We provide all the bedding, towels, toilet paper, kleenex tissues, shampoo, soap, food, beverages (except alcohol), and thermoses for your coffee.
The tree stands are in place and there are tripods set up so that you can set up your camera or video camera.
Each stand has a VHF radio so that you will constantly be in touch with your guides and your hunting friends - you know that you will want to BRAG as soon as you bring down that BIG ONE!
You need to bring:
Firearm - we recommend nothing less than .270 caliber (and just remember  that .2 and under is illegal)
Ammunition - recommend minimum of 150 grain ballistic tip
Hunting clothing.  It is mandatory by law to wear a vest of white, scarlet, bright yellow or  blaze orange with a hat that must any one of these colors except white.    If you are hunting during our rifle only season, even if you chose to hunt a muzzleloader you must still adhere to these colors.    We also suggest some warm clothing. Although the tree stands are heated, the ride into and out from the stands will be cold.  As we are traveling during the coldest parts of the day (early morning and evenings), we suggest that you bring the warmest boots you can buy, coat and hood, toque, gloves, face  mask and neck warmer.  .  When you are considering which boots to bring, look for the warmest boots possible.  If you get cold it will be your feet that cold.  You don't have to worry about footwear for hiking because you will not need to do any walking but the warmth is the most important.  Also bring chemical hand/foot warmers would be a GREAT IDEA!
Camp clothes - this can be completely up to you.  You may want to bring a light jacket/coat as the lodge that you sleep in is a separate building from the building that you eat in and also separate from the building were we will be preparing your trophy although they are not too far apart).  Please bring camp slippers that you can easily slip on and off as we ask that you not wear boots in the lodge where you will be sleeping and Kathy will absolutely not let you wear outer footwear in the house where you will be  eating
Personal hygiene items - toothpaste, toothbrush, shaving gear, etc
You may want to bring a plastic container to urinate into while in the stand
Your camera or video camera (and sufficient supply of batteries or battery charger ... it is difficult if not impossible to purchase some chargers because every camera seems to need a different kind and the stores don't carry many kinds)
We have cell phone coverage here so you may wish to bring your cell phone but it will be expensive.  You may also use our phone to call home for no charge.
We suggest that you bring along a sport bag or duffel bag or something along that line to bring your meat/antlers home in.  A soft side insulated bag/cooler is the best.
Cash for extras - post cards, beer, etc.  We recommend that you bring some Canadian cash along with you (or credit/debit card) for meals etc enroute.  If you use your US money at Canadian restaurants or stores, you may not get the fair exchange (not because someone is trying to cheat you but because the local clerks just would not know the exchange rate).  Kathy goes into  town regularly during the week and she can exchange your money at the Credit Union if you run short
Your passport ... and make sure it is up-to-date.  Without a current passport you will NOT BE ABLE TO COME TO CANADA.  If you have a criminal record (this includes Driving Under Influence), you may not be allowed to come into Canada.  If this is the case, contact a Canadian Consulate and apply for an exemption but give yourself a lot of time prior to your trip as this may take some time to complete
If you did not pre-register your Non-Resident Firearm Declaration form, bring it with you completed but not signed (you must sign his in the presence of the Customs Officer) For more information on this form see "Forms" on this site
We strongly recommend obtaining travel insurance in case of a need for a cancellation etc.  A client of ours that does a lot of hunting trips has used Travelguard and  AIG and finds them to be very good.
Packing hints:
       - Make sure guns are unloaded and securely locked
       - Pack rifles, shotguns and ammunition separately in checked baggage
       - Store ammunition securely in a marked container, separate from the firearm.  Passengers are permitted up to 5 kilograms (11 lbs) of ammunition
       - Securely wrap knives and pack in checked baggage.
       - Bear sprays and animal repellents are prohibited in both carry-on and checked luggage but during deer season, the bears should be in hibernation so you have no need for any of this.
       - Declare your firearms and ammunition at the air carrier check-in counter
       - For more information regarding firearms you may contact the Canada Firearms Center at 1-800-731-4000
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