We currently have two dogs, but oh my "the boys" are getting old.  We haven't been doing our waterfowl hunts for a few years now and they used to be full time "workers".  They now are our family pets.

Corey is our black lab.  He was born in 2002
In his day, this dog lived to work (we called him a "hunting machine").  He is a large dog and those geese were his specialty.  He refused to let any bird go.  Quite often, if a goose was wounded and started to fly away, he would run after it, jump into the air knock it down with his chest and then bring it in!  He is very muscular and well built and we used to be amazed at his speed!  In addition to being an excellent worker, he is also extremely friendly and mild mannered - JUST AN ALL ROUND EXCELLENT DOG!  Now, he tends just to sleep a lot but he is still loved.

Chip is our second dog and he was born in Feb, 2004   He is a chocolate lab and is actually a direct brother to Corey mentioned above (they have the same mother and same father, just a different litter).  

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