We strongly recommend obtaining travel insurance in case of a need for a cancellation etc.  You may not like thinking that you will get ill OR have an injury and have to cancel the hunt that you have been looking forward to for a long time but it does sometimes happen.    If you were taking a vacation to Mexico, you probably would never consider booking without such insurance and a hunting trip should be treated the same. 
As an outfitter, I have a "quota" of only 43 deer hunters per year and 23 bear hunters per year and those hunters can be brought in only during the short non-resident hunting seasons.  I base all of my business decisions on those numbers.  Almost all of my expenses are incurred prior to your arrival and so a cancellation would be a very harsh financial burden to me.   If given sufficient time, between you and I we might be able to find a replacement for you but usually by the time a cancellation becomes evident, such replacement is difficult if not impossible to find.  For that reason, there is a clause in your contract that states that the deposit is not refundable. 
A client of ours that does a lot of travelling has advised that he goes to www.insuremytrip.com  for his insurance needs whether he goes on a cruise or a hunting trip to Saskatchewan with us.  This site will have about 40 different companies that you can compare.  You can look for coverage for cancellation due to illness, injury and possibly even cancellation due to business issues.  It can give you coverage for baggage delay and rooms during flight delays.  It can cover you for medical and dental issues while you are away and some plans will even cover existing health conditions.  Some plans cover your guns (which will be under "sporting equipment").  He suggests that if you are travelling with a buddy or buddies to get "group coverage" so that if one of the group has to cancel then you have the option of all cancelling ... this is especially important if you are travelling as a family and one of you gets ill.  This coverage usually has to be obtained between 7 - 14 days of your initial payment which would be your down-payment so look into it immmediately.  Our client has dealt with Access America and American Express Global with very satisfactory experiences.  Another one of our clients has dealt with TravelGuard and AIG with also satisfactory experiences.
If you have had good or bad experiences with these or other insurances please let me know so that I can continue to give references as I think that this is a very important part of the trip planning.
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