November 5, 2010 ...
This is my third year hunting with Makwa River Outfitters and I always know that there is a potential of taking home that Monster Buck of a lifetime everytime I come. 
On this particular morning, I was in my stand before daylight as usual.  As I peered through the dark I could make out a nice buck on the bait pile.  He looked like an 8 pointer and it was his high rack that I liked.  I had my 300 Winchester mag ready and was just keeping track of the time on my watch waiting for the legal hunting time.  Just a minute to go when suddenly the buck ran off and just a second later a cow moose walked in and started eating.  What a tremendously big animal she was and not too pretty! It was her size that made her look majestic.  It was a great sight to see, no doubt, but why just a minute before I was going to take a shot, I wondered.  It didn't take me long to realize that she wasn’t going anywhere until all the food was gone and that deer wasn’t going to come back as long as she was there.  I climbed down the stand and chased her off.  She didn’t really want to go but neither did she want to share that space with someone that she perceived to be having a grouchy morning.  Back up the stand I went and soon enough that deer came back.  “how lucky is that?”  I thought to myself.  Up came my gun again waiting for that opportune moment. I waited patiently knowing that the time was coming soon when off ran the buck again and in walked a small bull moose .  “No way” I thought to myself.  I already knew the technique and climbed down the stand again and chased him off.  Back up the stand I went to sit and wait again.  I couldn’t believe my luck  when that same buck came back  in .  I held my gun in anticipation of make a good shot but as I looked closely I realized that although the antlers looked exactly the same this was a smaller buck and must have been a twin or a younger brother.  The genetics were exactly the same. When that buck bolted off of the bait  I already knew what I was going to be seeing and sure enough, there was yet another moose.  This time it was a cow followed by her calf.   Ok, enough of this, I thought to myself. I climbed down the ladder for what I hoped was going to be the last time.   I chased them about a 1/2 mile shouting and waving my arms to make sure that these didn’t return and hopefully to deter any further moose visitations.  It was quite interesting that at this same time a moose hunter was quading by a short distance away and stopped to talk to Barry, who is the guide.  The moose hunter was quite disgruntled and was complaining to Barry that there were absolutely no moose in these woods and that he hadn’t seen even one all week!  After my lengthy moose chase, I was walking back and  I was quite confident that I would see only deer at my stand for the rest of the day but I didn’t quite expect that they would be back so quickly.  I stood there hidden by trees looking at a group of deer at the bait and they were between me and my treestand.  I thought how stupid this was that I had left my gun up in the stand the biggest buck in the world could have been standing there and all I would be able to do would be to throw a stick at it!!!  Thankfully there were no really good bucks at this time so I chose to walk right through the bait.  They bolted away and it took about an hour before I saw movement again. Soon there were about 7 young bucks in front of me scoring from 130 and down.  Through the trees I could see several more deer moving in.  The bucks reminded me of a fraternity as they quietly fed but would not allow any deer other than their group and especially no does to come even close the food.  The does stood patiently in the surrounding woods waiting their turn.   The deer were all so calm and it was very peaceful and beautiful watching them all.  A small doe, probably
no more than 100 pounds walked timidly from under my treestand towards the bait and immediately every single one of those bucks stuck their noses high in the air and started sniffing.  It was obvious that this young doe was in heat.  The closest buck turned and started chasing her.  She was not liking this sudden attention from all these 300 pound suitors and she put her ears back nervously and started running.  The reaction was immediate and I had never seen anything like this before. She ran through the clearing with all of those bucks following in what I thought, in amusement, was like the Pied Piper.   For the next 1/2 hour there was chaos and mayhem as the bucks got aggressive and scared up all the does.  There were deer jumping in every direction and it was like being inside of a giant pinball machine. There was action everywhere and at one time there were three pairs of bucks sparring at the same time.  There were deer coming  in that I had not even seen before and I could not even guess how many of them there were milling around in a frenzy in front of me!   Not even on any television show had I seen the likes of this!  I was so fixated by this scene that I didn’t even pick up my camera but then I also did not want to put down my gun.  I could see amongst the bucks the deer that I had originally wanted to take - or was it the smaller twin?    It was now hard to tell!  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the little doe in heat coming back toward the bait site and right behind her, without a doubt, was the buck that I had been after all morning.  He was in hot pursuit of the doe and as he followed her to the edge of the clearing he stopped for just a second to check it out.  My gun was ready and he dropped where he stood. 
The perfect ending a most exciting hunting day.  My buck scored 154.3/8 and weighed 305 and he is a real beauty!  I have already booked my return hunt for 2011.