Deer hunting stories .... bear hunting stories .... wolf sightings .... I love to hear about them all!  Let me share some of the things that I have heard!
One of my sweetest childhood memories is sitting around the kitchen table at my parents house and listening to hunting stories from my Dad and his friends.  I heard them over and over and still hear them from my father, even though he has been forced to give up hunting now that he is 80, and each time it is like the first time hearing it and I feel the excitement and the thrill.  I am familiar with the endings but still look forward to the whole story again.  My Dad is not a famous person and neither are the people who come to hunt in my camp. They are just people with a passion for the outdoors and for the hunt
Everyone has a story and I just want to pass on some of that excitement.  I want to tell the stories that you won’t get a chance to hear around my Saskatchewan kitchen table after the hunt this year … come next year and you will hear them yourself or better yet, you will tell your own story! …  Making “the shot”, important as  it is, is just  part of the hunt—without sharing the story, the moment disappears and is meaningless....  sharing the stories makes the memories last and keeps us all wanting more.  Can you think of anything better  than comradelier, laughter and fun ?  That is the atmosphere we create.
So far, I only have Don's buck story as well as what can happen in one day during the bear season (a story with Ricky, Mike and Danny.  I plan to keep adding to this section each year. 
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-Kathy Dopko-Esler - Makwa River Outfitters Ltd