First of all, here is what is new with us:
2.  See our trail camera white tail deer pictures on Facebook
3.  Call now to get in on the 2016 and/or 2017 whitetail deer hunt action!  Call quickly ... 2016 is booking fast!
phone: 1-866-236-3056
5. We are on YouTube with a white tail deer hunt video!
or toll free phone 1-866-236-3056
We did not do bear hunts in 2013, 2014, or 2016 ... just giving everyone (including the bear) a rest.  We are currently monitoring the bear and just might set up again for 2017!


Welcome to our website!  If you are looking for a Saskatchewan deer hunt ... you found the place! 
Makwa River Outfitters Ltd  located in Saskatchewan, Canada provides exciting guided trophy hunts for WHITETAIL DEER and BLACK BEAR.  We provide these hunts in a relaxing family setting but we throw in a lot of fun!!  These hunts are QUALITY HUNTS that are challenging but we make it easy for anyone, of all ages, to enjoy.
We have exciting COLOR PHASE BEAR that come in cinnamon, blonde and chocolate.     This is, of course, in addition to the basic black bear.  But the "basic black bear" can come in some wonderful variations as well ... he might have a star emblazed on his chest, or he may have a blonde nose.  The color phase bear also have some dynamic variations too - it is all truly amazing! This is a great bear hunt!
In Saskatchewan, our whitetail deer come big - in antler size as well as body!  They are truly an amazing animal and are a charm to watch and study!  And..... when that TROPHY WHITE TAIL BUCK steps into your sights, it truly takes your breath away! This is a deer hunt that you will remember for years to come!
Female hunters are very much encouraged to come!  You will enjoy everything about our camp!
Oh ... and fun .... did we mention that we have FUN.....
For further information, read on or contact us:
Makwa River Outfitters Ltd
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Phone toll free:  1-866-236-3056
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