Friday, December 7, 2018 - Day 6 of week 5

Happy Birthday Tim!!

Unfortunately, our good friend Dick did not take a deer today.  But before he left, he gave me a deposit for next year, same week!  
Only 51 weeks to go .....

Rich sent a message after he got home:
"Here are some good photos I got this week on my camera.  
He took pictures of the "picture takers"!
Good pictures of our guides, Che and Larry!


Saturday, December 8, 2018 - HUNTING SEASON IS OVER!

What a season it has been!
Much laughter ..
Many stories ..
Much reminiscing ..
Much "getting to know you" conversations ...

So glad to see you all arrive..
So sad to see you all leave ....

The fireplace in the lodge is cold.
The deer cooler is empty.
My kitchen table is quiet.

Three hundred twenty-eight days until November 1, 2019 ...
We can hardly wait!

See you then GOOD FRIENDS!!


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Monday, November 6, 2017  - Day 1 of Week #1

A beautiful 14 degree morning with just a bit of snow on the ground ... perfect!
Breakfast was at 5:00am and then preparations to leave ...

And by 6:00 am they were off!

The FIRST DEER of the year is here!
Congratulations Justin
for getting your first Saskatchewan Whitetail deer!

Nov 6, 2017 - Justin

And the deer is already being skinned out!

Justin' uncle Wendall, hunted here in 2013 and we all thoroughly enjoyed him.  He had stories galore that kept us all enthralled!  Unfortunately Wendall passed away November 19, 2016.  Wendall had recommended that Justin hunt here with us.  Justin's deer today is in memory of his Uncle Wendall!
Wendall Brooks passed away November 19, 2016
And ... thank you Wendall for sending Justin our way!  I know you are watching over us all during our hunt!


Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - Day 2 of Week #1

I just go a message at just before 10 am that we have another deer down.  Guides are heading in to collect Dan and his deer!  Way to go Dan!
Dan met me with a sheepish look on his face and a confession that his deer looked bigger in the scope!
Well, Dan ... I don't think there is a hunter out there that hasn't said that exact same thing at one point or another! It happens!
Dan had a great time in the wilderness yesterday and today.  He said there was constant action with the deer coming and going.
He saw a moose today as well as footprints in the snow from various animals including cougar.
Nov 7, 2017 - Dan

A call just came in on the radio ...
there is another deer down!!  
Woohoo!!  The forest is rocking today!!
It is confirmed ... Ben has a deer!
Nice one Ben!
Nov 7/17 - Ben

November 27/17 EMAIL:
"KATHY… Just wanted to take a moment to sat THANKYOU. We planned a trip to Makwa River Outfitters because my dear friend Carlton told us how awesome your place was. This was the best trip I’ve ever been on. The accommodation were great, the guides are incredible, and the food was really good. I shot the buck of a lifetime and it will always bring me memories of the great friends I made in Makwa. We are sending deposits in for 2019. Hope you can fit us in.
Thanks much Ben"

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - Day 3 of Week #1

I was in the lodge chatting with Justin when the message came in from Josh... he got a deer!

Nov 8/17 - Josh

Nice drop tine Josh!

"It was a great day" said Josh.  "There were deer coming and going all the time.  They were all around in the trees too.  There were does at the site when we got there and they didn't leave.  About 15 minutes later the bucks started coming.  I don't know how many bucks I saw today ... I'm guessing 20 different bucks.  There were 6 bucks in front of me at one time!  This guy ... I heard him coming in from behind me .. I heard the crunching of the snow so I turned and all I could see was the body.  There was a doe in front of me so I thought it might be another doe coming in.  I looked again and I saw this antlers and when I caught sight of the drop tine, I knew this was the one!"

And ... hold on folks!
One more deer for the day!
Dave has also had a successful day!

Nov 8/17 Dave


Thursday, November 9, 2017 - Day 4 of Week #1

Another good day!
Jason and his deer are on their way into camp before noon!

Nov 9/17 Jason

It was a "chilly" morning (0 degrees!)  Brrrrrr!

It was a GREAT WEEK!  6 deer for 6 hunters!
These guys are a real hoot!


Monday, November 13,  2017 - Day 1 of Week #2

Bob, Wayne, John, Bill, Roger and Keri all went out this morning
but I hear on the radio that they are on their way back to camp
but there are no deer coming home with them yet!  
I look forward to hearing what they saw at the supper table tonight!

Some stands were pretty quiet,  Keri was excited about the deer she saw and Wayne passed up a dandy only because it was the first day.

Roger had shot a deer and he shot it good but it got dark and the guides couldn't track it anymore.  Walker was pretty sure that he knew where the deer would be in the morning.

Lets all wish the guides good luck in the morning!

Here was the feature story around the table tonight:

One of our hunters today somehow forgot to bring his legally colored hunting coat.  Our guide Larry lent him his shirt (you see, our guides will give the shirt off their backs.. LOL!).  Larry called it a coat but the hunter called it a "shirt"!  A guide's "coat' in Saskatchewan doesn't need to be as bulky as the average hunter would need but, hey it did the trick to make sure the hunter was legal.

On the way back, Larry got his coat back leaving the hunter without his legal cover.  His guide Walker told him that this was indeed a VERY SERIOUS OFFENCE and they could not go any further without doing something about it.  Walker stated that the top HAD to be blaze orange or white.

Since they had nothing between the two of them that was blaze orange Walker suggested that since they had toilet paper and toilet paper was white, that the only obvious solution was to wrap himself in the toilet paper!  Of course the hunter thought it was a joke and started to laugh but looking at Walker's serious face he started to think about this.  Seeing that he was skeptical, they called the other guide, Larry who very adamently agreed.  Larry confirmed that this was very serious and if the Conservation Officers were waiting at the meeting place, and there was a good chance that they would be, then they would ticket him and revoke his hunting priviledges for a whole year.

Sheepishly, cussing himself for forgetting his coat, he carefully wrapped himself in the toilet paper.  Although the guides had fully convinced him, in the back of his mind, he thought about what he looked like and thought to himself that there was a chance that this was all a joke and that his biggest concern was that when they arrived at the meeting place all of the other hunters would be gathered in a circle with their cameras and laughter all around.

Yup ... you guessed it ... when they arrived, it WAS a joke and

Yeah ... we do have pictures, but lets not embarrass this individual further ... just use your imaginations to picture a hunter wrapped in toilet paper!

Ha ha ha ... sorry ... this story is just to good not to share!

Thank you "hunter" for being such a good sport and thank you for the belly laugh!!!

So any of you guys out there that "forget" anything, remember that our guides can be ruthless!



Tuesday, November 14,  2017 - Day 2 of Week #2

Well, Mother Nature has sent us a challenge this morning.  We woke up to snowing and blowing snow and 20 degree weather (with the windchill it feels like 12 degrees).  Walker checked at about 3am and it was a solid horizontal sheet of blowing snow at that time.  Its quite a bit better this moring but it is still snowing ... but everyone has good warm clothing and boots and those heated stands will be very much appreciated today!
This was the first picture that I tried to take this morning.  

I waited a few minutes for the next picture ... it had calmed down a bit but the snow will certainly
be an issue today but it will work out just fine.  Larry and Walker have everything under control.  We have a quad with tracks on already just in case it snows too much.

Now, of course, we are all pretty worried
about finding Roger's deer from last night ...
this was the worst possible  scenerio.
The fresh snow will hide the tracks and the blood trail.  
This will be quite a feat for the guides!

At the same time , I wonder
how those Saskatchewan white tail bucks will react to this new snow?

HA HA ... Snow might be a good thing when you are hunting ...
a shot has been fired already this morning!

CONGRATULATIONS BOB  ... sounds like you made a good shot!
The deer is loaded up and ready to come back to camp!

I still haven't heard anything about Roger's deer ... the guides were busy setting everyone up in the stands in this snow.

Ok folks ... now they are looking for Roger's deer ....
I'm worried but at the same time I know that
but I'm still worried...
nobody wants to see a wounded deer not be found.

The clock ticks on as I wait in anticipation....

11:00 am:
News break:   Roger's deer HAS BEEN FOUND!
Yay!  Yippee!  Yahoo!

Nov 14/17 - Roger
(Roger and Keri always have a "friendly competition" for who gets the biggest deer and Roger admits that Keri has been him a couple times!  Ok Keri .. lets see what you can do!!!  LOL!

Thank you again for another great year of deer hunting. Keri and I start counting the days down until the next year on our way home.
I have hunted 55 years and want to let you know that your guides are the very best. Most hunters and guides would have given up on finding my deer. I wounded it around 2pm. They tracked it over a mile thru some of the thickest terrain I have ever seen. At times it was difficult to even walk. They marked the last blood spot at dark with intensions of going back the next morning. It snowed 4 inches overnight which would cover the blood trail. The next morning they broke a new trail with the quad for 3 to 4 miles from the main one, then started searching again. They found my deer that morning. It scored 154 and 4 eights. I had given up and kept wondering when they would call it quits also. I am glad they never gave up.
Thank you Larry and Walker YOU ARE THE BEST!"
-Roger Greenfield

Larry & Roger                                 Walker & Roger

Nov 14/17 - Bob

Bob's deer really piled it into the bushes!

Guides, Larry & Walker
These guys really are the "best of the best"!

And ... the day might not be over yet!
I just heard that another shot has been taken!
Yes ....!
Wayne has a deer too!

Nov 14/17- Wayne

Three deer brought home in one day!
Three more hunters to go!


Wednesday, November 15,  2017 - Day 3 of Week #2

A chilly -8 F this morning! Brrrrr...!

9 am ... John has a deer!

Nov 15/17 - John
It was darn cold out there.  On the route, they saw temperatures drop to -14 F!!    But it did warm up ... just to give you an idea, it is 3:30 pm and it is now +13 degrees F.

And .. Bill shot too!
This is his first Saskatchewan White tail hunt and that is pretty exciting !!
This is a "here's to you Dad" Buck!
Bill's dad is a hunter too and they have many "hunting memories" together but his Dad had a stroke recently
and so Bill is certainly thinking about him today!  
So like I said, "HERE'S TO YOU DAD!"
Nov 15/17 - Bill

The "photo shoot"!

Everyone is rooting for Keri who is still out there enjoying nature at its best!


Thursday, November 16  2017 - Day 3 of Week #2

What a beautiful day to be out in the woods for Keri.
Keri .... we are all rooting for you but we also know that you are enjoying the wilderness!

I haven't heard anything about Keri today BUT we still have just a bit of shooting time left for today .....

No ... Keri didn't take anything today.

Lets see what tomorrow will bring for her .....


Friday, November 17  2017 - Day 4 of Week #2

Its 11 degrees out there as Keri leaves for her stand.
The guys worked hard at processing their meat yesterday so I expect it will be a quiet day in camp today.

Way to go Keri ... she made a great shot.  
She and the deer will be heading into camp shortly!
The rest of the guys are in the shop getting their antlers ready to go.  I went in to tell them and Roger, Keri's Dad's face lit up with excitement.

Nov 17/17 - Keri

"My heart almost stopped" said Keri.  "When he walked up to the bait there were lots of other bucks there and I had to wait for my chance and then when I shot I was scared that one of the smaller bucks might have stepped into the path of the bullet!"  "When I shot there were bucks running everywhere and I couldn't see the buck that I shot!  It was so exciting but I was so scared!"

Ha ha ... no worries ... Keri's bucks was found only 20 yards away!
She had seen this buck first thing on Monday but it was the first day and she let him walk
but she didn't let him go today!  
Way to go Keri!!

And tonight we have another reason to celebrate ...
its Wayne's birthday!

Happy Birthday Wayne!

And that concludes another wonderful week!

For those keeping track of our percentages ... so far we are 100%

The best part of what we do is seeing old friends and meeting new ones ...
The hard part is seeing them leave!


Monday, November 20, 2017 - Day 1 of Week #3

It's 7:05 am here (14 degrees).
Dick, Dana, Daniel, Michelle, Dale and Tom have just left for their day in the woods!
Good luck everyone!

3:00 ... it warmed up to 8 degrees with a wind.  Those stands will be rockin' today!

No deer came back to camp but deer were seen.  

Tom saw about 35 bucks although they were mostly smaller bucks ... great potentials for next year and the year after in that stand!
Tom made a shot ...
the guides looked but could not find the deer
Tomorrow morning they will be hot on the trail again!!
It's going to be another "nail biter" morning tomorrow!

Dick saw a very nice deer .... but it's only the first day and he chose to let him walk!  But hey ... this is Dick's 21st year here and the man knows what he is doing .... right?


Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - Day 2 of Week #3

7:05 am and 7 degrees.  Everyone is getting into the vehicles for day two of their hunt.

First of all ... a sigh of relief
I should have never doubted the skill of my guides!
Nov 21/17 Tom

A note from Tom:
"Kathy - Thank you.  Your staff is BEYOND THE BEST I have ever hunted with.  I had a great time and the results exceeded what I had hoped for.  Again, Thanks.   - Tom"

Ahhh.... Thanks Tom.  You were GREAT to have in camp!

And ... more news:

Dana has a deer!
To be truthful, I was actually a bit concerned yesterday and wanted the guides to go check Dana's vitals because he is famous here for shooting on the first day!  But apparently he was listening to advise from his wife and abstained from pulling the trigger yesterday!
Oh Dana, ha ha ... you are a blast!
Nov 21/17 - Dana

And .... look what Michele is taking home this year!
Nov 21/17 - Michele
Way to go girl!
That is one nice Saskatchewan whitetail buck!

Yup ... our girl Michele is back!!

This is why the deer hunts in Saskatchewan are the best!


Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - Day 3 of Week #3

It was a VERY QUIET day in the stands today.  The deer were just not moving.

If today was quiet, I wonder if that means that tomorrow will be explosive?

It would be great for Dick, Dale and Daniel to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow
with some wonderful deer to take home!

Being a guide is very cool.  
Spending the day in the woods on a quad up close to nature.
 Look how close this doe is to Larry!

Thursday, November 23, 2017 - Day 4 of Week #3


As the guys head out this morning
the temperature is 18 degrees and it is supposed to reach 36 today ...
that is VERY WARM for us for this time of the year!
There had even been some freezing rain last night!

We all know that bucks like it to be cold not warm!

Well ... we can only just see how this will play out today ...

Although it had been a slow day yesterday,
Dick had seen something that interested him
but he was not given an opportunity to pull the trigger,
but will that buck return today?

This is Daniel's first hunt with us.  
He has a new camera that he purchased just before he got here
and we are hoping that he sees some real dandy bucks!

Dale has been hunting with us since 2008 and we have had a lot of wonderful experiences with him.  He and Michele met while they were here at camp a few years ago and now they have a wonderful relationship (what better than to have someone who you love that also loves hunting as much as you do .... that is a "wonderful relationship").  She took a pretty nice buck a couple days ago but Dale's "dream buck" is so far eluding him this year. But... lets see what happens ....

We are all rooting for all three of you guys to get a nice Saskatchewan buck!

The weather is absolutely crazy!
It is 6:30 pm here and it is still 41 degrees!

It has been quiet in the stands today as I did not hear any chatter on the radio all day except just before it got dark I heard that Dale got a deer.

There is going to be a delay in serving that Thanksgiving Turkey tonite but its a good delay if it means that it is to pick up Dales deer!
The guides have cell service!  ... I just got an texted picture

Nov 23/17 - Dale

You could have given the guides a heart attack!!
Can you imagine coming across something like this
standing over a deer!

Thanksgiving dinner is meant to be shared with people you REALLY ENJOY!
I am blessed, truly blessed because as I sat at my table and looked around, I can honestly say that I TRULY ENJOYED EVERYONE!  

And of course ... it was my son Connor's birthday!
Ha ha ha!  ... Dick, Connor and Dana!
The boys DO have fun!


Friday, November 24, 2017 - Day 5 of Week #3

Thankfully it is cooling off as the day progresses.  When Dick and Daniel went off for their hunt this morning, the temperature was still 34 degrees.  12:15pm and it has cooled to 23 degrees.  

Ahhhhh... neither Dick nor Daniel took a deer today.


Saturday, November 25, 2017 - Day 6 of Week #3

Our dear friend Dick to his deer today.

This is Dick's 21st year here.

When Dick and Dana get here, its like having family over for Christmas Day....
We wait for them to get here and then when they leave, we feel an emptiness...
We were blessed 21 years ago when Dick decided to hunt here!
Nov 25/17 - Dick

"Thanks Kathy - you know how I feel about this place.  Thanks again.  Dick"

Our new friend, Daniel unfortunately did not get a deer.
We very much enjoyed having you here in camp Daniel!

A note from Daniel:
"Thank you Kathy for a great week.  I don't want to leave ... - Daniel"

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Tim sent me this e-mail prior to his arrival:

I really enjoy and look forward to coming up to see you guys and
hunting up there. I always get asked by my friends how can you go up
there and spend all that money on hunting - and I tell them YOU CAN'T PUT A PRICE TAG ON SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY IN LIFE
- I can truly say hunting, spending time with you and your kids in Makwa
Saskatchewan makes me extremely happy in life.
Sorry for rambling on but I just wanted you to know how I felt.
Thanks and I’ll see u soon,


I know that all of you who read this are nodding their head in agreement with what Tim said!

Tim ... you actually put a tear in my eye with your comments!
  If that is how you feel about us,
then you KNOW exactly how we feel about your arrival too.
  I can compare it almost to "family" coming for Christmas!!!
This is what we truly LOVE about doing what we do ...
"friendships"are so dear to us! 
Yeah, yeah, yeah ... you cannot minimize the excitement of the hunt ...
the joy of being in the woods ...
the thrill of watching nature
but what makes it REAL is to be able to share it all with people you enjoy ...
and people who know exactly what you are talking about!!!

Tim will arrive in camp shortly today ....

Monday, November 27, 2017 - Day 1 of Week #4

It has been a very very windy day today with fairly mild temperature (4:00 pm temperature is 24 degrees).   I don't know how the deer will be liking this weather.

The potential for this week is incredible judging from the "deer highways" that are out there ...

No deer taken today.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - Day 2 of Week #4

Hmmm... everyone is seeing deer but just not anything big.

Rich had an interesting experience.  
It was getting dark and he knew that his guide Walker was on his way in to pick him up
so he packed up his gun and stuff.
He could see the quad coming down the trail
and he started to get down out of the treestand.
 He looked down and there was a big black wolf right at the base of the tree!
The wolf had no idea that Rich was up there so it was a surprise for both of them!
The wolf ran away before Walker got there.
What a great experience to be that close to raw nature!!

No deer today....

Tomorrow has to be the day!!


Wednesday November 29, 2017 - Day 3 of Week #4

Tim has a deer!

Nov 29/17 - Tim


Thursday, November 30, 2017 - Day 4 of Week #4

BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY ... 32 degrees and heading for even warmer temperatures!
Beautiful, that is, for everyone except deer hunters!
Bucks ARE coming in but they are the "next year" or "year after that" bucks!
...Dang (for this year)!

Ok ...
Rich, Dick, Jeff, Kevin and Dean ... this is what you need to do ...
There is an ancient "deer ritual" that you NEED to do.
You need to get down to the base of the tree ...
strip down, "buck naked" (this is where that saying comes from, you know)...
kiss the tree exactly 37 1/4 inches from the ground..
three times ...
with your toes facing exact north (so check the tree for the moss growth) ..
and your trigger fingers pointing exact south (you will need your compass)....
And you can only do this
while Walker and Larry are near by with camera's in hand...
just to make sure you have the right posture, of course!!

Oh ... and wrapping toilet paper around your head will make it all legal!!



Thursday, November 30, 2017 - Day 4 of Week #4

No Deer.


Friday, December 1, 2017 - Day 5 of Week #4

"Dilly, Dilly!"
Dean has his deer!

Dean tells me that he has had so much fun!

There was ALWAYS deer coming and going and time flew so fast in the stand.
He said that he would look at his watch ... "What?.. its 11:30 already!!"
And what he thought was shortly after, he would look at his watch again and think ..
"It can't be 4:00 already!!"

He saw this deer on Tuesday but let it walk until today BUT he saw a much bigger buck on Monday ... but you know all know about the "gamble of the hunt" ... well the bigger buck never did return but this one did!

Dec 1/17 - Dean


The deer were very active all week and today was not different....
This buck came in, but Dean could not pull the trigger because he was worried that a single shot could possibly down two deer...
So he patiently waited ...
A smaller 8 pointer came in and a "fight for dominance" started...
Dean's deer was having no problem in contolling the fight.
The other deer formed a circle around the fignt and still Dean had no shot available...
So he  patiently waited ...
And then it happened ..
an opening in "the crowd" appeared...
.. the clean shot presentled itself and Dean got it done!!

Good job Dean!

So ... Ok ... after the excitement of Dean's deer, I'm not hearing any news on the radio so I'm going to tell you a story from the past ..

You know how we say on our website
"Come as a client, leave as a friend!!"
Here is a prime example,
although this is an old story,
I thought it worth telling again.
Keep in mind that the "friendship" part of this story happens EVERY HUNTING DAY here.
 We stay friends with existing clients and form new friendships with new clients ...
that's just the way it is.

Anyway ... Ed Dierkens from Norway, Michigan showed up at our camp,
I think it was 1996, as a new client.
Ken Dopko, with his fun and mischievious character immediately found his "soul mate" with Ed!  The fun and laughter that they created together was contageous
and it wasn't long before the whole camp would be whooting and partying!  
... I tell you, it was a sight to see.

When Ed went home after that season, their friendship was too strong to ignore.
Even though 1,335 miles seperated them, they stayed in CONSTANT contact.
Ken was always an early riser and he would be in the "shop" making coffee by 5 am
and he would be phoning Ed,  almost every morning (to the consternation of MaryAnn, Eddie's wife)!!

This is a picture that we have hung on our wall in the "common room" in our skinning shop to remind us of how friendships are so important.

The picture was taken during deer season, 2005,
four months before Ken passed away from the cancer that he was fighting at the time.  
Ed wrote "Best of Friends" on the picture.  
Ed passed away in 2008.

I know that they are still "Best of Friends"
and having "a hell of a good time"
as they watch from above!
Maybe, occasionally they give us a hand
and knowing them, they probably occasionally send something our way
that makes us laugh until we cry.
Yeah .. we miss both of these guys!

Ed Dierkens will always be remembered in this household!
In 2015, Walker (Ken's son) set up a new and very good deer stand.
Our stands all have names and he, without hesitation, named the new stand "Eddy" in memory of him.
To a non-hunter, that is silliness ...
But to a hunter, that is called "honor"!

Ed's daughter, Missy and I stay in contact to this day.
 We watch each other's children through Facebook and we think to ourselves
how PROUD Eddy would be of his grandchildren and how PROUD Ken would be of his sons!

I have MANY MANY more stories to tell about the wonderful people we have met through this business but I'll wait for another time....
RAY SCHEDIVY ... I need to tell people about your friendship with Ken one day!
And .. people like Pete Corey ...
Oh my!  There ARE many many more stories!


Saturday, December 2, 2017 - Day 6 of Week #4

The warm temperatures have made this a very challenging week.
The guys hunted hard and they are excellent hunters but the rest of the guys just didn't see any good mature bucks and they weren't the types to compromise.  
They chose to "let them grow" instead!
Thanks guys ... you are true respecters of Nature!

This was Jeff's first visit to Makwa River Outfitters.
Business gets in the way of life sometimes
and Jeff had to leave early this morning so he could not go out hunting today.
He saw a good deer at the beginning of the week but he chose to let it walk.
He saw LOTS of deer but not "THE DEER".
Although he did not take any venison home with him, he still loved the whole hunt.
He loved it so much that he is coming back with his wife
this coming spring for a black bear hunt
and is coming back next season (with his wife)
for another chance for a big Saskatchewan buck in 2018.

Rich, Kevin and Dick also go home without a deer.
If "FUN" counts in the deer hunting world, then this week has been VERY SUCCESSFUL!
Peels of laughter are still echoing off the walls
long after they have all departed.
Although only 2 guys out of 6 got their deer
(we feel sooo bad about that)
but they all have comments like
"Great hunt!"
"Great time!"
"Food was fantastic!"
"Everything was perfect!"
"Book us ALL in for next year .... same group!"
And of course, there is Dean saying:
"Woooooo!  Woooooo!"
"Dilly, Dilly!"
(where did this guy come from anyway?!!  LOL)
(to get the full humor of this, you have to watch a Bud Light ad!)

Like Dick said, on his way out the door


You will notice fewer hunters this year... I have decreased the hunters down to 30 for this year ... just to give our bucks abit of a rest ... thats a "win-win" for everyone!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - Day 1 of Week #1
We had a snow fall over night, the hunters had breakfast at 5:30 and were on their way at about 6:30 this morning.  I am thinking that the snow will bring us some action this morning!

I hear a rumour that there is a deer down this morning already  .. I am awaiting confirmation .....
Yup, the rumour is true ... Andrew's deer is loaded and on its way back to camp!

And here it is ... the first deer of our 2016 whitetail deer season in Saskatchewan:

Nov 1, 2016 - Andrew
Andrew said that this buck came in about 15 minutes after he got in the stand this morning.  He watched it for about 15 minutes and then it walked away.  Andrew thought to himself that if this buck comes back, its destined to be his ..... it came back!!!

We like the character of the stickers in the front (on his forehead).   He weighed in at 305  lbs ... thats a lot of tasty steaks on this boy!!

Let's just say that its A BIT muddy out there.  We had 2 feet of snow mid October which melted down creating a big mud hole and then last night's snow didn't help a lot ... but mud or no mud, Andrew is smiling!

Something is happening out there! ... "Guide" Larry just finished skinning out Andrew's deer and he is heading back out to the woods 'cause it sounds like a another shot has been fired .... there's action out there, yes there is!!!  Yahoo!!!  ... gotta love hunting in Saskatchewan!!

is it Tony?  Is it John?  Is it Tom?  Is it Kenny? ....

... its John!
Nov 1, 2016 - John
Way to go John  .... he is a beaut!!
John and Tom were last here with Makwa River Outfitters in 1996.  
John is now retired and we are so honoured to see him here again!!

E-mail from John:
"Hey Kathy
Now that the NY hunting season is almost over I have some time to sit down to let you know what a fabulous time I and my group had at Makwa river outfitters. You and your crew of Larry, Barry and Harry ( Oh..I'm sorry that's the guide you're hiring for next year to work with Larry and Barry...LOL) and David made our trip unforgettable. I'll never forget the laughs we had around the dinner table while munching down on fresh ham, vegies, mashed potatoes, salad and desert. Along with as much as you wanted to eat. You made us feel so welcome in your home. We all loved the way that all we had to do was show up, with our gear. You and your guides did the rest from dragging the deer out of the woods, skinning and gutting and caping it so we can get that perfect mount. Everything was great, even as far as having another hunter (Tony) join our group that fit right in with our zany group of characters.
The hunting was great (you can see by the picture of my 150' class buck that weighed in at 295lbs). covered treestands complete with heater. Although they weren't needed because the weather was warmer than expected. However the stands were quite comfortable and just the right distance to the bait so as to make that perfect shot. All 5 of us scored with nice size deer, 130 class and better.
This was my first trip back in 20 years. Not because I didn't have a good time then, but I just retired from teaching and can now afford the time. You can rest assured I'll be back in the very near future ( with a bunch of new jokes to tell you......LOL)
I don't understand how it happened but "I came as a client and left as a friend". God bless you all and see you soon (2019).
John Sarlo
Putnum Valley, NY"

Hey John.... I still giggle just thinking about the fun we had with you all!


Wednesday, November 2, 2016 - Day 2 of Week #1

Good luck to Kenny, Tony and Tom!

I gotta say that its a bit too quiet around here for me!  
I'm thinking I would like to hear some chatter about a deer being down ...

No deer today ...Tom and Tony each passed up a buck in the 140's so we will see what happens tomorrow.


Thursday, November 3, 2016 - Day 3 of Week #1

Ok!   ... Tony has a deer!
And it gets even better ... Kenny has a deer too!
We are going to have smiling faces at the supper table tonight!!

Nov 3, 2016 - Tony

Nov 3, 2016 - Kenny
Oops!  This buck has one antler seriously broken off!   But he is a great buck!


Friday, November 4, 2016 - Day 4 of Week #1

We are all rooting for Tom today!


Saturday, November 5, 2016 - Day 5 of Week #1

Tom does not disappoint ...
Here he is with his deer!
Nov 5, 2016 - Tom

We received this email on November 14, 2016:
"Hi Kathy and Ken,
Thank you for a great time at your camp- Makwa River Outfitters. 
When you meet Kathy for the first time you're a stranger, but when you leave, you're a friend.  She opens her house to you and makes you feel like family.  Anyone planning a whitetail hunt in Saskatchewan should look no further.  I was there in 1996, and I just got back from the first week 2016 season- it was a good camp then but I love all the improvements that have been made.  She has had this camp for over 25 years.  All you have to do is show up...every little thing is taken care of for you- from your license, to the form you need at customs, to preparing the deer to take back.  The cabin you stay in is clean and spacious and the food is excellent.  The guides- Larry, Barry, and Dave work hard for you to get that trophy, and if you do so, they are just as happy as if they got the deer.  I got a big genuine hug from Larry when I got my buck.  That is why, when you are looking for a camp, Makwa River Outfitters is a no-brainer.
Again, thank you for a great time.
Surprise, New York"

And this marks the end of week #1.
I tell you, I have had sooooo much fun this week!
I think that even I might be talking with a "Brooklyn accent" now!!
John ... you tell THE BEST JOKES I have ever heard and its not just the telling of the jokes, its also the actions that you put in .... my belly is sore from laughing so hard ... especially the one about the Italian army ... and of course, the one about Oral Roberts .... HA HA HA HA!!!
And Kenny ... my owl will miss you!
The first day that Kenny was here, we were all outside talking and an owl that I have not ever seen before swooped Kenny so close that I am sure that it ended up with some of his hair in its talons ... the owl had spotted a squirel in the tree behind us and was after it (the squirel narrowly escaped).  Then two days later, Kenny was in the lodge and heard a thud.  Looking out the window, he saw that same owl on the ground ... it had hit the window (we are sure that it was still after Kenny!).  The owl was not injured, and flew away minutes later but Kenny did have an opportunity to video the bird ... AMAZING!


Monday, November 7, 2016 - Day 1 of Week #2

ITS THE BEGINNING OF A GOOD DAY ... a shot has been fired this morning at 8:10.

And .... 10:15, another shot has been fired ... Its a hot morning this morning!!
Ahhhh .... no!  The second shot was just to give me an adreneline rush this morning but it was "just a shot"!

But here is the 8:10 deer ... John's deer!
Nov 7, 2016 - John


Tuesday, November 8, 2016 - Day 2 of Week #2

Last night, around the supper table, Wayne showed us pictures of a very nice buck that he patiently watched and took pictures of but did not take only because it was the first day.  
Ummmm.... that buck just might wander into someone else's site today that won't be quite so patient!

Well, its a big day for the American people today as all the mud-slinging of the Trump/Hillary camps reveals the next President.  
As someone looking from the outside in, it has been like watching a daily soap opera with more sex and scandal than even Hollywood could dish out!

Now back to Saskatchewan ... Mother Nature continues to be on the side of the deer and not the hunter.  The weather is warm ... at 10am it is 40 degrees.... NOT NORMAL for this area!!
It is so crazy .... before the hunt, in October, the guides were baiting and setting stands in 2 feet of snow and cold temperatures and now, when we want the snow and the cold ... we have no snow and mild temperatures ...whaaaaaat?  
The positive note on this, is that it is setting the stage for a great winter for the deer as they will have a month less of the snow and cold to survive through.

Hey .... not a surprise ... Wayne has a deer down!

So, I had to run to town this morning to get supplies.  I rushed back, anxious to see Wayne's deer.  
When I got back to camp
I was pleased to see Wayne's deer ....

.... AND Freeman's deer!

... AND Jason's deer!

Holy Cow !!   THREE DEER!

Nov 8, 2016 - Wayne

Nov 8, 2016 - Freeman

Nov 8, 2016 - Jason

That's some prime venison there folks!!


Wednesday, November 9, 2016 - Day 3 of Week #2

Wow! ... what an Election Night last night!  What a race!
Congratulations to Donald Trump ...
may his actions henceforth bring much success and prosperity to the USA!

Now, onto more exciting news ...
a new day has begun at the Makwa River Outfitters White tail hunt ...
Good luck to John, Vic and Bob!

Ahhh ...
No deer today ...
the guys saw does and bucks but they were way to young/small to consider.


Thursday, November 10, 2016 - Day 4 of Week #2

Well, it has been pretty quiet for most of the day
but I am happy to tell you that we have TWO DEER coming in!!!

Vic and his deer are the first into camp:
Nov 10, 2016 - Vic
Vic had an exciting day ...
"the rut started at my stand today" he said.
 When this buck came in, his rival was a  wider 12 pointer.  
Vic, being in the profession that he is in preferred the symmetry of this one.
Well done Vic!

And her is John and his deer:
Nov 10, 2016 - John


November 11, 2016 - Day 5 of Week #2

Remembrance Day (in Canada) and Veteran's Day (in USA)

We honour all of past, present and future heros.

My son, Walker in uniform this day.

Saturday November 12, 2016 - Day 6 of Week #2
Bob takes his deer this morning:
Nov 12, 2016 - Bob

That is 100% for the last two weeks Folks ... 12 hunters and 12 deer.


Monday, November 14, 2016 - Day 1 of Week #3

Everyone saw deer today.
Ron said that he had a lumber operation taking down trees right beside him.
"What??", I said!  
With a twinkle in his eye, he described a couple young beaver that were playing under his tree stand while the parents could be heard close by taking down trees!  Ha ha ...
We told him to be watchful and not fall asleep tomorrow because if his tree starts swaying, those beaver might be chewing down his tree!!!


Tuesday, November 15, 2016 - Day 2 of Week #3

Keri has a deer!
Way to go!

Nov 15, 2016 - Keri

Keri said:  "Kathy, family & staff at Makwa River Outfitters: my father & I have hunted here with you since 2014 & the experiences just keep better every year. Your operation is the best that I have had the honor to be part of & your staff is top notch. All of your dedication to the best experience possible is evident in all you do to accommodate your hunters."  See her full message (sent by iphone Nov 17, 2016 by going to "Testimonials"

Ron said that the beaver were quiet today, but instead, in addition to the deer, he had muskrats playing that entertained him!

Although "The Super Moon" is awesome and being enjoyed world wide by people,
it is causing problems in the hunting world!  
The deer are  eating at night because of the light and thus spreading their time out!  
People who don't understand hunting, thinking that it is "easy", just don't understand all the factors that must be in place to make the perfect hunt.  This moon is a prime example of the challenges to the hunter.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - Day #3 of Week #3

Dang ... still no snow!
Although it is a little cooler, it is still very warm at 33 degrees Farenheit at noon today.  
The radio has been quiet all morning.  I keep listening for at least "a crackle" but nothing ..nada!
This group is patient ... waiting for the "right buck" but Nature is not giving them that ... yet!

Ron, Mark and Ken say that they have seen more deer than they have seen in 10 years ...
just waiting for the right one.


Thursday, November 17, 2016 - Day #4 of Week #3

First thing this morning, I went to the shop and as I walked past the lodge I noted that the lights were all off so I smiled to myself that Keri was enjoying a well deserved rest.  But when I entered the shop there was her smiling face as she was in the midst of processing her deer already ..
and doing a GREAT JOB of it!  
There is going to be some tasty venison in her freezer this year!

We have action this morning!!

There are two deer this morning ... Roger and Ron!

Nov 17, 2016 - Ron
Ron had three deer in his bait that he was watching.
 One was a big buck and the other two were small.  
He watched, he waited and then he pulled the trigger.  
When he went up to his harvested deer, his jaw dropped ...
he had somehow dropped one of the small deer instead!  
He had the opportunity on Monday to shoot a big buck, but he chose to not do it on the first day.
And today, well today, he really thought that he had his "big buck"!
... it happens, even to the best of us Ron!

November 17, 2016 - Roger
I think Roger's smile tells it all!
Roger and Keri are our "father and daughter" hunting team for the week!

I just received this e-mail from a non-hunter:
I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate the blog/website you keep up of your daily hunts.  While I am not a hunter, my dad and sister (Roger Greenfield and Keri Campshure) travel quite the distance to hunt at your resort each year and I love that I can randomly hop over to your website and get a little inside scoop on what's happening.  It's like I'm there even though I'm not.  I know how much my family enjoys being there and how welcome you make them feel, I can also sense it in your daily updates.  So I wanted to say thank you for keeping us, who are far away and can't always reach our loved ones via phone or internet, updated and thank you for taking such good care of your customers (our loved ones).  
Ashley "

WOW ... Ashley ... thank you for letting me know that you are looking in on our hunts.  What you are describing is exactly how I want this website to be used!  We absolutely LOVE Roger and Keri!  If Roger is your Dad and Keri is your sister then you are the luckiest lady in the whole world!!  

And ... the day is not over yet
'cause Ken has a deer down now too!

Nov 17, 2016 - Ken
Ken had passed up a buck earlier and was just looking down, getting his lunch and stuff.  
When he looked up, this buck was standing there!
He is a nice buck Ken!

Ken says:
"I started following this website in 2013 after a hunt in Ontario and truly enjoy it.
Now that I have been here, I can say that the website is an accurate description of what you get but it just does not do justice for the great people who all contribute to making Makwa River Outfitters what it is."


Friday, November 18, 2016 - Day 5 of Week #3

Its a little cooler here ... 22 degrees F this afternoon but still no snow.
Mark is still out there on the hunt.

Mark did not take a deer.  He has seen many bucks but just not the one that he is after and is chosing to go home without a deer
.... truly a sportsman!!

So that ends our week #3 ... another week of first class hunters ... people that are truly a joy to be around!


Every "arrival day" is like greeting family
to my house for Christmas morning!  
.... And I get to do it 5 weeks every year .
Today I greeted my dearest "family" members ... Dick, David, Kevin, Josh, Scott, Tom, Mike and Morgan!  It is so WONDERFUL to have you all here again!   Dana ... we are missing you here this week ... this is the first year you have missed since your first year with us in 1994!!!  We are all going to have to harrass Dick in your place just so he won't feel neglected!!! LOL!!!


Monday, November 21, 2016 - Day 1 of Week #4

Its a bit colder here which is good ... bucks like cold!  We got just abit of snow Saturday overnight.
Its 28 degrees Farenheit at noon today.
No shots heard yet.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - Day 2 of Week #4

No deer taken today.
After supper Josh told me that for sure there will be deer taken tomorrow.  Guys have seen deer that they won't pass up again.
Kevin saw a real dandy today but didn't take it .... Kevin what were you thinking??!!!!

Seeing moose is a pretty interesting experience.
Sit back and enjoy ... the deer are never far away.  
When the moose come in, watch the woods all around and you will be pleasantly surprised to see all of the deer just watching and waiting ...
When the moose walk away, the deer come in right away.
Of course, the moose are only around during deer season
... when its moose season, they disappear!!


Wednesday, November 23, 2016 - Day 3 of Week #4

Ok ... lets see if Josh's prophesy will come true today! He told us last night that someone would take a deer.

Awesome ... it has started!!
Josh you were right ... its your Uncle Scott!
Scott has a deer down this morning!

Nov 23, 2016 - Scott
Notice the double beam on this deer
Scott knew it had something "funky" but didn't realize how unique it was until it was on the ground! ... Exciting!
This is "first blood" with his new gun!
The color of the antlers is gorgeous!
Way to go Scott!

So ... here it is after 7pm.  
The trucks just arrived at camp.
 They will all be in for supper at 7:30 tonight.
 I am looking forward to hearing their stories.
Of course, Scott will have "bragging rights" tonight but tomorrow is another day!

On a very sad note today ...
I have just been informed that we have another friend that we must say a fond Goodbye to.
Wendall Brooks passed away on November 19, 2016

"it is with deep sadness that i inform you of the passing of g wendall brooks on 11 19 2016.he hunted with you in 2013 with his son scott sr and grandson scott jr. wendall spoke fondly of you and your crew at makwa river and wanted to go back with us in 2017.when i hunt with you in 2017 i'm  sure he will be there with us and i will dedicate my hunt to him  
                                                                                                                        justin brooks"

Our deepest sympathies to the family of this wonderful man.
To his son, Scott Sr and to his grandson Scott Jr:
Wendall was a good man ... an honorable man and he made an impression on all of us!  
We were blessed to have known him.

Here is a recap of his 2013 hunt with us:
And Wendall... now he has got some stories!  And a lot of them are certainly not repeatable! LOL!  He has been entertaining all of us!  He didn't go out hunting on Monday .... he didn't go out hunting Tuesday .... he didn't go hunting this morning!  Then this afternoon, he decided that he had given everyone enough of a headstart!  Two hours later he was done ... the perfect head shot!!!  LOL ... Good for you Wendall!
Wendall - Nov 13, 2013

Wendall Brooks
Rest in Peace Friend


And ...
all of you know Connor ...
it is his Birthday today!

And on the same day, it is our guide, David's birthday!


Thursday, November 24, 2016 - Day 4 of Week #4
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

The smell of roasting turkey in the kitchen is HEAVENLY!

And even better ... JOSH HAS A DEER!!

Nov 24, 2016 - Josh


Friday, November 25, 2016 - Day 5 of Week #4

Two deer today.
This is our "Father and Son" day as the deer belong to Kevin and David

Nov 25, 2016 - Kevin                 Nov 25, 2016 - David

Both Kevin and David had opportunity to take bucks in the first day or two of the hunt ... but you all know how it goes ...
that voice in your head says "Nah ... its too early in the hunt, pass him up ... he will be back or something even better will come in"!
Sometimes it works ... sometimes it doesn't.

Saturday, November 26, 2016 - Day 6 of Week #4

Morgan, Dick, Tom and Mike did not take deer.

Morgan posted on FaceBook:  
"home bound & no deer, but that's all apart of hunting! still love what we do! "

Morgan, Tom and Mike, you know that we love you guys
but Dick.... oh my Gosh Dick, we LOVE YOU A LOT!
You have been here 20 years!
Twenty years ago, within 2 minutes, you went from a client to a friend and that friendship continues.
We all look forward to your visits,
like children waiting for their best friend to come for a "sleep over' ... our noses pressed to the window!!
Thats 20 years of good conversations and laughter with you ...
and "laughter" doesn't fully explain it ...
because its "roll on the floor", "from the belly", "full out" LAUGHTER!  Your quick wit, your one liners and your full stories are non stop fun!  
But, Dick, to be truthful,
its that HEART OF GOLD that is most endearing about you!
Yup, not a doubt, its that big heart that truly, truly cares that we love the most about you!

Morgan posted on FaceBook:  
"home bound & no deer, but that's all apart of hunting! still love what we do! "

How can it be that this wonderful week has come to an end?
It seems that our great friends just arrived and now they are on their way home!


For week number five we will be welcoming return clients .... clients?.... nah, lets call them what they truly are ... FRIENDS, Tim, Rich, Dick and Brent plus one "newbie", Brent's uncle Daniel.

Monday, November 28, 2016 - Day 1 of Week #5

This week is off to a great start!
Tim has his deer and he is a beauty!

Nov 28, 2016 - Tim

Tim says:
"Another great season in Saskatchewan - 3 big bucks 3 years in a row from the same stand. By far the best Whitetail hunting on the planet !! See u in 2017 !!!"


Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - Day 2 of Week 5

Very quiet today in the stands.

We are in the company of friends and that is a wonderful thing!


Wednesday, November 30, 2016 - Day 3 of Week #5

The last couple days, have been too quiet
We knew that this had to change.

Its showtime!!!
Dan's deer is in!
Nov 30, 2016 - Dan
Way to go Dan!
"Thank you again for a great time.  It was something I looked forward to for a long time and it exceeded my expectations.  It is really first class. - Dan"
To see Dan's full comments go to "Testimonials"

And his nephew, Brent is right behind.

Nov 30, 2016 - Brent
Brent is our hard huntin', good timin' man with a ton of patience.
He has waited for 3 years for this buck.
Both of the other years, he left without pulling the trigger
always knowing that "the right one" would show up.
He set his standards high and didn't stray and what a reward he has!
Awesome buck Brent!

Brent said "Thanks for another unbelievable week you do a wonderful job up there ..."
For Brent's full comments, visit "testimonials"


Thursday, December 1, 2016 - Day 4 of Week #5

Still a very mild day here in Saskatchewan.  
Temperature is only 29 degrees F - that is pretty crazy for us here.

Hey ... GOOD NEWS!
Rich has a deer!
December 1, 2016 - Rich

If this deer could talk, it could have told a story of horror!
There is a huge chunk of flesh torn from its neck which had nothing to do with a bullet wound (the picture does not give the wound justice).  
This and the markings on its nose that appear to be claws,
tell us that this deer escaped a brutal death by a predator like a wolf or a cougar.  We suspect that it might have gored the predator to escape or it might have outrun it after the first initial attack.  Obviously the predator was alone ...
had it been a pack of wolves, it would not have escaped.  
Movies like "Bambi" are so misleading
to those who do not understand the rawness of nature.  
In real life, wild animals do not talk, laugh and frolic happily through the forest.  In real life, predators torture and slaughter their prey
in ways that would make Animal Activists faint!  
But ... don't get me started on that subject!!!!

And ... Rich's last year's buck also had a story because it had a gouged out eye and had a previously broken back!!  This is getting pretty freaky Rich!!
We are a little nervous at what you will get in 2017!!

That leaves only one hunter left for the season.
We are all rooting for you Dick!

In the meantime ... the guys are busy processing their meat.
Brent and Dan processing their deer

Larry skinning out Rich's deer

Rich and Tim watching Larry skin out the deer.

That's going to be some excellent Saskatchewan white tail venison in your freezers guys!


Friday, December 2, 2016 - Day 5 of Week #5

Dick watched this young buck today.
He has strong potential for next year and  even better for the year after that!

Dick shows us a picture showing how difficult rut can be on the does ... this doe is bleeding from her recent encounter with a buck.

And then when this buck came in, Dick's hunt was complete!
Dec 2, 2016 - Dick

HAPPY 50th Birthday Tim!
Our gift to him is what every 50 year old hunter NEEDS when he goes out into the woods ...
a couple rolls of "Buck Schitz" Woods wipe ...
one in blaze orange and the other in Camo Green!
Its what every "poo-fessional hunter" needs!

Now all that is left is the celebrations ...
and with this bunch of guys we mean  C E L E B R A T I O N S ! !
We have a full slate of deer to celebrate ...
We have GREAT freindships to celebrate ...
And we have a 50th birthday to celebrate!!
So ... although the deer are done, we are not done yet!!!
Yahoo!... Gotta love it here!!

Saturday, December 3, 2016 - THE END OF OUR 2016 DEER SEASON

Did we end the season in fine style?
I might be dragging my butt this morning but I do know that only a couple hours ago,
by early morning light, the guys decided that we should change our name
from Makwa River Outfitters
"Just One More" Outfitters!!!
This truly is just too much fun!
(pictures of last night will NOT be posted!!)


Monday, December 5, 2016 Day 1 of ...... JUST A MINUTE, IT DONE!!!

Yup ... its done ... five weeks of great friends, old and new...
Five weeks of great conversation and great laughter (to the point of tears sometimes) ...

The cooler/freezer is cleaned up and turned off ...
The shop is cleaned and the lights are off ...
The radios are shut off and are all lined up in the chargers ...
The tree stands are all in storage ...
The quads are all clean in the shop ...
The tubs and the trailers are all neatly lined up outside, away from the main traffic area ...
My fridge is near empty (oh, but wait, that was emptied during one of the "early morning kitchen raids" from last week ... LOL!!!)
The lodge is clean, the fireplace turned off...

I am walking around here like a lost puppy!
But hey, its only 331 days until the start of next hunting season!!!


The last deer of the season was donated to our local school to teach students about buchering and cooking venison!  HOW GREAT IS THAT!!

What a GREAT PROGRAM THIS SCHOOL HAS ... Thank you Dick for donating this deer!

Here is an e-mail from the school:

Just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the deer Makwa River Outfitters donated to the school. As part of our Protein Unit in Foods Studies 30 the students learned about butchering, sausage and jerky making, and making meals like venison meatballs (with bacon), sausage bites, and venison peppered steak...It was a great week of class! Something this group of students will remember for the rest of their lives I'm sure. The feedback we received from students, parents, friends and family was so positive...our social media post and pictures were shared almost 17,000 people!
Regretfully, I did not get the name of the hunter whose deer we received, so if you could, please send me his/her contact information I would like to thank him/her as well. Should you wish to respect the privacy of that person I understand completely and would then simply ask you to forward our thanks to him/her. The generosity created a great educational experience for everyone involved.
Check out the pictures and feedback we received on our Facebook page posting  December 12 ...
Thanks again!

Brad ... I hope that we can donate another deer next year to your program.  I think that I speak for many when I say "Finally ... something FUNCTIONAL for our youth to learn in school"!
Way to go Ernie Studer School in Loon Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada!


This is how our 2015 white tail deer season went!

Monday, November 2, 2015 - Day 1 of Week #1
A humid, 33 degree Fareheit morning.  Its 7:30 am and everyone should be close to being in their treestands.  Good luck to Danny, Ray, Patty, Mike, Frank R., Tom, Frank V, Bubba and Alan!  Have fun and see many deer!

Holy Moly!  Folks! .. Its 9:20am on the first morning and I hear that a shot has been fired!

Well ... it wasn't "a shot" .. it was TWO!!  Two deer this morning!  Tom took the first deer that came in just 1/2 hour after he got into his stand.  His friend and hunting buddy, Frank, took the first deer that came into his stand about 1 1/2 hours later!  NICE WORK GUYS!
Nov 2, 2015 - Tom               Nov 2, 2015 - Frank
This is the second year in a row that Frank took his deer on the first day with us!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - Day 2 of  Week #1
Two deer taken this morning!
Patty and Alan are smiling today!! 
Nov 3, 2015 - Alan                             Nov 3, 2015 - Patty
Patty saw sign of good deer around her stand but unfortunately she didn't see anything all day yesterday. 
This morning when she saw this buck, and being it was her first Saskatchewan white tail deer hunt,
was pretty excited and took him with one great shot! 
And then another BIGGER BUCK came in! 
Wednesday, November 4, 2015  Day 3 of Week #1

It was a slow day here today.  Weather is warm meaning the bucks weren't moving. 
Hunting ... what a sport it is! 
Sometimes you need a little patience,
other times a little more patience
and then there are times you need a whole lot of patience!
Frank, Mike, Bubba, Ray and Danny are practicing a whole lot of patience right now!!
Lets see what tomorrow will bring ....
Thursday, November 5, 2015 Day 4 of Week #1

Patience pays off for Bubba ....
Nov 5, 2015 - Bubba
Bubba had watched this buck chase off a 10 pointer several times and decided that this was the one! 
The 10 pointer was a beauty but he was a "next year's deer".
Way to go Bubba!!
Here is a facebook message that Bubba sent when he got home:
"Had a great time hunting this past week with Kathy and the group. This is a top notch outfitters that puts their heart into it. So looking forward to coming back here for many years to come. I made some friends for life !!" 
Thanks Bubba ... you just left and we are already looking forward to your next  white tail deer hunt!
-Kathy, Ken, Walker, Connor, Barry and Larry (Makwa River Outfitters Ltd)

Friday, November 6, 2015 - Day 5 of Week #1

Hey ... Frank has a deer!
Nov 6, 2015 - Frank
This was a big bodied deer ... it weighed in at 295 pounds!
Ray has to leave early so he won't be hunting tomorrow so GOOD LUCK  to our two remaining hunters Mike and Danny for tomorrow!
November 7, 2015 - Day 6 of Week #1
And .... here comes Mike with his deer!
Nov 7, 2015 - Mike

We first met Ray in 2003 when he came for his first deer hunt.
His wisdom and his stories from his career as an airline pilot had me enthralled right from the beginning!
He has taken home some nice deer from Makwa River Outfitters but he tells me that this is his last year
travelling here ... this makes me sad indeed ... nothing would make me happier than if you
change your mind Ray and show up next November!

The saying "Come as a client - leave as a FRIEND" can't be any truer
than what what happened with Danny starting with his first hunt in 2008.
I love this guy to pieces ("sorry" to my husband Ken!!!  LOL!)!!
Danny didn't take a deer this year but that didn't tarnish his enthusiasm
nor did it slow down his words of wisdom!
Monday November 9, 2015 Day 1 of Week 2

Ok ... we are into week #2
We had a light snowfall overnight and even though the temperature is still mild this morning we will see how Bob, Rick, John B, Bill, Vic, Vic the younger, John K, Wayne and Joel will do.
Good news ... Vic has a deer down already this morning!
Nov 9, 2015 - Vic

Double good news! ... Rick has a deer too!
Nov 9, 2015 - Rick
The scrape that Vic is standing beside was probably made with the buck he took but the other two were on bigger trees and were made by a bigger buck!
Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - Day 2 of Week #2
The news is in ... John B and Wayne have deer down!
  Nov 10/15 - John                 Nov 10/15 - Wayne
Way to go guys!!
Deer #3 for the day is Bob's:
Nov 10/15 - Bob
Good luck tomorrow to John, Vic, Bill & Joel!
Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - Day 3 of week #2
Vereran's Day/Remembrance Day
We enjoy our freedom because some chose to sacrifice ALL ....
words are never enough for all that was done to give us the good life that we enjoy here in Canada and USA.
Walker just pulled into camp with John's deer!
Way to go John!
Nov 11/15 - John
Thursday, November 12, 2015 - Day 4 of week #2

Vic and Joel each get a deer today!
Nov 12/15 - Vic                   Nov 12/15 - Joel
Vic's deer was a bit of a "scrapper" ... as evidenced by the broken tine!
One hunter left to get his deer.
Good Luck Bill!
Friday, November  13, 2015 - Day 5 of Week #2

Friday the 13th didn't turn out bad for Bill at all ... look what he bagged!
Nov 13/15 - Bill
Monday, November 16, 2015 - Day 1 or Week #3
Good luck to this week's hunters: Dale, Michele, Roger, Keri, Monty, John, Kevin, Dean and Bill.
May the bucks be plenty
And may your aim be true!
On a sad note ....
Our Prayers and condolences go to Tom and David Tisanso and his family
as we just learned of the passing of their father John Tisanso.
We first met him here in 2008 and and have very fond memories of him
John took a deer Dec 1, 2008
and then we celebrated his 83rd birthday here
on December 5, 2008
Rest in Peace Friend!
So I take my dogs for a walk
and when I come back
there is Dean standing there with a BIG SMILE!
  He has a good reason to smile ....!
  Nice buck Dean!
Nov 16/15 - Dean
Some people just don't understand "make sure you have your license with you", right Dean!  LOL!! (Good thing the guides can make a speedy trip back to camp!)
And then Dean and Walker tell me to "hang on"
 'cause Roger has a deer down too and he should be here soon!
Nov 16/15 - Roger
...and thats not all!
Just as I left "the shop", the radio was crackling ...
there appears to be a THIRD DEER DOWN!
Yup ... we have ACTION today!
Oops ... the third deer ... well, lets just say that there might be a "shirt-tail" celebration
(anyone who has been here will know what that means!!! LOL!!)
Everyone saw deer today ...many of them!
Tuesday, November 17, 2015 - Day 2 of Week #3
There is one deer coming in tonight ... and that is John's.
Nov 17/15 - John
My radio isn't working and I listen and listen but there isn't even a crackle and its driving me crazy not knowing what is happening.  The guides are ignoring me.  Think of it as going on a car ride with a child and the constant "are we there yet?"questions.     Well for me its  .. "seeing any deer"  "anybody shoot?"  and of course .."WHATS HAPPENING OUT THERE???!!"  
Hopefully we can get it up and going tomorrow!
Wednesday November 18, 2015 - Day 3 of Week 3
19 degrees with snow and blowing snow ... good thing the stands are enclosed and heated.
Yahoo!  My friend, Dale has a deer!
Nov 18/15 - Dale        .... or is it "Daleen"????  !!! 
Ha Ha Ha .... Dale, you are too much fun!!
What the Heck!!!! .... obviously "Barry-Lynne" was the guide!
What happens at Makwa River Outfitters stays at Makwa River Outfitters ....
.... ummm.... NO, this is too good, I have to post it!
We DO have fun!
And Keri comes in with a nice deer today too!
Nov 18/15 - Keri
In the last 5 years Keri has used four bullets and has harvested four deer ... pretty impressive wouldn't you say!!
Keri, we absolutely love your high energy and BIG HEART personality!
Michele is enjoying the wildlife at her stand.  She has seen moose and a Lynx ... that is awesome.
Bill has seen a Lynx also!
Thursday, November 19, 2015 - Day 4 of Week 3
Bill has a deer this morning!
Nov 19/15 - Bill
And Kevin brought in a deer this afternoon
Nov 19/15 - Kevin

Friday November 20, 2015 - Day 4 of Week 3

Monte has a deer today!
Nov 20/15 - Monty
November 23, 2015 - Day 1 of Week #4
What a surprise!  Dana has shot already!!! (HA HA ... Dana ALWAYS shoots early!!!)
But I think Dana is going for the record!
He was only in his stand 10 minutes!!!
Ha ha ... what a guy!
Nov 23/15 - Dana
And the second deer for the day goes to Scott!
Nov 23/15 - Scott

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 - Day 2 of Week #4
Two nice bucks today!

Nov 24/15 - Dave          Nov 24/15 - Tom

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 - Day 3 of week #4
Josh got a deer today
and Grandpa Dave, who was with him, lit up the blind with pride !
... umm.. or something like that, right Dave?  LOL!  
(Dave smelled "a little" like smoke tonight!)

Nov 25/15 - Josh
Thursday, November 26, 2015 - Day 4 of Week #4
Dick brings in a deer this day.
Nov 26-15 - Dick

Friday, November 27, 2015 - Day 5 of week #4
A good day .... both Kevin and Mike got their deer.
Interesting ... in our two "family units", both of the Grandfathers (Dave and Tom) took their deer on the same day and both of the fathers (Kevin and Mike) took their deer on the same day.
Nov 27/15 - Mike                    Nov 27/15 - Kevin

Saturday, November 28, 2015 - Day 6 of Week #4
EVERYBODY wishes Morgan good luck this morning in the treestand!
And, she did it!  Morgan has a deer!
Way to go Girl!
Nov 28/15 - Morgan
Monday, November 30, 2015 - Day 1 of Week #5
The saying "time flies when you are having fun" is so true!
It went from Day 1 of Week #1 to Day 1 of Week #5 in a blink of an eye!
A good beginning to the week ... Tim has a deer!
You did good Tim .. you did good!!
Nov 30/15 - Tim
Tim posted this on facebook November 30, 2015:
"Another great hunt for 2015.  Thanks Kathy, Ken, Barry, Larry, Walker and Connor. 
Great people!!!
Best hunting on the planet"
Thanks Tim ... we LOVE having you here!! ... see you in 2016!
Tuesday, December 1, 2015 - Day 2 of Week #5
A quiet day ...
Ha ha ... that's one for OUR WALL!!
So ... as our guide Barry heads off for bed tonight, he predicts three deer for tomorrow!
Lets see if he is right....
Wednesday, December 2, 2015 - Day 3 of Week #5
And the first buck of the day is in!
Here is Rich with his dandy deer!
One of the buck's eyes had been gouged out this fall and he had at one time had a broken back so this boy was pretty scrappy in his day!
Dec 2/15 - Rich
Rich's deer has the beginning of two drop tines plus a small brow tine in a weird spot ... way to go Rich!!

Being out in raw nature is a wonderful thing!
Every now and then you are rewarded ... like this moment when our guide Larry spotted a Canadian Lynx.
So .... there you go Folks ... even Barry ... the smartest one of us all can be wrong once a year ... we only took one deer today!  LOL!!
But lets see what tomorrow will bring in.

Thursday, December 3, 2015 - Day 4 of Week #5
We still don't have snow (other than a skiff on the ground) and the weather continues to be very mild (22 degrees F this morning).
As you can see the weather can be drastically different from one year to another around here.  One good thing about the pleasant winter is that it will be good for the deer.
On to important stuff...
We still have Dick, Mark, Kyle, Jason and Damian out hunting ...
Good luck and have fun guys!
Ahhhhh..... no deer today!
Friday, December 4, 2015 - Day 5 of week #5
Yay!  Dick has a deer!
Dec 5/15 - Dick
You all know how I "gush" on and on about how wonderful I think that "father and son" hunting pairs are special (or ANY family group) ...
well we have TWO father/son groups here this week and its awesome!
Firstly, we hae Dick and Rich
and secondly we have Mark and Kyle.
So, as of today, the first of the father/son teams have tagged out (Dick's deer today and Rich's deer on Wednesday).
Dick and Rich
Email from Rich Dec 6/15:
"Kathy - Want to say a big thanks to you, Ken, Walker, Barry, and Larry for making our hunt such a memorable one. Can't wait to come back next year :) "
Now, rumour is that Kyle has a deer down (remember, I said it was a "rumour", so don't tell anyone)!
... and its no rumour!  Here is Kyle's deer!
Dec 4/15 - Kyle
And ... oh my Gosh ... it sounds like Kyle's dad, Mark has a deer!
Wouldn't that be SWEET!
Yes... father and son take their deer on the same day!
Here is Mark's deer:
Dec 4/15 - Mark
"Kathy, I have to say this was the best hunt in 8 trips to Ca...nada that I have ever had...Yes the weather was too hot, but you cant control what mother nature is in charge of. This was by far the best group of men I have ever hunted with. Non stop laughter at night. Having Tim "SnowMan" Broughton and my son there made it special. The food you serve just keeps getting better. Larry,Barry and Walker are as good as it gets in the guide department. Thank You for another great time. Looking forward to coming back soon. 5 Star rating for sure - Mark "
Saturday December 5, 2015 - Day 6 of Week #5 - THE LAST DAY OF THE SEASON
Damian and Jason head out for the stands...
They have hunted in Saskatchewan before...
They understand the potential here.
They understand that the coveted Monster Buck is not a trophy that you can expect each time you hunt
and that not everyone who hunts will succeed....
That is what makes hunting such a FACINATING OBSESSION ...
Its the "is today the day?" anticipation...
Its hearing that twig snap in the forest and feeling that primitive adreneline rush ...
Its watching two bucks sparring in front of you
and knowing that VERY FEW in this world have had the PRIVILEGE of OBSERVING THIS INCREDIBLE SHOW OF NATURE.
They were willing to pass up bucks that did not meet their criteria and did so honourably.
Maybe next year THE BUCK will be theirs!
And by the way Tim ... we did not forget about your birthday!
Happy Birthday ... "Snowman"!
We absolutely LOVE your humour!!
Oh my Gosh .. there is no denying it ... this was one tough year for deer hunting.  Warm weather and NO SNOW!  What a drastic change from last year's weather!
We may not have taken a MONSTER BUCK this year but I tell you, we had fun second to none!
Each and everyone who came to our camp was AWESOME, INCREDIBLE and I can hardly wait until next season to see you all again!!

And to finish off our hunting year...
on the last day of our season (December 5),
Walker (my son AND our guide) travelled to Saskatoon
and won the 2015 Saskatchewan Submissions Title (Mixed Martial Arts)
Yes ... I am soooo proud!
continue scrolling down for past years ...

2014 season was good
Monday, November 3, 2014 - Day 1 of Week #1
You would not believe it!  Last night it started snowing (just like it did a year ago!) and this morning we woke up to a lot of snow on the ground!  How could this happen exactly the same two years in a row!  We did not have quite as much snow but enough for us to have problems with it!  And, on top of it all, its wet snow!
BUT.... guess what the snow brought in? 
Deer, deer, deer and DEER!
It is 4:30 pm and the guides are just having their first minute to stop for their lunch because they have
already loaded in the trucks!
I asked them for a confirmation on this just in case I heard wrong and sure enough Pat, Charles, Bill and Frank have their deer!
Whew!  What a "first day"!
First of all.. this is what the guys had to go through this morning:
Now keep in mind that this is normally a well cut out trail with no tree branches in the way ... the snow was so heavy that all the branches were hanging over the trails .... AND Barry had already taken his quad down this one so you can imagine what it looked like before !!!   The guys were driving right past their regular and well known trails because there was NO indication that a trail was there!!
And talk about "being dumped on"!  HOLY CRAP ... Mark and Charles should have had the least snow during the ride and they still got buried! Charles told me that he was having a hard time from bursting out in laughter and that it was a fun experience!!
Now lets get down to the real good stuff ... here is today's harvest:
Nov 3, 2014 - Pat                                 Nov 3, 2014 - Frank
And this is always special ... father and son take a deer on the same day!
Nov 3, 2014 - Charles                Nov 3, 2014 - Bill
Pretty nice day's work, don't ya think?
So ... tomorrow Tom, Jack, Doc, Ron and Mark will continue their hunt.
Stay tuned for more excitement!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 Day 2 of Week #1
Jack chose not to go out to hunt yesterday.
This morning he went out and came back to camp long before noon .... this time with a buck in tow!!!  Way to go Jack!
Nov 4, 2014 - Jack
Wednesday, November 5, 2014 Day 3 of Week #1
More snow last night ... this is what the guys were going through:
No deer taken today ..
AND EVEN WORSE ... the guys took my money playing poker tonight ... :( 

Thursday November 6, 2014 - Day 4 of Week #1
Ok ... I am sulking about my poker loss last night but on a brighter note ...
we DO have a deer coming in...
Way to go Tom!
Tom - Nov 6, 2014

Thursday, November 7, 2014 - Day 5 of Week #1
Where they are hunting is quite far away and the radio contact is non-existant ... drives me crazy not knowing what is happening!!!
I just heard from the guys ... they are close to camp now and coming in with Doc's deer ... YAY DOC!!
Doc - Nov 7, 2014
And I HAVE to post a picture at this time of Doc's brother Randy, who passed away this year.
This is Randy with the last deer that he took here and that was in 2012.  Randy first started hunting with us in 2003.  We loved his humor and his wit, his stories and his wisdom.  Some years he came with Doc and other years he also had with him his son Terry and then in 2012 we had the priviledge of also hunting with his two grandsons Treyce and Ryan!  What a great week that was!
Doc, Terry, Treyce and Ryan ... our condolences to you and your families ...HE WAS A GREAT MAN!
From Kathy, Ken, Walker, Connor, Larry and Barry
I have been intently following along as your season has started, checking the website daily to see the pictures. I just got around to checking it tonight and saw the picture of Uncle Moose’s deer and also the picture of my grandpa. What a trip down memory lane that brought for me, so many great memories and especially of the week we spent together as a group there with you all. I will spare you all of the details but wanted to make sure to thank you for that post and for your kind words. My grandpa often talked about the great hunting and camaraderie you provide and many of his great bucks from there are on display in my dad’s shop. Thank you for those great memories for him and all of us as a group in 2012, what a great time, a trip to always remember as that was the last hunt we were able to go on together. Say hi to everyone for us, and tell Uncle Moose congratulations!
Best Regards,
Treyce Sanderson (Randy's Grandson)
Hi Kathy,
Thank You to all of your family and staff. My dad really enjoyed his times at Makwa.
The friends and companionship gained there meant the world to him. We will join you
again soon and relive some of the best times "the boys" have had together.
Thanks Again,
Terry Sanderson (Randy's son)

Saturday, November 8, 2014 - end of week #1
Ron and Mark met during their hunting expedition here and found that they shared the same idea of hunting.  They both were looking for a specific size of a deer or they would go home without one.  Ron let a 150 class deer walk away and has no regrets.  Alas, neither of them go home with a deer this year.

Monday, November 10, 2014 - day 1 of week 2
A new week .. a new set of adventures!
We have 9 hunters again this week.
They started out from camp this morning in brisk 4 degree Farenheit temperatures and with the high humidity it felt even colder... brrrr... good thing we have enclosed and heated stands!  It is now snowing a bit but the weather man predicts just a "skiff" of snow which is awesome!
Hey ... Vic has a deer!  Connor texted me at 10:45 this morning and the buck was already loaded and on the way home!  Looks like Vic is "in it to win it!!" 
Way to go Vic!
Vic tells me that this buck was there when he first got to the stand but it was too dark.  Legal hunting time was at 8:05 and the buck was down at 8:15!  Like ... why wait so long Vic?!!! LOL!!
Vic - Nov 10, 2014
e-mail from Vic:
Now home after uneventful drive and flights. Just thought I’d drop you a note and again tell you what a wonderful time I had, mainly due to the people I met. You, Ken, Connor, Barry and Larry could not have been nicer people to be around. The effort you put into your operation is impressive. You are to be congratulated for running a first class hunting experience.
See you next year. Stay safe and have fun.
Happy Holidays
Vic" Nov/14
No more deer today.  Good luck tomorrow to Bob, Keith, Ron, John, Louis, Alex, Wayne and Ken!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - Day 2 of Week #2
On this day - Veteran's Day / Rememberance Day, we stop for a moment and think about the freedoms that we all have and contemplate the cost of that freedom .... we think about the many people who paid dearly for this privilege that we now take for granted.  Many of our friends that have hunted with us have war scars ... some scars are easily seen and some scars are buried deep and will never be seen. 
We are humbled. 
Our gratitude to you all is deeply felt and it is genuine.
And ... YES!  Message came in ...
Ken's deer is already tagged and bagged!!
Ken - Nov 11, 2014
I hear that another shot was made by someone else ....
... was it a good shot?
And .... YES!  ... Keith had no intention of being bested by Vic ... Keith's shot WAS GOOD ... Keith has a deer!
Keith - Nov 11, 2014
Lets see what tomorrow will bring ...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 - Day 3 of Week #2
No deer taken today.... hey guys lets have some EXCITEMENT tomorrow!

Thursday, November 13, 2014 - Day 4 of Week #2
You all won't believe this.....
I just got a message ... we knew that there were two deer down earlier but the news has changed ... we don't have two deer down ...
I tell you all, I almost fainted!!! LOL!!
This week is done ... 100% tagged out!
I am telling you folks ... it has been quite a day.  First of all, one of our guests ... a very fine surgeon, I am sure, cut himself while cutting his deer up ... and with a scalpel of all things!  He wishes to remain anonymous, so Vic, I won't tell anyone it was you!  And then all those fine deer coming in ... I tell you, it has been exciting!
So here are all them deer!
John - Nov 13, 2014                Bob - Nov 13, 2014

Ron - Nov 13, 2014          Wayne - Nov 13, 2014
And .. another father and son shoot on the same day (I LOVE IT!):
Alex - Nov 13, 2014        AND      Louis - Nov 13, 2014
.... I need a glass of wine!!
Alex e-mailed me this message on November 21, 2014:
"We had an absolute blast hunting with Makwa River Outfitters.  You have an impressive, well run operation.  The amenities, cooking, guiding & game quality was truly first class.  It was a true delight chasing after those big bruiser bucks with you guys."
It's been a great week guys!
Thats a hard act to follow ... lets see what next week will do!!
Letter from Ron, dated November 17, 2014:
"My stay there with you and all your staff was a wonderful experience.  I especially enjoyed the interaction with Barry and Larry.  They were very friendly and definitely committed to making each one of the hunters trip a big success.  I especially enjoyed my conversations with Barry.  His passion for the outdoors and what he does for a living is something that I certainly share.  Please give him my best wishes.  From the way you greet your clients, to the lodge accomodations and comfort, to the wonderful dinner meals everything was FIRST CLASS.  All the best, Ron Dalton."
Monday, November 17, 2014 - Day 1 of Week #3
Well it didn't take him long ....
Dale has a deer down!
He tells me its down in front of him!  Woohoo!
And I hear some "crackling" on the radio ... could that be someone else calling in??
Is there another deer down?
Yes... There IS another deer!
Walt has a deer too!
Now thats what I'm talking about!
When Walt's deer crashed it really crashed .... look at this!  Wow!
Walt - Nov 17, 2014
"Kathy, I want to thank you and your staff for the hunt of a lifetime.  From the minute I arrive in camp, Larry, Barry and Connor, talked about what to expect and I can tell you that what I experienced went well and beyond anything they described. 
From the minute I got into my treestand until I shot my 300 pound, 11 pt whitetail, I had deer in front of me the entire time except for 10 minutes and that was after I shot.  Surprisingly, ten minutes later the deer came back.
Thank you again, you have a class operation and a great bunch of guides.  I will return. "
Dale - November 17, 2014
Dale has been coming to our camp since 2008 .. we love this guy!
His deer is Awesome!!
Good luck tomorrow to Mike, Randy, Tony, Mike, Frank, Roger and Keri!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 - Day 2 of Week #3
Hey everybody!  ... Two deer!
Tony's deer is in already
Keri just shot ... the deer is down and in front of her!
Tony - November 18, 2014
The following is an e-mail from Tony:
I first contacted you in 2010 about a future deer hunt with yourself and the Makwa River team.
Well, the future finally arrived this November, and it was a one of my best hunting decisions ever!
This is one time where the reality exceeded the promise.
Your lodge is beautiful and very comfortable, the food is home cooked and very tasty, yourself and Ken are terrific hosts, and the guides – Barry, Larry & Connor – are the best I’ve seen.  I’ve hunted pretty much all over North America, and Makwa River is the best I’ve experienced, both for the whitetail deer hunting and the rest of the experience.
I always hoped to take a dark horned, heavy mass Canadian whitetail, and Makwa River made that dream come true!
I’ll be back in 2016, and look forward to another great adventure. 
Thank you all for a tremendous experience.
Keri - November 18, 2014
Wednesday, November 19, 2014 - Day 3 of Week #3
Hmmm .... no deer today! 
Gotta think of something for tomorrow to get things going ....
Thursday, November 20, 2014 - Day 4 of Week #3
We all know that in hunting, there are the fast moving days and then there are the slow moving days... yesterday was one of those slow days. 
The great thing about hunting is the anticipation ... is today one of those great days? ...
Is today the day that THE BIG ONE comes out?...
Ok ... I thought of something for today.  Mike and Randy are back after an 8 year break from coming to this camp.  When I used to give Mike a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on Thursday he would get a buck on that day! 
So..... today he is getting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!
Is it going to work? ......
Hey .... it worked ..... Mike has a deer down already this morning!
Ha ha ... I stand to be corrected ... it was NOT "Vermont Mike" with the Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich ... it was "New York Mike" that got the deer this morning ... maybe the Peanut Butter & Jelly has a "group coverage"!!!
ha ha!
But that's ok ... the day is not done yet ...
Mike - Nov 20, 2014              Roger - Nov 20, 2014
                I highly recommend Makwa River Outfitters for anyone looking for a father daughter, wife or son hunt. My daughter and I have hunted Canada for 6 years and this was the very best experience. It was the hunt of a lifetime! Not only because we both shot very nice deer but because of the experience. Kathy, Ken, Connor, Walker, Larry and Barry all made us feel like family, as well as the group of hunters. We were like one big family, everyone rooting for and helping each other. It is obvious that you are careful about the hunters you select.
                Now a little about the hunting. The first day I saw 4 different 8 pointers, the second day 2 eight pointers and the third 2 eight pointers. All wider and much higher than the ears. All will be nicer deer next year. The fourth day I saw 10 deer in 3 hours, a very nice 8 pointer and then the one I shot.
                It is difficult to put in writing the feelings as we shoot our bucks and as we leave your camp to go our separate ways. I feel like I made friends for a lifetime. The best testimonial is the repeat hunters. We booked next year.
                This is the first time I ever gained weight on a hunting trip.
                Thanks for making our hunting season a happy one
Roger Greenfield"
To Mike, Randy and Frank who are still out in the treestands:
... the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have worked for two already today!
Friday, November 21, 2014 - Day 5 of Week #3
Frank, Randy and Mike went out today into the treestands.  We had freezing rain last night (like what this all about?!!)  and the roads were bad but they are in the woods safe and sound.
Well, the P & J sandwich did not work yesterday for Vermont Mike ... but hey, its been 8 years since we did this so it might be just a bit slow acting so I'm not giving up yet ... Mike got another P & J sandwich today ... will it work today?
Ahhh... deer were seen but no deer taken today.
Saturday, November 22, 2014 - last day of Week #3
Well, that's it for this week.  Frank, Mike and Randy go home without a deer!  But they leave me still laughing from the fun that we have had.
How long, Mike, will Barry have to look for that missing "meat sandwich"?
.. Mike's hint was "think about that The Grumpy Old Men movie"!  ha ha ha!
Sunday, November 23, 2014
This is not a hunting day ... this is a day of arrival for everyone.  It is Connor's 19th birthday and what better way to celebrate it than with one of our hunters who was here the day he was born.  Dana remembers the day well ... Connor's Dad arriving with cigars and booze... and then the celebrating! 
Oh yeah ... fun for everyone 19 years ago except me!!!
That's Connor and I
Welcome to our Week #4: Morgan, Mike, Tom, Kevin, Josh, David, Dana and Dick!
Go get'em tomorrow everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2014 - Day 1 of week #4
This is Dana's 20th year and almost every year he has not made it the whole first day without taking a deer and this year he did not disappoint!
Dana has a deer!
And a beauty he is! (the deer that is .... ok ... Dana too!)
Dana - Nov 24, 2014
I'm sorry Dana, I just have to tell this story!
... Dana just had me laughing until I cried!
... As I said before, this is Dana's 20th year here and you would think that packing up and getting ready to come would have become quite a methodical and uneventful routine ... not this year!  This morning Dana is getting all suited and ... what the heck!  Dana walks out with two left boots!  HA HA HA!
Good thing the deer dropped where he shot it cause if he had to track it he would still be out there in the woods going in circles! .... OMG ... my side is sore from laughing at this professional man standing beside his nice deer with two left boots!!!
And the day is not over yet ...
Josh  - Nov 24, 2014
Mike - Nov 24, 2014
Check out those cool split brow tines!
Way to go Josh and Mike!
Tuesday, November 25, 2014 - Day 2 of Week #4
So ... Dana's son Kregg calls Dana today: "I just checked the website ... you took MY LEFT BOOT TO SASKATCHEWAN TOO?!!!"   ha ha ha!
And ... Dick has a deer too!
Dick - Nov 25, 2014
Twenty years ago Dana came hunting here for the first time.  Quickly, he became close friends with Ken and that friendship just got better and better.  Dana celebrated with Ken the day that Connor was born ... Dana and his son Kregg were here with Ken when he took his last deer on November 22, 2005 (Ken passed away a few months later in March, 2006).   This week Connor was his guide ... how special is that!  Dana you have been with us through many things ... you were with us while we were developing this business, you were here with us as Ken grew more and more weary from his cancer and then passed away, you were here when we were grieving and you watched us get our lives together and move on and you are here seeing Connor and Walker now as men. 
We have laughed together and we have cried together and I can tell you, that as I "mature", I realize that this is what its all about ... the most important things in our lives are friendship and family.
Dana ... you are more than a friend you are family! 
Dana telling us about the day that Connor was born
Connor, Walker, Dana (here 20 years), Kathy and Dick (here 18 years)
Wednesday, November 26, 2014 - Day 3 of Week #4
Quiet day out in the stands ... seeing deer but not "shooters".  Cold here ... it was -32 Celcius!
Thursday, November 27, 2014 - Day 4 of Week #4
Warmer already ... 11 degrees (now I am talking Fahrenheit). 
KEVIN HAS A DEER!... a Thanksgiving Deer!
Kevin - Nov 27/14
Now we are rooting for David, Tom and Morgan ... the day is not over yet!
The news is just in (Like... this is HOT OFF THE PRESS ...)....
Tom has a deer down and in front of him ... thats what we mean when we say "the buck stops here"!!
Tom - Nov 27/14
And ... I have another "Dana Story" .... ha ha ha!  Ok .. so I guess it was a few nights ago, Dana gets up in the middle of the night to use the toilet and then, half asleep, he stumbled back to what he thought was his bedroom ... but it was David's bedroom!   It didn't take David long to boot him out! 
Ha ha ha! ... Dana you are the star attraction this week ... we DO love you!
I don't know what I look forward to more ... seeing the deer or hearing laughter from Dick and knowing Dana did something "interesting" again!   ha ha ha!
Morgan and David came in early today. 
We will be sitting down to our Thanksgiving turkey dinner right away.

Friday, November 28, 2014 - Day 5 of Week #4
Its snowing and blowing and
Dave has a deer!
Dave - Nov 28/14
You know what is awesome about this week, besides having our longtime friends, Dana and Dick here?
  ... We have Two "family units" ... Grandchild/Father/Grandfather!
..Tom, Mike and Morgan
..Dave, Kevin and Josh
We are now cheering for one remaining hunter in the stand!
Go Morgan!
Morgan on her way out to the stand.
Oh ... hey ... I just heard:
Morgan - Nov 28/14
Morgan ... you are too much fun!
Ok .. that's the end of this week.. and it was a GREAT WEEK.
On Monday we will be following Don, Tim, Kyle, Mark, Doug, Chris, Brent and Bill!
Monday, December 1, 2014 - Day 1 of Week #5
Quiet ... very quiet so far. 
We have some very seasoned hunters here... gonna be an interesting week.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 - Day 2 of Week #5
I went into town today for some supplies and by the time I got back, the guides already had Don's deer hanging in the cooler!
Way to go Don!
Don - Dec 2/14.
Looks like no more deer for today.  So..... tomorrow will be Day 3 ... I'm thinkin' there might be some more shooting' going one tomorrow! Lets wait and see....
Wednesday, December 3, 2014 - Day 3 of Week #5
I KNEW IT!  I knew someone was going to take a deer today!
Mark has a deer!
Mark saw continuous deer from first light to dark yesterday.  He saw 11-12 different bucks including a 10 point that walked right under his stand!  He loves it here! He says that he took this deer today because of its character ... it's high and the kicker adds personality!
Mark is known to be a careful hunter and sure enough, the deer was only about 20 steps away! Good Shot Mark!
Mark - Dec 3/14
Another shot has been fired!
The deer is not in sight!
  Is it only a few feet away in dense bush or was it a miss? 
The guide is on his way ...
Oh, the suspense! ....
Tim has his deer!
Tim - Dec 3/14                       Tim and his guide, Connor

Thursday, December 4, 2014 - Day 4 of Week #5
I thought that I heard some radio crackle a while ago but after running to the radio and listening carefully, there was no further sound so I assumed it was just some sort of interference.  But then not much later, I saw the guide's truck drive in and I could see antlers sticking up!  "SOMEONE HAS A DEER! I said to Tim who was visiting with me in the kitchen. 
And then a second later,
 the guide announced "We are just arriving with Bill's deer!!!
Bill - Dec 4, 2014
Still 4 guys left for 2014 season so Doug, Chris, Kyle and Brent .. we are cheering for you!

Friday, December 5, 2014 - Day 5 of Week #5
Well, deer are being seen but not "THE DEER". 
Doug, Chris, Kyle and Brent still do not have antlers.  Doug and Chris, because they drove have already left so that they can be home in time to rest up to start their work week.  Good luck Chris with your "soon to be new life" as a Daddy! 
So ... tomorrow we will see Kyle and Brent go out for one more morning.  They will be back at noon!  Good luck guys!

Saturday, December 6, 2014 - last day of Week #5   LAST DAY OF THE 2014 SEASON!
Well that it folks ... this is the end of the season.  Only 4 bucks for the 8 hunters and I can tell you that I am a bit sad about that but as Kyle told me ... he saw deer and passed up bucks that other people would have taken.  He had a great time and loved everything about the hunt.  He is booking again for next year!

Monday, November 4, 2013.. Day 1 of Week 1
Deer season AND winter have started for us all in one day!  We always like a bit of snow for the first morning but not a full 8 - 10 inches of it!!!  And then, when they got out into the woods, there was 18 inches!.... now this is a CHALLENGE for the guides!

No deer the first day.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013   Day 2 of Week 1
The snow stopped falling.  No deer taken today but again everybody saw deer.
It has been quite an adventure out there the last couple days with the amount of snow that we have received.  Out in the woods, the snow ended up being a good 18" deep which presented all kinds of challenges.  Quads are just not built for the kind of snow and snowmobiles are not really good doing this kind of a job.  The forecast on Sunday night was just for a couple of inches of snow but that was not the case and we were taken by surprise.
Here we were the first morning:

It was only with the energy, the experience and the perserverance of the excellent guides that the hunt could go on!
Just look at us now ... we have two quads on tracks including this one:
Ain't nothin' stopping us now!
Wednesday, November 6, 2013: Day 3 of Week 1
Congratulations Jeff for getting the first deer for 2013 season
Jeff - Nov 6, 2013

Thursday November 7, 2013  -  Day 4 of week 1
On a sad note, our two friends Steve and Dave S. had to leave this morning as Steve's 85 year old Dad is not doing well.  We all wish them a safe trip and pray for strength for Steve and his family at this time.
Its a sunny day here (22 degrees F at 11 am) and I do believe that we have a deer down.  I am told that Dave V shot.... stay tuned for pictures tonight.  Rose was wrong ... she predicted that she would be the first to bag one!
And now I hear that Bob has a deer too ... that is two deer for today so far (Rose ... now your husband and your Dad have taken a deer before you!)  LOL
I tell you, this week has been a challenge with the unexpected snow fall.   I can tell you that each and every person here can be considered a "first class hunter" as they continue to adapt to the adjustments we are making to continue the hunt.  Dave, Steve, Rose, Dave, Bob, Jeff, Richard, Dean, Brad and Colan ... YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!
Dave - Nov 7, 2013                      Bob - Nov 7, 2013
Friday, November 8, 2013:  Day 5 of week 1
Colan - Nov 8, 2013
Good luck tomorrow for Dean, Richard ("Pappy"), Brad and Rose
Saturday November 9, 2013 -  Day 6 of week 1
Well ... this has to be a first!  Four people going home without a deer.  They all saw deer but nothing that caught their eye.  Pappy saw a dandy but he just wouldn't come into the bait site.  Rose ... you completely entertained us with your stories of "bonding" with the deer and naming them and then not sure if you could actually shoot at them!

Week #2
Monday November 11, 2013 Day 1 of Week 2
Here I sit, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month and contemplate how wonderful life is.  I think about all the men and women who sacrificed their lives fighting in wars that allow me this wonderful life and I am so very thankful!  I also think of all the men and women who survived the wars ... for their sacrifice was great also.  My thankfulness has no end.
Two minutes of silence to think in appreciation all past, present and future soldiers!
Ken and I had a very enjoyable afternoon visiting with Wendall.  Wendall is here with his son and his grandson and he chose just to relax for the first morning.  He is here to enjoy "family time" and getting a deer is just a bonus if it happens...  He is so proud that he started his grandson Scott hunting and now Scott is continuing the tradition by organizing this hunt.  Again and again, I am reminded that no matter where life take us, FAMILY IS STILL THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN OUR LIVES (yup, I feel a tear coming on!)
Ok ... lets talk about the deer.  There was no deer taken today but everybody was seeing deer.  Bob said:  "I've never seen so many deer ... there wasn't a second that there wasn't a deer in front of me"!
Greg has his eye on a fine buck that he hopes comes back tomorrow!
I think that it going to be a good day tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013  Day 2 of Week 2
Well look what Greg is taking home!
Greg - Nov 12, 2013
Awesome deer Greg!
Greg said on FaceBook: "Another great week Kathy! Thanks again and can't say how much I enjoy Barry, Larry, and Mike."

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - Day 3 or Week 2
BEAUTIFUL DAY today ... 36 degrees F at noon.
Ok .... Bob and Scott Sr have taken deer. Watch for pictures tonight.
And here they are:
Bob - Nov 13, 2013                 Scott Sr - Nov 13, 2013
Wouldn't you know it!  Bob said that shortly after he took this deer a BIGGER deer came it!! ... that's hunting!
And Wendall... now he has got some stories!  And a lot of them are certainly not repeatable! LOL!  He has been entertaining all of us!  He didn't go out hunting on Monday .... he didn't go out hunting Tuesday .... he didn't go hunting this morning!  Then this afternoon, he decided that he had given everyone enough of a headstart!  Two hours later he was done ... the perfect head shot!!!  LOL ... Good for you Wendall!
Wendall - Nov 13, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013 Day 4 or week 2
Brian - Nov 14, 2013       Walter-Nov 14, 2013
Brian watched this deer fighting with another deer before he pulled the trigger.

Friday, November 15, 2013 Day 5 of Week 2
Well Phil, Scott Jr and Luke are out hunting ... good luck guys!
To all of you, I have a message from Michele who was not able to come for 2013.  She writes:
"Good luck to everyone for a great hunt this week.  You are staying with a top notch hunting outfitter!  The guides are tremendous and the hostess is great.  We've always had a great trip to Makwa River Outfitters.  Enjoy yourselves.  I'm jealous sitting here in CT.  Wanting to be there!  Next year! Ha... Good luck hunters, your friend, Michele"
Scott Jr - November 15, 2013
The friendly banter around the kitchen table tonight was that Scott Sr had the biggest rack this time "But not if I would have missed yesterday's deer!" said Scott Jr!  And that reminded Barry that there was a "shirt-tail ceremony" that yet had to be performed!!  ha ha!  All in fun!!!
Ok Phil and Luke ... you guys are the last ones out there yet ... good luck for tomorrow.  Phil, Luke Walter and Brian drove all the way from PA and they have a trailer that they are towing that they plan on filling with venison.  Walter and Brian have done their part!  So ... go Luke an Phil Go!!!
Hmmmmm...... two deer live to see another day because Phil and Luke did not end up taking deer.  Man .... its being a tough season!  That means its GOTTA be a great week next week!

Monday November 18, 2013 Day 1 of Week #3
Ok ... this week is now going to be called "MAINE-IAC WEEK".  7 out of the 9 hunters are from the state of Maine and that is only one small reason they are called "maine-iacs!" ... you can figure out the other reasons!    Sorry Dale and Brad (the ones NOT from Maine) ... you are just going to have to put up with having too much fun this week!!!  :)
Holy Moly ... the radio is crackling ... someone has a deer down ... is it antlers we are going to see tonight or is it going to be a tee-shirt on the wall?  I love the suspense!
And the excitement builds .... ANOTHER DEER DOWN ... that's two so far today!.... I LOVE IT!
Soooo .... I can confirm that Mike W is one of the guys taking a deer home!  Waiting for confirmation on deer #2 ... just not wanting to embarrass anyone .... yet!! LOL!
Confirmation of deer #2 -  it belongs to Mark!
And the day just keeps getting better!
We have a deer #3!
Everett claims the third deer of the day!
Now that's what I'm talkin' about!!!  This is what hunting in Saskatchewan is about!
Mark-Nov 18/13                         Mike-Nov 18/13                     Everett-Nov 18/13
  That's some pretty handsome bucks guys!
Tuesday, November 19, 2013 Day 2 of Week #3
And we got another dump of snow today ... who ever wished for some snow for the deer season please take it back already! LOL
Ha ha ha !  Just check out these pictures of the guys from tonight!
Larry and Chris   
  Dale and Larry
Shawn and Barry   
Ha ha ha ... too funny! 
Now quit playing in the snow boys and go get some deer in the morning!

Wednesday November 20, 2013  Day 3 of week #3
About 4:00 pm ... a shot has been fired but the deer is not in sight.  The guides won't be there for at least a 1/2 hour.... we want to give that deer time!  The hunter won't know for at least a 1/2 hour if his shot was true... the suspense is high!  Stay tuned.....
And ...... WE GOT HIM!!!!  Congratulations Chris!
Chris-Nov 20/13

Thursday, November 21, 2013 - Day 4 of Week #3
We've got the snow and we've got the cold ... the conditions are set!
Yup.... two shots taken!
Here is deer #1
Brad - Nov 21/13
Oops ... I guess there was only one deer!
Hmmm.... Brad takes a deer to put on the wall, but we have Mike's tee-shirt on our wall!  LOL!
In the shop ... skinning Brad's deer
Brad said something that will touch the heart of many: 
" As I sat in my tree stand for 9 hours each day I had time to reflect on the greatness of hunting and was reminded that the deer itself is not what we are after...."
Now I think that each and every hunter out there, upon reading that sentence will nod his/her head in complete agreement!  Well said Brad!
Friday, November 22, 2013 Day 5 of Week #3
Looks like Dale is coming in with a deer!  12 pointer with some nice character!
Dale-Nov 22/13
And ... Shawn comes in with the second deer for the day!
Shawn-Nov 22/13
Saturday, November 23, 2013 Day 6 of Week #3 
Alright ... Ryan and Mike left to go.  Good Luck guys!
Now lets do a head count around the table........ yup, everyone is here... Ryan is here on time for supper tonight!!!  Ha ha ... just had to get one more "dig" in on you for this year Ryan!!
Hey everyone ... that's Connor ... 18 years old today!  I am soooooo proud of him!
Well... this IS a tough year!  Ryan and Mike go home with no deer ... but Mike HAS "left his mark on the wall" so to speak with his tee-shirt!  Ha ha ... you guys are truly all too much fun and I miss the steady excitement level at the kitchen table already!
Monday, November 25, 2013 - Day 1 of Week #4
This is a week that we always look forward to .... seeing Dana, Dick and Gerry each year is like welcoming family at Thanksgiving!  This is Dana's 18th year here, Dick's 16th year and Gerry's 14th year.  Dana was here the year that Connor was born and that makes it extra special! 
Connor sharing his second birthday cake with Dana, Dick, Gerry, Freeman, John, Ryan and Jason
No deer today but there is going to be another shirt tail on "The Wall of Shame" ... we did have a "miss"!  LOL!
The deer are moving...Mike tells me that within 5 minutes of his guide leaving this morning there were deer coming in and they continued to come in all day.  What fun!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 - Day 2 of Week #4
The news is in! .... Jason has a deer!
Jason - Nov 26, 2013
Jason had an exciting day yesterday ... he saw at least 7 bucks and today was even more exciting!  He saw two wolves go by, he saw the excitement that the wolves cause with the deer and then he saw this buck!

Wednesday November 27, 2013 Day 3 of week #4
Lots of deer being seen.
We have a deer down!  Its Dana!  Yay!!  And the second deer of the day comes from Gerry. Great Job guys!
Dana-Nov 27/13                     Gerry - Nov 27/13
Dana said: "Thanks is not enough.  You and your team are the greatest.  I will be coming next year, my 20th and for many years."
Thursday November 28, 2013 Day 4 of Week #4
And what a great Thanksgiving this is going to be .... Dick, John and Mike have deer so far!
Dick - Nov 28/13
Dick says:  "I f*ked up (pardon the language!)!  This is a nice deer but there is a MUCH BIGGER one there!!!"  Ha ha !  Yup!  Thats hunting!!
Dick also said: "Kathy!!  Just another great trip.  You and your men are just the greatest.  I just love you ALL, see you next year."
***** CELEBRITY ALERT!!!!*****
People at the Edmonton Airport were lined up to get Dick's autograph!  They thought that he was from Duck Dynasty!!!! .... really!!!
John - Nov 28/13
John told me:  "I have hunted A LOT.  This isn't a big deer and that's ok but THIS IS THE MOST FUN I HAVE EVER HAD!!"
Mike - Nov 28/13
Mike was still pumped when he got back to the camp ... he had seen so many deer this week and his buck is great.  He said:  "I CAN'T come in 2014 but here is my deposit for 2015!"
When Mike arrived here on Sunday night for his very first hunt with us, he needed some repair for his glasses and so he wanted to know the directions to the Makwa Walmart !!! ... for all of you that have been here, I know that you will laugh as hard as I did!  For all of you that have not been here, to get the humour of that comment you have to know that we are pretty remote ... we are so remote that the closest Walmart is more than 100 miles away!  ..... and the village of Makwa has less than 100 people residing in it!   Ha ha ha ... thank you Mike for that "belly laugh"!!! ha ha ha!  So ... Mike said that I should post a picture on my website showing a Walmart store with a sign saying "opening in Makwa in 2015"!!! Ha ha ha!  Too funny.. what a sense of humour you have, Mike!

Friday, November 29, 2013 - Day 5 of Week #4
Freeman - Nov 29/13
Freeman said: "Thanks for all that your group has done to make our stay at your place so great.  Food was fantastic and the atmosphere was just super."


Ryan - Nov 30/13
Ryan goes home with some good advise from Gerry about the benefits of sleeping on his back (so what if that causes excessive snoring!).
(I can hear the laughter all the way from Vermont and New York!!!)
All of you that were here this week will roar with laughter on that one and those of you that were not here .... sorry but I will NEVER give that one up!  ha ha ha!
Another awesome week with such dear, dear old friends and such wonderful new friends.  I truly had a tear in my eye as each vehicle pulled away.
One more week to go!
We welcome Amos, John, Gary, Bob, Mel, Aaron and Brent!
Lets bring in "the big bucks" this week guys!
Monday, December 2, 2013 Day 1 of Week #5
Yay Week #5!  Its before noon and John has a deer!  Pictures will follow this evening.
Hey ... hold on!  There was another shot now .. this afternoon! 
Will there be another deer coming in or will we be hanging a shirt-tail?  ha ha!
Mel tells us its down and dead in front of him!  Way to go guys!
Barry is out looking for deer #2 yet so we wait anxiously for the results on that one! (I can almost hear "mystery theatre music" in the back ground!!!!)
And... we  got it! ... It is Bob's deer!
But ... we also have a shirt-tail .... Amos made a clean miss ... no blood, no hair.  If its going to be a miss, then its good that its clean! .... Guaranteed that Amos won't make mistake again!
Here are the pictures:
Mel - Dec 2/13                           Bob - Dec 2/13

   John - Dec 2/13
So.... Good luck for tomorrow for Gary, Amos, Brent and Aaron!
By the way ... Brent saw a wide 15 pointer with a split brow tine and a drop tine!  And he let it walk away!
Tuesday, November 3, 2013 - Day 2 of Week #5
Deer were seen ... no deer taken
Wednesday, November 4, 2013 - Day 3 of Week #5
Here is Amos earning his Spot Of Honor on the Wall of Shame for Monday's miss:
Ha ha ... too much fun!
I hear that Amos has shot again today .... will it be a deer or a another shirt-tail?
Amos .... the wall is getting pretty full, so lets make sure its a deer!!! ha ha ha!
And ..... its a deer!
Amos - Dec 4/13
Thursday, December 5, 2013 Day 4 of week #5
For two days Brent watched a 15 pointer with a split tine and a small drop tine and then 3 1/2 miles away Aaron takes this one!  We can't be certain that it is the one Brent passed up but there can't be two completely unique deer out there .... can there be???!!
What a beauty this deer is ... It has 15 points on a 4x4 frame with a bunch of junk ... we are all green with envy on this one!
Way to go Aaron!
I stand to be corrected, my guide, Larry tells me that this is a 16 point buck!!!
Aaron - Dec 5/13
And... the second deer of the day goes to Gary!
Gary - Dec 5/13
Ok ... one guy left for the 2013 season!
Brent, we are all rooting for you!
Friday, Dec 6, 2013 - Day 5 of week #5
Brent is seeing deer but he is here for "THE BIG ONE" and if he doesn't see him this year then he has no problem going home without a deer and trying here again next year.  Well Brent ... like I said before, we are still all rooting for you!
Saturday December 7, 2013 - Day 6 of Week #5
Well here we are folks the last day of our hunting season.  Brent is still out there this morning and I don't know yet how he is doing.  He is a great hunter.  He passed up Aaron's 16 pointer with ease.  He knows what he is looking for and if he sees it he will not have any problems pulling the trigger but if he doesn't see it, he knows that he has another opportunity next year.
Well .... Brent is going home without a deer but he already has his deposit down for his 2014 hunt so we don't have to ask if he enjoyed himself.  He says that he has a GREAT WIFE ... she bought this hunt for him as a gift (wow!) BUT .... he could have concentrated a lot more on hunting if she would not have sent him a picture of herself on her Mexico trip in her bikini!!!!
Ha ha ha!  Brent ... you have just left 5 minutes ago and we miss you already!
Well... this ends our 2013 deer season!  We enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new friends.  It was an unusual year for us.  The snow made things difficult.  The antler size was down but the body size was up.  But one thing stayed the same .... WE LOVE HUNTING SEASON!
Brent was the last to leave and that was only 5 minutes ago and I already miss everyone.  The VHF radio is silent .... my kitchen is quiet and there is no dessert in the fridge.  My two dogs have vacated their spot on the steps of the lodge because they too know that nobody is there.  All I can think of is......
......Its only 328 days until the 2014 rifle deer season begins!!!

This was our 2012 season:
Week #1
First morning and WE HAVE A DEER DOWN! 
Its "show time" ladies and gentlemen!  I just know its going to be a great season!  
Here is our first deer for 2012!
Randy- Nov 4, 2012
Randy's first deer hunt with us was in 2003 when he came with his brother Doc.

Monday, November 5, 2012 (Day 2) ... I have just been informed that there is a deer down!  I love hunting season!  Hey .... just a minute I think that we might have TWO DEER DOWN!  Mmmhhmmmm ... thats what I'm talkin' about!!
And here they are, our two bucks for day 2 of week 1:
Rusty - Nov 5/12                         Doc - Nov 5/12
       Doc's first deer hunt with us was in 1999!
Notice the drop tine on Doc's deer and the picture doesn't really show it but there is some interesting "junk" from the base of the main beam -  awesome deer!
              And Doc saw a much bigger buck not long after this one went down!!!
We had one clean miss at an awesome buck in addition to these two harvested bucks.  (I won't mention who because "What happens in Makwa ... stays in Makwa)!!!  Ha ha! ...
All is good and so far we have some very happy hunters!
Everyone has seen a lot of deer this week already.
We will see tomorrow if Terry, Treyce, Ryan, George or Kevin will be seeing "the one".

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 ... Day 3.  A quiet day today.  There were deer but no "shooters"!   That might mean that tomorrow will be an awesome day.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 ... Day 4.  .... Not a quiet day for Treyce ... he has an awesome deer already this morning!  (pictures to come tonight). .... And Doc is still talking about the bigger deer that he saw after he shot!  ha ha ha ... but he is sure that he would have still take.
And.... Treyce's brother Ryan took a deer too!  Awesome!!
Treyce - Nov 7/12                   Ryan - Nov 7/12
What is really cool is that Treyce and Ryan are brothers and they took their deer on the same day! 
Randy (who took the first deer of the season on Nov 4th is their Grandfather and you bet, HE IS PROUD). 
We are now cheering for their Dad, Terry ... he is still going to be hunting tomorrow.
And ... while we are on the "family topic", Doc (who took his deer on Nov 5th is these boys Great Uncle) ... can you tell that I absolutely love a family that hunts together!!!  What great memories are being made this week!
So ... down to Terry, Kevin and George.  Kevin saw a buck standing off in the trees watching him today... and thats exactly what the BIG BUCKS do! .... maybe tomorrow!

Thursday, November 8, 2012 - Day 5 of week 1: 
I just found out that Terry has his deer already this morning (his guide just barely dropped him off and the buck came in!)!  A good beginning to what should be a really good day!   The deer that Terry took is one of the deer that are on the trail camera pictures on our Facebook pages
and Ryan says that "it looks even bigger than in the trail camera picture!"
The news is in .... Kevin has a deer down too!
My son Connor took the day off from school today too to go sit in his own stand.  He has two dandy bucks at his site and he has seen them on his trail camera.  He was having a hard time deciding which one he prefers and sort of decided that which ever one shows up first, he will take.  The first morning of our season just minutes into legal shooting time, you wouldn't believe it but BOTH OF THEM WALK IN TOGETHER AND STAND 10 YARDS AWAY ... BROADSIDE!!!  So when he got home and told me this ... I waited anxiously for the rest of the story.  "So which one did you take?"  I asked.  ""Neither" he said.  "It was just the first few minutes of the first day of hunting season, Mom ... what would I do for the rest of the season?!!!"
Ha ha ha!
And..... George has his deer too!  What an awesome week!  8 deer for 8 hunters!  Way to go guys!
Rusty said:  "Sitting in a treestand here is AMAZING!  You would think that it would be hard to sit there for so many hours but the hours just fly by watching all of the activity and action ... and thats what its all about .. "the action" and knowing that any minute "the Big One" might step out!  I was wondering why I was getting hungry and when I looked at my watch I was really surprized that it was 12:30 .. the time really went fast!"
Terry - Nov 8/12
And I LOVE when this happens ... a father and son take their deer on the same day!!
Kevin - Nov 8/12             George - Nov 8/12


Sunday, November 11,2012 (Day 1 of Week 2).  Its Remembrance Day in Canada and Veteran's Day in the USA.  We honour and thank whole heartedly all the veterans of the past, present and future.  Without their dedication, their service and their sacrifice, the world would be a different place!
Well ... its going to be another great week ... we have another "first day of the week" buck! 
Scot - Nov 11/12

Monday, November 12, 2012 - Day 2 of Week #2:
It is a chilly 20 degree F evening!  Everyone is happy to have the enclosed and heated treestands!
Ok ... I just got the news ... TWO DEER COMING IN TONITE!!  One for David and one for Carlton!  Yahoo!
David - Nov 12/12                 Carlton - Nov 12/12
Ok ... we have Tim, Walter, Philip and Luke left to go .. good luck tomorrow guys!
Tuesday, November 13, 2012:  Day 3 of week 2:
Tim's got a deer already this morning!  And its a dandy!!!
Tim - Nov 13/12
Good luck to Luke, Philip and Walter!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - Day 4 of week#2
Holy Cow!  Check out Walter's awesome white tail buck!
Good job Walter!!
Walter - Nov 14, 2012
See if you can top this one Luke and Philip!

Thursday, November 15, 2012 - Day 5 of Week 2
Philip saw "a taker" yesterday but just was not able to bring it home... sometimes it happens (the big deer are smart!)!  Good luck tomorrow to both Philip and Luke!

Friday, November 16, 2012 - Day 6 of week 2
We are all rooting for Philip and Luke this morning!  Walter is rubbing it in to them about his awesome buck that he took on Wednesday!  ha ha ha! 
Ok  ... news just in .. Philip took a deer.  I don't know any other details at this point.
And .. hang on to your horses because I hear Luke has a deer too!
Another 100% week!  Well done guys!
Philip - Nov 16/12             Luke - Nov 16/12
Luke calls this his "last 5 minute deer" as it came out when he only had 5 minutes left to hunt! 

A BIG BOY has been here!  Only a big white tail buck would leave a rub like this!  Keep watching to see what develops from this! ... its been a great season and it will continue to be a great season!
Sunday, November 18, 2012 - Day 1 of Week #3:
Ed takes the first deer of the week!
Ed - Nov 18, 2012
Every one saw LOTS of action all day today ... lots of bucks, some of which were mighty tempting! 

Monday, November 19, 2012 - Day 2 of Week #3:
Its 15 degrees F this morning.  Jack, Michele, Mark, Bob, Dale and Eric are off to what we know will be
With all the action yesterday, I am thinking we will have at least one deer coming in today (I know that Michele was
pretty excited about one of the bucks she saw yesterday!
Ok ... just found out ... Eric has a deer down!... And Bob ..... And Michele!
Its a three whitetail deer day!
No .... wait ..... and Jack has a deer and so does Dale!
ITS A FIVE WHITE TAIL DEER DAY!!! ...   now that's excitement!! ... and its only day 2!
Eric - Nov 19/12  
Eric says:  "This was way above my expectations!  Guaranteed good time!"

When Eric got home, he e-mailed us the following message:
Hello Kathy. Just wanted to say thanks again for such a fantastic week. Really enjoyed getting to know you and Connor as well as the rest of the guys. The hunting was unbelievable but the people I met were even better. I only got to meet Barry and Larry for 5 days but I honestly have to say that I kinda miss them! A very,very special place and you should be extremely proud of what you and the guys have going up there. Thanks again!
Thanks Eric ... we miss you too!

     Bob - Nov 19/12

There was LOTS OF ACTION at everyone's stand today!!  Deer were everywhere!
SHE'S BACK!!  We Love this girl!  Way to go Michele!
Michele - Nov 19/12
Michele watched this buck fight with an even bigger buck for a long time today!  She did not get an opportunity on the bigger one and this one is a great choice too!
And ... its another "FAMILY MOMENT" ... Michele and her Dad Jack (shown below) took a deer on the same day!
Now thats making memories!
Jack - Nov 19/12
Jack says he doesn't want to smile here ... he was supposed to take "the other deer" which was LOTS bigger!  There was a ton of action around Jack's stand today and he was waiting for the opportunity on an awesome buck.  It walked out of sight and when this one went running past, Jack thought it was the big buck and shot.  But ... Jack this one is great too! 
Jack is 84 years old and he has more energy than most 30 year olds and he is a great marksman... he made a tremendous shot on this buck today!  Way to go Jack!
  Dale - Nov 19/12
Dale says " Great place here!  I'll keep coming back!  I tell everyone -  Come once and you'll be hooked!"
That leaves only Mark out there hunting and he's got some nice days left!
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - Day 3 of week 3
And Mark finishes the week on Day 3 with his deer!  Wow ... that was incredible!
Mark - Nov 20/12
Nice Deer Mark ... you certainly have "bragging rights" on this one!
This is certainly a very early finish for a week!
And ... just a note - we are still at 100% harvest!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012:  The guides, Barry and Larry are off baiting to keep those awesome deer coming for the next two groups.
I just got an e-mail message from Rusty (November 5th deer):    "Thanks again for the best time of my hunting life.  I have told everyone “It’s like you have died and gone to Hunter’s Heaven.”
Well, Rusty, I gotta tell you - we really enjoyed your company!  My son, Connor, told me to tell you that he is still after those big bucks that are coming to his stand but they have so far been outsmarting him (they are the great bucks that he saw the very first morning but he didn't want to take them  "because what would he do for the rest of the season"!  ha ha ... yup, how many of us have said that only to have an empty meat freezer for the rest of the year!!). 
"But" ... he says .... "there is a gigantic scrape there that could only be made by "A BIG BRUTE"!"  ...

By the way, my son Connor is now 17 years old!  How do they grow up so quickly?!!
And, also, by the way ...  Connor took a moose this week (last year was his first moose and now this is his second). 
It is a 2 1/2 year old bull which is Good Eating!
Connor - Nov 24, 2012
As you can see, we have just a bit too much fun here!  Thats Connor and Dick kidding around!  This is Dick's 17th year hunting with us so he has watched Connor grow up!

Sunday, November 25, 2012  Day 1 of Week 4
Yup we have another first day buck:
Dana - Nov 25/12
Dana said that when he read on the website that Jack from last week had watched a BIG BUCK that left his sight and then mistakenly shot a smaller deer that came in thinking it was the same buck and Dana wondered how that could possibly happen.  Today he found out!  Dana was watching a tremendous 10 pointer but it did not give him an opportunity for a shot.  The buck was after a hot doe and they both ran out of sight.  The buck, returned and Dana shot!  Dana called the guides saying "I shot a BIG 10 pointer".  When they went to look at the buck, Dana could not believe his eyes ... it was NOT the buck that he thought he had shot!   It was a nice buck but not "THE BIG BUCK"!  And then, to make matters worse ... Dana looked towards the bait pile and there HE was calmly eating (probably giggling to himself about "the crazy hunter" !! ... ha ha ha!).  Next year Dana, you will taking him home for sure!
Everyone saw deer.  As a matter of fact Dana said "It was like a zoo!  There were deer everywhere!" 
Good luck tomorrow to Dick, Gerry, Scott and Darren!

Monday, November 26, 2012 - Day 2 of Week #4:
Alright!!! ...  Darren and Scott both have a deer!  Excellent!!
Darren - Nov 26/12                     Scott - Nov 26/12

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - Day 3 of Week #4:
Gerry - Nov 27, 2012
It is a good year and next year is going to be even better because there are a LOT of nice bucks that need just one more year!  ... Dick who is still hunting tomorrow has been coming to our camp for 16 years and he has never seen so many NICE deer.  He saw AT LEAST 50 different deer today and about 60 - 65% of them were bucks.  He said that he took the safety off twice but decided that he wanted to keep hunting for a couple more days!
Check out the deer rub ... check out all the tracks!  Awesome!

Wednesday, November 18, 2012 - Day 4 of Week #4
Dick - Nov 28/12
Dick tells me that this is "the best hunting he has ever had!"
Dick's deer is the last one for this week and we are still at 100% success rate with everyone taking home a deer!   
A W E S O M E ! ! !
Week #5 starts on Sunday with Doug, Chris, Steven, Gary, Bob and Dave! ... Check in again on Sunday!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012 - Day 1 of Week#5
And Gary has our first day of the week buck!
We have an "All Michigan" crew this week! ... its NOT a quiet week ... Dave, Doug, Steve and Chris are our "Old Timers" and they are showing
the "new guys" Bob and Gary just how much fun a hunt with Makwa River Outfitters can be!
Gary-Dec 2, 2012

Monday December 3, 2012 - Day 2 of Week #5
Bob told me : "This is the BEST DAY OF HUNTING I HAVE EVER HAD!"  Bob saw 30 different bucks!
No deer today ... but I DO have a picture to share:
No need to explain this picture to anyone who has hunted with us!  ha ha ha!
He called it  "operator error"  ha ha ha
We are all thinking there WILL BE DEER DOWN TOMORROW so stay tuned!

Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012 - Day 3 of Week 5
Everyone seeing deer but nothing taken ... GOTTA BE SOMETHING TOMORROW!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - Day 4 of Week #5:
I am sitting close to the radio thinking anytime now I will be hearing the crackle of someone announcing that they have a deer!
ok ... I hear someone saying that there IS A DEER DOWN!   And ... here is Bob's deer!
Bob - Dec 5/12
Thursday, Dec 6, 2012 - Day 5 of Week #5
10:15am ... Doug has a deer down!
More news:  Steve has a deer down!
Even better news:  Now Chris has shot too!
Incredible... here is a Dad and his two sons getting deer on the same day!  Woohoo .. it is a fine day!
Doug - Dec 6/12                                Steve - Dec 6/12                                   Chris - Dec 6/12
                                                                                                                   Check out the rub in this picture!
There is only one hunter left and that is Dave ... Good luck Dave!
Not that there is any pressure, Dave ... but we have up to this date, 100% success rate! ...


Friday, November 7, 2012 - Day 6 of Week #5 ... this is the last day of our Whitetail deer hunting season!
Ahhhh!  ... Dave did not take a deer home this year!  Dave has been hunting with us since 2003.  He passed up many deer including those in the 150 - 160 class.  He saw at least 30 different decent bucks but he knew exactly what he came here for this year and if "he" didn't show up, then Dave had no problem in going home empty handed! He has rebooked for next year already!
It was an awesome 2012 season everyone!  We had a GREAT TIME with old friends and forming new friendships.  Thank you to everyone for the laughs, the stories AND THE FUN!
Have a great Holiday season and see you all in 2013!
-Kathy, Connor, Barry, Larry, Allan, Ted and Holly

continue scrolling down to see more trophies from past years!

Week #1
Yahoo ... the first deer of the season is down ... don't know who yet!  This is always such an exciting moment!!   As soon as everyone comes in to camp and when I get the pictures downloaded (which, sorry but will sometimes after supper), I will post the pictures!   ...oh just wait ... we are getting a message in right now .... its not just one deer ... ITS THREE DEER DOWN!!  Danny, Pat and Bob are coming in with deer! You gotta know that I LOVE this time of the year!
And here they are (and they are GOOD LOOKING DEER!)(and they ARE GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE TOO!!!):
Bob-Nov 1/11                           Pat-Nov 1/11
Bob saw a much bigger deer at his site too!

  Danny-Nov 1/11

Kenny and Hank (Hank took the first buck of the season last year) will be going out tomorrow morning.  They have been seeing bucks but not "the right ones" yet!  Maybe tomorrow.......!
November 2, 2011 - Kenny and Hank had a quiet day.  Deer were coming in but nothing that tempted them.  After school, my son Connor took Danny (who took his deer yesterday) out to                                sit with him in his stand and it was quiet there too.
Hank-Nov 4/11
Just Kenny going out Saturday morning.  Good luck Kenny!
Kenny - Nov 5/11
GOOD JOB EVERYONE in week #1!  Five deer for five hunters

November 7, 2011 - First day of week #2.  Its a frosty morning.... 16 degrees F.  Breakfast at 5:30 ... on their way by 6am.  Excitement in the air! Have fun Guys!
John - Nov 7/11
A very nice 10 pointer!

November 8, 2011:  Morning starts early here in camp.  Kathy is up before 4:30am to make breakfast.  This morning it was pancakes and bacon ... yummy!  Breakfast is served in the lodge at 5:30.  There is a flurry of activity as the guides get the quads out of the shop and loaded onto the trailers (the bait has been loaded, the vehicles have been fueled up and any maintenance work has been done the night before).  The hunters make sure they have their guns, their ammo, their licences, their lunches and their radios and they go to the vehicles of their designated guides.
Barry, Larry and Walker get the quads out of the shop where they have been kept warm over night and loaded onto trailers.
Walker does a last minute hitch adjustment while the hunters all get their gear together
Larry makes sure that everything is in place and hunters are ready to go
Everyone gets into the trucks with their assigned guides
6:00am and everyone is on their way!  Its a bit warmer this morning with a temperature of 20 degrees F.
Everyone saw deer yesterday and several seen "shooters" but held back only because it was the first day.  I suspect the guides will be skinning tonight!  Good Luck and have fun Dale, Mike, Rick, Ben, Rick Jr, Bob, Greg, Ed and Jasper.  John will be taking his deer this morning to get it cut up (and he will probably get sausages and jerky made too). 
Greg - Nov 8/11

November 9, 2011
Yup ... I knew it was gonna be a good day!  Two deer down before lunch!  And what is even better is that it is a father and his son .. Rick and Ben!
Ben - Nov 9/11                     Rick - Nov 9/11
Rick saw 15 different bucks today.  At one time there were four nice 10 pointers at the baitsite at the same time ... incredible!

Nov 10/11 - This day is off to another good start! .... I just heard that Bob took a deer!  I can hardly wait to see it.
Another message  ... Ed has a deer! 
Hey ... its not done yet .... Dale has a deer too!!
Its another three deer day!  Can life get any better?!!
Bob-Nov 10/11                              Ed-Nov 10/11     

Dale-Nov 10/11

November 11, 2011   Rememberance Day in Canada and Veteran's Day in USA.  We DO remember all who hve sacrificed everything for our freedom ... God Bless Their Souls.  We DO honor all who have served or are serving in both Canada's and USA's armed Forces ... God Bless You All! 
It is a warmer day today (warmer than seasonably normal) with a temperature of 30 degrees F this morning at 6am.  At 11 am it is 35 degrees F. 
Rick, Mike and Jasper are in their treestands ... good luck guys!
Hmmm... a quiet day out on the stands and there are no deer today.  Its starting to snow lightly and maybe this has them just a a bit spooked. Jasper is leaving some of his shirt-tail behind on our "Wall of Shame" with a miss but maybe he can "recoup his honor" tomorrow!  ... ha ha ha ... Jasper you are such a good sport!

November 12, 2011
Like Jasper, who is on his way out this morning to the treestand said ... "TODAY IS THE DAY!"  Good luck Jasper, Rick and Mike!
We have snow today but temperature is still mild .. 30 degrees F at 10am. 
Jasper Nov 12/11            Rick - Nov 12/11
You are right Jasper ... TODAY WAS THE DAY!
Mike went home without a deer.  This was Mike's fourth year hunting with us.  He knows what potential there is here and he is in no hurry to pull the trigger on a deer that wasn't bigger or more unique than what he has already taken.  Mike is a great sportman and great friend and we WILL be  seeing him next year and I doubt that he will go home empty handed in 2012!
Week #3
November 14, 2011 - everyone saw deer today ..... lots of does and lots of "next year bucks" and everyone knows that at any moment the "big buck" might walk in.
November 15, 2011 - day two of week#3 ... I have a report that we have one deer down this morning ... great!
HOLY MOLY!!.. WHAT A DAY ...!! ... I thought that there was only one deer down but its only just noon and there is not just one deer down .... there are four deer down!
Ray, Clair, Craig and Jeff all have deer and there is the rest of the day to go yet!  Yahoo .. this is SWEET!!
Clair - Nov 15/11                             Craig - Nov 15/11    
   Clair and Craig are our "father/son" team of this week (John, below, is Clair's son-in-law).  It is so awesome that all three of them took their deer on the same day!
John Nov 15/11
This is the SECOND YEAR here that John has taken his birthday on his Dad's Birthday!.... I would call that John's Lucky Day!
"Happy 81st Birthday Dad!"
Ray - Nov 15/11
Ray was last here in 1996/1997 and it is REALLY GREAT TO SEE HIM AGAIN!
         Jeff - Nov 15/11
This deer has some incredible genetics ... take a closer look at the drop tine and the unique splits!  He is a young deer and we can only drool at the idea of what he would have looked like in a couple years!  We look forward to seeing his bucks off-spring in the future.  He is truly a beautiful deer .. Good job Jeff!  !
It was Trent's birthday this week
Larry & Walker skinning                     Barry caping 

  Our walk-in-cooler has "a few" deer
November 16, 2011 .... Psssst .... just a hint ... there is a deer down this morning! .... its Mike!
And ... Patrick took one too! 
Mike - Nov 16/11                Patrick - Nov 16/11
That leaves Frank, Dave and Trent (Trent saw a VERY nice buck yesterday ... will it come back?)

November 17, 2011 - 10 degrees F this morning.  Good luck to Frank, Dave and Trent who are out hunting this morning.  There is a storm moving in this afternoon and I wonder what this will do with the deer activity.
Trent - Nov 17, 2011
Walker & Barry measuring the antlers            Connor & Larry adding up the scores   

    Frank, Ray, Mike & Dave

November 18, 2011
Its 20 degrees F this morning.  Good luck Dave and Frank!    One of Dave's friends e-mailed to us this morning a message that read "smoke a monster today!"!!  Ha ha !  I like that!
No deer taken today ... Dave and Frank will go out tomorrow.

November 19, 2011 - its 3 degress F this morning .... brrrrrr!
And ... the news is in!  DAVE AND FRANK BOTH GOT THEIR DEER!
     David - Nov 19/11              Frank - Nov 19/11
There we go Folks ... 10 for 10!
So far we have taken 24 deer for 25 hunters ... pretty good, I would say!
Stay tuned for Monday when we will be seeing Dana, Dick, Dennis, Norman, David, Larry, Todd, Jeff, James & Darren

Week #4
Monday, November 21, 2011:  6:30 am.  It is -6 degrees F here this morning.  The forecast is that it will get to +12 degrees F this afternoon and then it is supposed to get to +38 tomorrow afternoon (that is warm for this time of year here).  Everyone has had their breakfast and are just getting into the trucks to go out to their stands.  GOOD LUCK TODAY GUYS!
Its a great start ... Darren and Todd have deer down!  Woohoo!!  This is great.  Darren has a 11 pointer but I don't know what Todd has yet!
Darren - Nov 21/11        Todd - Nov 21
Darren is a writer for the publication Successful Hunter and he will be doing a story about his experiences with our camp.  We look forward to reading it Darren!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 ... no deer today but we do have another shirt-tail on the wall (all you hunters that have been here know what I am talking about!).  It was a clean miss ... no blood, no hair so all is well.  Because there was no deer taken today, I suspect that tomorrow will see a lot of action ... tune in tomorrow for the news!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 ....  Great news!  Jeff has a deer down!  (Jeff , by the way, has an awesome wife .... yesterday was his wedding anniversary.  He was here hunting and she was at home!  .... wow!)
Jeff - Nov 23/11
It is Connor's 16th Birthday ... what a milestone!  I think we all remember our 16th birthdays ... finally able to drive .... finally able to hunt on his own!  A VERY important day!
Thursday, November 24, 2011:
YIPPEE ... DANA IS BRINGING IN A DEER!!  This is especially exciting to us because Dana is here for his 17th year to hunt!  He is a very special friend to all of us here.... no I stand to be corrected on that because he is more than just a special friend, he is like family!! 
Dana - November 24, 2011
Dana is so pleased because he took this deer from the stand that his son, Kregg's stand.  We will see you next year Kregg!  Its been too long since you were here!
Because Dana has been here for 17 years he has seen a lot of change.  17 years ago Walker was only 2 years old and now Walker is his guide and that is a special moment.  Dana recalls Walker's father with fond memories (and of course, for all of you that knew Kenny there were a LOT of funny, crazy memories too!!) and is very touched to be guided by his son, Walker! 
And ...  a second deer for the day is down!  .. Jim just radioed in saying that he has a deer down!
Jim - November 24, 2011
This beauty has 14 points!

Friday, November 25, 2011 - the weather continues to be very mild with a temperature of 30 degrees F.  The guys are all out in their stands and it will be a good day!
I knew it was going to be a good day!
Dennis has a deer!
Larry has a deer!
Dick has a deer!
Dave has a deer!
Ok ... lets see... dats one and anoder and anoder and anoder (ha ha) ... that another four deer day! 
Dennis-Nov 25/11                           Larry-Nov 25/11    

     Dave-Nov 25/11
Dick-Nov 25/11
Dick has been coming to our camp for FIFTEEN YEARS!  Fifteen years .... lets put that into perspective ... fifteen years ago, Walker who is now your guide was only 4 years old.  Fifteen years ago, Connor was only 1 year old.  Fifteen years ago I was ... I was ... well, I was fifteen years younger!  And, of course, fifteen years ago, Kenny was here.  Dick came here fifteen years ago and immediately Kenny and Dick bonded.  They joked and kidded and I just shook my head at the antics that they performed, trying to outdo each other!  Dick along with Dana became wonderful friends as well as the best clients anyone could ever dream of.  Walker and Connor, when they were little were always asking "when are Dick and Dana coming?"...  I tell you Dick and Dana that your status was right up there with Santa and the Easter Bunny!  And on the day that you guys were arriving there were THREE noses pressed against the window waiting for your arrival .. there was a little nose that belonged to Connor, there was a bit bigger nose that belonged to Walker and then there was a big nose that belonged to Kenny ... All three "little boys" could hardly wait until you arrived!
A lot has changed in 15 years.  Our camp grew and expanded and kept improving and Dick you, along with Dana, witnessed it all!  We are so proud to call you "FRIEND"!  In appreciation for  the 15 years, we offer to Dick 15% discount on his hunts with us.  After 20 years we will offer a 20% discount.
We love you Dick!!
 Connor, Walker, Dick and Kathy                             Walker, Barry, Dick and Larry

Connor, Walker, Dana, Dick and Kathy                 Walker, Dana, Barry, Dick and Larry
Yahoo!  Norm is coming in with a deer!  I haven't seen it yet but I hear that its a 10 pointer!
Norm-Nov 26/11
That makes 10 deer for 10 hunters this week!
Good job everyone!

Here is our first deer for the 5th week:
Kirk - Nov 28/11

November 30, 2011:  Sorry everyone, I had to go out of town all day yesterday and that is why there was no up-date.
Mark's wife, Carla sent a poem (note: it is her birthday today).
The "Rack"
All the little reindeers playing on the land.    
Look all around Mark ... they're underneath your stand!!!
You left us all alone, on a Holiday.   
So you could travel to Canada, sit alone and play!!
Alone in a chair so high in a sky
With nothing but cold air and a piece of pumpkin pie!!
So make my birthday the best one ever
Mr Saskatchewan Deer, don't be so clever!!
If you don't come home with the Biggest rack,
I'm afraid to say Mark, you'll be sent right back!!
We need the 15th Trophy, to complete the look
Our 'YOU' will be stuffed and hung on the hook!!
From the lonely wife in Louisiana spending her birthday alone again!!
Just bring home the "RACK"!!!!
Good one Carla!!!
Ok Mark ... Just get 'er done!!
And he did it!!! ... Yup, Mark took a deer !!!
Mark saw bigger deer but this was the deer he wanted because of its unique antlers.  Every antler had something unique about it ... the picture does not do it justice.  Way to go Mark!
And then Carla sent me a wonderful message that I wanted to share with you all.  This is from "a wife left at home"!
            Just wanted to drop in on you an tell you how much I appreciate you allowing my husband, Mark, to come to such a well grounded, top notch establishment !!!
            Words canot explain him gearing up every year getting ready to come up there.  And not to mention ..... It's all he thinks and talks about before leaving.  But then when he gets there it thrills me to no end to talk to him while he's there an decribing to me "what's happening" this year there.  And the excitement in his voice once "he gets 'er done" is nothing I can ever explain the feeling, of knowing he has acomplished what he has set out to do.  And that he is in his "Glory", ......... ....second to being by my side.
           He travels, Alone, all the way from the Swamps of Louisiana to your piece of "Heaven" as he calls it !!!  And when travel time comes, he doesn't look back because he knows what you have to "Offer" on that end, time after time !!!!  That means alot to someone who plans an saves all year for that "SPECIAL RACK" for their Walls.
           I want to "THANK YOU" from the bottom of my Heart for allowing my husband, my WORLD the opportunity to have the Utmost Satisfaction of Knowing he will be so pleased with whatever you have year after year.  It helps to let him go for the Long journey ALONE !!!!  Mark has a passion for Hunting & Fishing an does them both Very Well. He is a Very Special Man in his own way. A Wonderful, Husband, Father, Son, Son-in-Law, Uncle an Nephew.  He Rocks every Life that he touches. he's just a well-rounded Good Ole Redneck !!!!!!  lol
           Again "Thank You" for all that you have an do to make this experience all it can be for him.
Carla Witte
Well said Carla!  Thank you! ... we LOVE having Mark here!  And someday, we hope to see you hunting here as well!  ...-Kathy
December 1, 2011 - Today is Mike's birthday and as he went out this morning we all wished him special luck today and it worked because MIKE HAS A DEER!  That makes a very special day for him!!  Here is Mike and his BIRTHDAY DEER!
Mike - Dec 1/11

DECEMBER 2, 2011- The temperature here is still stupid!  Its 35 degrees F this morning!  It should be something like 0 - 3 degrees F!  And in addition to that we are supposed to be getting winds today ... this is not good for Dave, Leo, Doug and Steve who are still out there hunting.  The deer do NOT like wind and the big bucks do not like mild weather!  Good luck guys!
Doug-Dec 2/11                  Leo-Dec 2/11

December 3, 2011
Dave and Steve are going home without a deer this year.
Out of 42 hunters we took 39 deer ... my math skills are poor but I think thats 93% ... that's good!
Next year we shoot for 100%!
Next year we shoot for some Monster Bucks!
Join us!
We are ending this season with a celebration!  Leo isn't going to be here for his birthday on the 5th but we wanted to share his special day with him today instead.  Happy Birthday Leo!
Leo said that he has never seen so many deer as he has seen here!
Wait till next year Leo .. its going to be even better!
Some of our 2011 trail camera pictures:
October 26, 2011 .. Of course I'm a proud mom ... that is Connor with his FIRST MOOSE that he took this morning!  (I know that I didn't have to put it on this website ... but I just couldn't help brag! 
Connor sets up his own bait site, sets up his trail camera and gets pictures of this nice buck but doesn't bring him home!  .... that's hunting!

2010 Deer Season:
November 1, 2010 ... ITS HERE!  Deer season has started at last!   Stay tuned because I know that Danny, Kenny, Hank, Mike and Cliff are going to have some excitement this week!
Everyone saw a lot of deer today. Kenny has probably seen the most... about 50 does and about 15 bucks, the biggest being a 9 pointer.  Cliff saw 2 moose, about 30 does and about 12 bucks!  Nothing wrong with this for an opening day!  I wonder what tomorrow will bring!
November 2, 2010  37degrees F this morning at 5:30am with a light rain (rain?... we never get rain in November!!).  At 3:00 pm it is sunny and 45 degrees. .. what happened to our good cold weather? 
No deer down today.  Kenny saw 4 moose today in addition to the deer!  These pictures come from his camera
Ok ... I guess I will liven things up a little by bragging about my 18 year old son, Walker. He took a nice buck at the end of last week in local season.  It has a "pickle tine" (thats what the taxidermist called it!) that grows horizonally across the top of his head ... the picture doesn't show it but it is pretty unique.  Another proud moment in a Mother's life!!  As you can guess, my younger son, Connor will be trying really hard to beat this one (just a bit of "brother rivalry")!  And ... no fear guys  ... my boys are not taking out "the best deer" away from you!  ... My sons do not hunt in the area that we take our guests ... they have to go out in different territory, find their own tree-stand location, do their own baiting (how else do they learn true hunting technique if they don't learn from their own mistakes like all the rest of us did!)
Walker, 2010 White tail deer
And here it is ...  the first deer of the season ... congratulations Hank!!
Hank - Nov 3/10 White tail deer
Wow ... what a nice deer ... scored 168 3/8!
Everyone still seeing deer .. Mike saw 12 different bucks ... !
Mike - Nov 4/10 Whitetail deer
Cliff - Nov 5/10         Kenny - Nov 5/10
Danny unfortunately did not get his deer.  Although he saw many deer, the "right one" just didn't come in but he will be back next year with Kenny and Hank and he will be bringing one more person too!   Danny expressed that he doesn't need to take just any deer, he will wait patiently for only the trophy deer.  In the mean time he enjoys the whole experience here.
What a great week!  Mike, Cliff, Danny, Kenny and Hank are not only great sportsmen but they are so much fun!  Thanks guys for making my week.  And all of you have rebooked for next year and I am already looking forward to deer season 2011 and this one isn't even over with yet!!
Week #2
Day one ... Holy Cow! ... check these three deer out!!
Jim - Nov 8/10 White tail deer
Brandon - Nov 8/10 White tail deer
Jason - Nov 8/10  look how unique these antler are!  Awesome!  I just had to add a second picture of Jason's deer! 
A message to Dennis, who is Jason's Father-in-law from Kathy:   "See what you are missing by not being here!! ha ha ha!".  Dennis has been hunting with us for several years but chose not to come this year but I need to tell you, we always enjoy his company.
Good job Jim, Brandon and Jason ..  THREE INCREDIBLE BUCKS!  And... all on the first day!  Everyone saw deer today and Shane saw a 10 pointer but decided not to take him only because it was the first day.  Question is .... will it come back!!
Day two of week#2 and we have two more buck!!  Yahoo!
Ed - Nov 9/10         Fred - Nov 9/10
Shane - Nov 10/10 White tail deer
Jasper did not get his deer this week. Although he saw many deer, he was aiming for something specific and had no desire to compromise.  He knows the potential here and left his deposit for next years hunt before he left!
You may notice that I might not be as up-to-date on my website as I usually am.  Please bear with me 80 year old father had a heart attack on Wednesday morning and was air-ambulanced to a Saskatoon hospital.  I have been spending time with him there for the last couple days.  He continues to be in serious condition.  We are hoping that he will be able to undergo bypass surgery on Monday but there are serious concerns as his heart is weak (all three arteries have several blockages), his kidneys are not functioning well, he has fluid in his lungs and now it looks like he is developing pneumonia. Up until now he has been very strong and healthy and this has come to a complete shock to us.  He had been looking forward to making deer sausage and jerky with my son Connor next week.  My husband, Ken in the meantime, has taken over the culinary department (cookin' and cleanin") (he has been promoted from "Master Potatoe Peeler) and he is doing an INCREDIBLE JOB!!  Tonight for example he barbequed pork tenderloin and basted it with his homemade sauce that had everyone asking for more (not one morsel was left over and Connor almost licked the plate clean!!) And his dessert of Blueberry Crisp tonight .... well all I can say is "YUMMY!!" I just might have to take a back seat from now on and let him keep up the good work!!
deer rub ... wow ... that is one Big deer doing this!!
Week #3:
John - Nov 15/10 White tail deer
And.. on day two we brought in four ... yes I said FOUR white tail deer ... now thats what I'm talkin' about!!!
Steve -Nov 16/10          Craig - Nov 16/10          Dale -Nov 16/10   

        Adam - Nov 16/10
WOW!!  Aren't they Brutes!!
Ok, Clair, Jim, Todd and Danny ... Match that!!!
The excitement around the kitchen table tonight is very obvious!!
Good job guys.
 Todd -Nov 18/10          Clair -Nov 18/10         Jim -Nov 18/10
This has been another incredible week!  What makes this week even more spectacular is that we have it on film and it will be aired on Sportsman's channel sometime in the near future.  I will post the dates and times on the website as soon as I find them out.  I will also send out e-mails to those that I have e-mail addresses.  If anyone else wants to be added to my list, please let me know at k.dopko@sasktel.netI will confirm receipt of your address upon getting it.
Week #4
Oh Crap ... don't anyone mention that "c" word around me!  That "c" word that I am talking about is "computers"!  If you noticed that I haven't posted anything lately it because I COULDN'T!!.  Ever since Saturday afternoon, I have been trying every trick in the book and talking to every "expert" that I thought could help me and finally after the last one gave up he mentioned something about a video.... "a video?" I thought to myself ... well I had tried to upload a video from Steve who had gotten a really big deer on film but I thought I was not successful!  So I started really digging and there it was but it wasn't showing up anywhere and at the same time causing a really big issue on my website!  So ... FINALLY... I have it solved!  At the same time
Take a look what we took on November 23rd:
Doug - Nov 23/10                         Cecil - Nov 23/10                                   Dana - Nov 23/10
By the way... it was Connor's 15th birthday today!
And then two more deer on the 24th:
Gerry - Nov 24/10                           Steve - Nov 24/10
And then Russ's deer on the 25th:
Russ-Nov 25/10
November 26/10 ... Two deer down today... Chris and Dick (Dick just let us know a few minutes ago so pictures won't be in until later but here is Chris's picture:
Chris - Nov 26/10
and here is this week's last deer:
Dick - Nov 26/10
Talk about choices! .. Dick had no less than seven 8 point bucks in his sights today!
I'd call this a "good week"! 
here is a quick look at what goes on in our deer processing area
Our last week of the season (can it really be our LAST WEEK?) starts on Monday.  Good Lord willing, the creek don't rise and my computer doesn't explode again, and I will be showing you another 9 deer next week!
We always have so much fun with all of our friends here and it all adds to our fun when friends at home join in.  For example, this is the e-mail that I received and read during Sunday's supper:
"Please tell those hunters you have this week from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that we are witing to see their photos on line.  We don't want to put any pressure on you or them but you should know that none of them can shoot past 50 yards.  Make sure that you have them in blinds where the shooting will be close so they have a chance.  WISH WE WERE THERE TOO!! .. from Ken"
You can imagine the peels of laughter that this e-mail created ... way to go Ken!!
This week's group, being the last week of the season are certainly going to put the icing on the cake for us here.  It was only the first evening and the hunt has not yet begun but our sides are all sore from all the laughing!  Just one of the funny parts of this evenings meal was the bantering between Jack and Ken.  Here you see that Ken served everyone a generous helping of his Blueberry Crisp with icecream but to Jack he served one tiny blueberry and a miniscule amount of icecream!  The look on Jack's face was priceless and we all laughed until we almost cried!!
see at the bottom is everyone else portion size and you can see that there is only one berry in Jack's bowl ... LOL!!  But like Steve said "Just wait because Jack is reloading" and we know that Ken is going to get it back!!
In the morning Jack, Mark H, Michele, Mark W, Dave, Grant, Steve, Mike and Tracy are going out into our great Saskatchewan wilderness and see nature at its rawest ... and hopefully we are going to see some really grand deer!  Good luck to all of you!
Day one:
It was a good day ... everyone saw deer.  Mark W saw a deer that caught his attention and if it comes around tomorrow, we will probably see the picture on this site.  And then there is Michele!... she saw an awesome deer but it was going so fast through the opening that she couldn't complete the count but she knows that it was either a 10 pointer or a 12 pointer!  Unfortunately, he did not stop and he did not return ... yet!!
Michele - be ready tomorrow cause that sounds like one sweet deer!! 
Ha ha ... another e-mail:
"Pay attention to that Steve guy.  He is blind in one eye and can't see out the other :-D
from His Brother Mike"
And here is another great e-mail (this one from a wonderful wife at home)
"Dear BIG Whitetail Deer in Saskatchewan Canada Woods,
Please step out today so My husband Mark can kill you, on My Birthday !!!  This would be the most AWESOME birthday Present, Not to mention You would be a NICE addition to the 13 (other unlucky ones) that are already on our walls.  Gotta Luv my Hunter !!!  Driving all the way to Canada an Freezing his butt off to get you !!!  Not to mention this is a Lonely Birthday without him, all your fault...............  I Love You Sweetie, Have a Great Time !!!  And Get her DONE !!!!!
Yours Truly Carla "
Mark .. this woman is a incredible!!
"Happy Birthday Carla" ... from Mark. 
Way to go Tracy:
Tracy - Nov 30/10
The e-mails just keep getting better and better ... here is a real good one:
"Kathy, just thought you should know the company you keep is shady.  David owns a cheating race car and thats how he pays for his trip.  Hope they're behaving for you, however I have serious doubts.  And if my dad shoots a rabbit it will be twice the size of any deer he's ever got!  If you would like to keep them an extra week or two thats fine too.  We'll send a check tomorrrow.  Thanks - Dan Autore
p.s  just joking hope they're having fun and hope to see lots of big deer pictures soon.
Ha ha ... good one Dan!!
December 1 ... three deer today!
Mike - Dec 1/10
This is his "Birthday 10 point Buck" because it is his birthday today!
Mike ALWAYS had bucks in front of him from morning to night every day so the excitement level was always high for him.
Michele - Dec 1/10
Michele saw an even bigger deer that this but he did not stop long enough for her to get a shot at him
Mark - Dec 1/10
Mark was eating his sandwich and drinking his soda when two big bucks came into the bait (isn't that how is always happens!!!.. ha ha ha!).  He quickly put down his lunch, picked up his gun and put his aim on the bigger one only to find that his scope had fogged up while he was "chowing down" (What the Heck??!!) !!  He very slowly took a cloth to wipe the scope and the biggest deer spooked off.  Mark, knowing that the bigger buck just might never come back,  made a quick decision and took the smaller of the two!  .. if you ask us, it wasn't too much of a sacrifice as this one is MAGNIFICENT.  Mark will be back next year waiting for the BIG ONE that ran away!!!
We had birthday cake for Mike and a gift of a "spare gun" that every good hunter should have! (we threw in spare shells and "special glasses" too!)  Ha ha .. what fun!!
Steve commented that he had a "straight" at his stand.  He had a 2,3,4,5,6,7 on his bait pile.  For a while he had two bucks in front of him, for a while he had three bucks buck in front of him, for a while he had four bucks ..... !  Ha ha ... that's good Steve!  ... then the next day he came back to camp with this awesome buck!
Steve - Dec 2/10
And ... this deer IS bigger than a rabbit, Dan (see the e-mail above from Steve's son where he said:
"if my dad shoots a rabbit it will be twice the size of any deer he's ever got! ... just joking!") 
Good job Steve!
Everyone is seeing LOTS of deer everyday ... this is an incredible experience for all!
Mark-Dec 3/10              David-Dec 3/10             Jack-Dec 3/10
Grant went home without a deer this year by his own choice.
This is not the deer that he has been watching and hoping to get but .. THATS HUNTING! (don't we all know that story!! ha ha ha)
And that concludes our 2010 white tail deer season. Its going to be lonely here without all the excitement going on!
Contact us for your 2011 reservation:
or toll free phone 1-866-236-3056
2009 Deer Season:
The first buck of the season is brought home!  Congratulations Bob!
Bob - Nov 3/09
This was a good day: 
Mike-Nov 6/09                             Grant-Nov 6/09  

      Brian-Nov 6/09
Grant's comment tonight:  "I have never had an experience this before!  It's crazy!!  There's deer everywhere!!!"
Grant and Brian both saw much bigger deer during the week (especially Grant ... but that's a story of its own! ... like we're talking about a 170-180 class deer here !!) but held out for the chance of seeing "a bigger monster buck" .... that's hunting!
Dave has been hunting here since 2003.  He passed up 150 class deer because he chose to.  He is going home without a deer this year but he'll be back he says!
Mike's comment: "This is the one time that the advertising is understated.  Makwa River Outfitters delivers more than it promises!"  Mike is booked again for next year .. same time!
My son, Connor just came back tonight from his own mule deer hunting trip to Southern Saskatchewan with friend Quinton and this was his trophy .. pretty nice, eh!
We are so excited! The father and daughter hunting team took the first two deer of the week ... great job Jack and Michelle!
Jack - Nov 9, 2009                            Michelle Nov 10, 2009

We just had to add this picture of Michelle ... this is a gal who appreciates her complete hunt! 

Dale- Nov 12, 2009          Murray - Nov 12, 2009
We just had so much fun tonite!  Mike's birthday ... the "Big 5 oh!" is on Saturday but we couldn't wait to celebrate it with him!
One of the first things to go as we age is eyesight .. Mike needed a new pair of glasses for his birthday!! 
Happy Birthday Mike .. you are a good sport!
And .... good thing that Mike wore his glasses out on the treestand the next morning because look what he brought home:
Good job Mike - November 13, 2009!
It was also a good day for the two Marks!
Mark - Nov 13, 2009                 Mark- Nov 13, 2009
Holy Cow !!!  Four deer today!!! 
The first one was taken only 13 minutes  into shooting time .. these boys mean business!
Art - Nov 16/09            John - Nov 16/09
And then there was our father/son hunting team ... they took their deer on the same day!  What an awesome day for them!!
Amos and Nevin - Nov 16/09                      Nevin - Nov 16/09 

   Amos - Nov 16/09
Amos's deer, when shot, ran into three trees before it dropped.  It hit one tree so hard that it actually broke about 3 inches off of the tip of the main beam!   Thats a lot of force!
Here is Bob's story:  "I could hear footsteps off to the side but couldn't see anything through the trees and then I could see a foot ..... and then I could see a nose ...... and then I could see a G-2 and it was about
8 - 10 inches long ... and then he was gone!  My heart was beating fast!"
You bet that Bob will be watching for him tomorrow!
Woody-Nov 17/09                     Ken-Nov 17/09
Anyone who has been here before knows exactly why this guy is allowed to wear a T-shirt like this in Kathy's house ... lets just say he had to "earn the right"!!!
Bob's Wednesday story:  "I could hear a buck walking towards me ... he came through the woods like a freight train.  He stopped 50 yards away ... broadside ...!  But the trees were too thick and I just couldn't get a look at the antlers!  He stood there for a minute and then he was gone!"
Sounds like a big buck is in Bob's stand again!  The anticipation is high!!
Johnny T - Nov 19/09                       Bob - Nov 20/09
Those "Big Bucks" that were haunting Bob's will live another day!

Dana - Nov 23/09

Chris - Nov 24/09

Doug Nov 25/09                         Steve-Nov 25/09
What a proud moment for us and for Doug as he and his two son Chris and Steve all took nice bucks!  Congratulations guys!!  This father/two sons hunting team will be back next year!
Mike - Nov 25/09           Dave - Nov 25/09

Gerry - Nov 26/09

We are celebrating Dana this week.  He has been coming to this camp for FIFTEEN YEARS!  What a wonderful friend he has been over the years ... he has watched our camp grow and improve every year .... he has watched Walker and Connor grow (as a matter of fact when he came the first year Walker was only 2 years old and then the second year that he was here, he was here the day that Connor was born).  He was such a wonderful friend to Ken and was here the week that Ken took his last buck (four months later Ken lost his battle to cancer).  At our supper table we always have a bottle of Bailey's and that is a tradition that Dana started with us many, many years ago ... and it is a tradition worth keeping!!  Thank you Dana!  Now his dream is some day to be hunting here with his son and his three little grandsons and we can hardly wait for that day!!!  In appreciation for Dana's loyalty we presented him with a 15 year Loyalty Award and are rewarding him with a 15% discount every year until his 20th year and then will give him a 20% discount.  We really love you Dana ... you are such a special friend!!
We truly appreciate Dick and Gerry too!  Dick has been coming to our camp for 13 years and Gerry has been coming for 12 years!  These guys, along with Dana, are family to us!  When they are in camp we reminisce, we roar with laughter and we've been known to share a tear or two, all in the spirit of friendship.  Over the years Dick and Ken would always tease each other and try to outdo each other with one trickery or another.  This week, on the first day that he was here Dick told us that Ken won again this week (?!!)... apparently he went to visit Ken's gravesite on Sunday and while he was there he walked a ways off the beaten path and fell into a hole and went "ass over tea kettle" (his quote)!!!. He swears that he heard Ken's chuckle from somewhere!  Dick ... don't change .. we love you just the way you are.  And Gerry... you were there with Ken on that very special day when he took his last buck in November, 2005 ...   You couldn't believe how early you took your buck that year but later you realized that it was meant to be because then you could spend time with Ken... you told him that for so many years he had been your guide and now it was your turn to be his guide ... you helped him sight in his gun (which was way off) and then you witnessed him make his last perfect shot!  I hope you realize what an important moment that was to a dying man!
Dana, Dick and Gerry .... Walker, Connor and I have no end of appreciation for the three of you!

Dick - Nov 27/09
Its noon on Saturday and Sean is the only hunter still out there .. looks like he is going home without a  deer.  OH WAIT!!!  I hear him on the radio ... he says that he just shot but he doesn't see the deer !  Oh my, the apprehension is high now!!  Keep tune guys! 
Deer wins, Sean loses!
There is one more shirt-tail on our wall!
On Thursday there were 4 GREAT deer taken ... Awesome job guys!:
Perry - Dec 3/09                 Mike - Dec 3/09

Mark - Dec 3/09                 Chris - Dec 3/09
This is a story about a boy name Chris
From Deer Isle Maine, that said he couldn't miss
He went to Canada with his new boots
And bragged he could hit anything that he shoots!
His friends Shawn, Mike and Ryan claimed if he didn't shoot Monday there would be lots of crying.
On Monday night Connor and Walker were sad to see that
Chris had not tagged out and boy was Chris mad
On Tuesday when Bevan saw him put on his camo
He knew Chris would surely need a lot of ammo
When Larry saw him put on his white
He knew that he would be tracking deep into the night
Poor Barry was scared with the lack of Chris's shirts
That the airlines wouldn't let his naked body on the plane without Kathy's skirts
Ken and hunters in the lodge hope he drives in the blue Chevy and not the white 4 door Dodge!
And ... thank you guys, who wish to remain anonymous but whose initials are PJ and CJ and LH (think about a guide on his day off for the last one .. LOL!)  for the three new contributions to the Wall of Shame ... I will soon need a new additon to my shop just for those "shirt trophies"!!  Anyone who has hunted here before knows exactly what I mean!!!  LOL!!
Scott-Dec 4/09
Connor has such a passion for hunting ... this year he set his own stand, did his own baiting and even set up a trail camera on his own (so what it one of those "important moments when Dick came and "posed" for the then absent Connor that the camera was set up wrong and was pointing straight down at the ground!!!).  But tonight he came come his reward ... a nice buck!
Ok .. time for me to be a "proud Momma" again.
Connor - Dec 4/09
Thanks Ken, Perry, Chris and Mike for helping Connor find his deer.  Connor shot not long before the end of legal shooting time and because it was a cloudy night, it got dark quickly.  The deer had gone only about 30 yards as it was shot through both lungs but it was snowing and the snow quickly camoflaged it .. the antlers were dug into the dirt so they couldn't see them and the guys, using flashlights initially walked right past it thinking it was a big boulder.  Once it was found Connor phoned me on his cell phone telling me he found the deer!  I asked him what it looked like and his first comment was "Its smaller than I thought it was" ... how many times have us hunters all said that same line!!!!  I thought that it was a really tiny deer by what he said and I started with the "that's all right Son, there is always next year" line that us Mom's use but he quickly jumped in saying ... "No Mom... it might be smaller than I thought it was but I'm very happy with it!"
And the last deer of the 2009 season is Ryan's!  Nice Buck!
Ryan - Dec 5/09
The season has just finished today, everyone has gone home and we miss you all already!!
-Kathy, Ken, Walker, Connor, Barry, Bevan, Larry and Ted!
Walker took a buck too .. a real beauty too!
He missed school today, just to get in his last chance and he was successful!!
Walker - Dec 7/09
2008 season:
Our 2008 season started great!  The first morning was rainy and gloomy but what a day!!  Dan saw somewhere between 25 and 30 different deer but he is in no rush, after all its only the first day!

    Patrick - Nov 3, 2008      Fernando - Nov 3, 2008
And... Fernando saw a bigger deer than this one but one side was broken off quite badly!
Day 2 ... another incredible day with two more deer being taken!!
Derek - Nov 4, 2008              Dennis - Nov 4, 2008
Things slowed down for a day or two here. 
Mike - Nov 7, 2008                  Louis - Nov 7, 2008
Dan - Nov 8, 2008
Note the awesome unusual antlers on this deer!  There is a "unicorn type" antler growing just over his eyebrow ... can you see it on the right hand side of the picture?  Dan passed up bigger bucks just so he could go home with this unique antler formation!
The first day of Week #2 ends up being incredible.... 4 deer!!!
Jim - Nov 10, 2008       Doug - Nov 10, 2008
Jeff - Nov 10, 2008                  Dale - Nov 10, 2008
Doug - Nov 11, 2008 (Doug saw probably 12-13 different deer today)

JJ - Nov 13, 2008

Scott - Nov 14, 2008

This is the deer that Ray took on a previous hunt.  He held out until the last minute waiting for a bigger one but it didn't happen...   Ray saw the most deer ... he states that on one day he saw over a hundred different deer!  ---  keep in mind that those included does (what better bait than does) but he just didn't pull the trigger this year! Maybe next year Ray!
Because of all of the nice deer taken this week there was an unspoken (and fun) competition to get "the biggest"!
Week #3 begins just fine ....
Day one brings us one deer ...
John - Nov 17/08
Day 2 brings us two deer ....
Bob - Nov 18, 2008      Daniel - Nov 18, 2008

Jack - Nov 19, 2008
Jack passed up a 12 pointer on the first day and then passed up dueling 10 pointers on the second day and today he saw "the big one" ... he was mighty nice!   He carefully took aim but before he could pull the trigger the deer left the site.  He was so dissappointed but then he saw a movement back at the bait site and excitedly lined up his gun on the deer and shot .... BUT ... when he looked more carefully it was not the "big deer" ... a smaller buck had wondered back!  Oh Jack ... thats the way of hunting ... and every hunter has a similar tale to tell ... don't we!!!

Mark - Nov 20, 2008

Mike - Nov 21, 2008           Mark Nov 21, 2008
Week #4 started out with no deer being taken on Monday or Tuesday but deer were seen.  Elaine tells us that Monday was the best day of hunting that she has ever had in her whole life!!  ... she saw 16-17 different bucks ... but hey, its only Monday and she just didn't want to shoot!
Check out these brutes!
Steve - Nov 26/08            Russ - Nov 26/08

Elaine - Nov 27/08           Mark - Nov 28/08

Frank - Nov 29, 2008
Week #5:  Another incredible Monday hunt ... 3 beautiful deer ... !
Here is one:
Don took the first one of the day and it was an INCREDIBLE deer .... look at the mass ... look at the points .... look at the two drop tines ..... truly a GREAT deer!!  Scored 209 2/8!!!! - Dec 1/08
And here are the other two deer for Dec 1/08
Jeff - Dec 1/08         John - Dec 1/08
Second day of Week#5 is looking good too ...
Jay - Dec 2/08        Tim - Dec 2/08
Wednesday gives us two more deer:
John - Dec 3/08
And ... everyone look what Connor took this year (we put him into a stand that really did not have much activity in it ... after all, he is only 13 years old and the Outfitter's son so he should really get the "scrub deer", right?)  Well, he was only in the stand for 15 minutes and he just couldn't hold himself back from this one (is there any hunter out there that could blame him!). 
When he saw the drop tine, he said he couldn't breathe for two minutes!!!
I think EVERYONE out there can relate to that feeling!!!
Connor - Dec 3/08 ... we won't be able to erase that smile from his face for weeks!!!

Danny - Dec 5/08

Dec 5/08   Happy 83rd Birthday John!

Happy crew on Dec 5/08!
And here he is .... the last deer of the year .....
Tom - Dec 6/08
It was a GREAT YEAR!  Congratulations to all of our hunters.
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