and what a good move it was!

Monday, May 14, 2018 Day 1 of week 1

Jeff, who hunts deer with us and his wife Lori are our only two hunters this week and what fun they are!
They weren't out in their blinds for very long today and Jeff shot an awesome bear.  Immediately, he saw a text come in from his wife.  He thought that was very sweet of her to text a congratulations to him.  BUT .. she was just texting him to tell him that she shot a bear!!!
They shot their bears at the same time!  
Ha ha ... that is too funny.
Lori - May 15, 2018
Nice bear Lori!

Jeff - May 14/18
This is a great bear Jeff!
It weighed in at 455 pounds ... for a spring bear that is a big bear!

Only 2 people for this week and they are done!


Monday, May 21, 2018 Day 1 of week 2

Jason hunts deer with us and this is his first ever bear hunt.  Within 10 minutes of getting into his stand a black bear came in.  Jason sized it up to the barrel and knew that this wasn't the bear that he wanted.  The bear sat down to eat but a few minutes later he looked into the woods and took off running and then this chocolate bear came in and the rest is history!  It was a good clean shot.  While Jason waited for the guide to come in, another 2 bear came in!  What a great experience!

Nice chocolate bear Jason!
May 21/18 - Jason

Its 8:40 pm here ... a sudden wind has come up ... Wayne and John are going to be swinging in those tree stands!  ... hang on guys!!
Tom and Frank will be snug in their ground blinds!


Tuesday, May 25, 2018 Day 2 of Week 2

We can't believe the hot temperatures here ... not good if you are looking to take one of those BIG bruins home.  Those big bear are content to stay deep in the woods where its cool.


Wednesday, May 26, 2018 Day 3 of Week 2
Dang ... another HOT day!
Still no bear coming into camp!
Ok boys ... tomorrow has to be the day!!


Thursday May 24, 2018 Day 4 of Week 2

The last few days have been crazy hot here.  The big boars, with their thick hot fur simply are not moving!
But those "big boys" have to venture out eventually ....

Good news ... Wayne shot a bear this evening but it was at the end of the day.  The guides will look for it in the morning!


Friday May 25, 2018 - Day 5 of Week 2
The guides found Wayne's bear this morning... it was only a few yards away from where they stopped looking last night!  ... Isn't that the way it usually is ... ha ha!

This is Wayne's first bear hunt and his first bear ... way to go Wayne!

Wayne - May 24, 2018 (found May 25th).
This bear's face was pretty chewed up.  It looked like another bear had virtually put this one's head into its mouth!  That means that there is one "helluva" BIG bear still out there.

Tom and Frank both took bear today!  Frank drove from Texas to Colorado to meet up with Tom and then these two friends drove all the way from Colorado to our camp.  How super cool that these friends take their bear on the same day.  

Frank - May 25/18
Frank is looking forward to his delicious bear meat when he gets home.  I have not perfected the skill of cooking bear meat and try as I might, Frank just wouldn't give up his secret recipe!!
Something like squeezing out the recipe for our deer guide, Larry's "shine"... it just ain't gonna happen!!

Tom - May 25/18
Tom is a very avid bear hunter and has taken many, many bear.  His patience and skill in the blind is second to none!

John unfortunately went home empty handed but he very much enjoyed watching the bear that came by his stand.  He just chose not to take any of those.  This is John's first bear hunt and he wants his name first on the list for our next bear hunt.  

Wayne and John were our source of entertainment this week and they had us all laughing long and hard with their sarcastic (and hillarious) one liners and full stories about each other!  Jason was a target too for the antics and Tom and Frank joined in with a comment or two (WHEN THEY COULD!!!)   Ha ha ha ... what a fun week!  

Its hard to see friends like this leave after a week of fun!


Monday, May 28, 2018 Day 1 of Week 3

Steve, Rod, Mike, Ken and J.L. are off for their afternoon/evening hunt.
There was a tiny shower, some wind, a bit of thunder this afternoon (along with hot, hot weather) but now this evening it has cooled off to 73 degrees and its very still ...
.. might be the perfect recipe for success!
Those big boars start coming in just before dark ...

The news is in ... Steve has a bear!
What a gorgeous color!!
Steve- May 28/18

Mike, Ken, Rod and J.L. all saw bear.  J.L. is this week's "bear hunt virgin" so it will be fun to hear about his experiences this week!


Tuesday May 29, 2018 - Day 2 of Week 3

Holy Moly!!!
 Rod was barely in his stand for an hour and he was on the radio saying he had a bear!

And then, while they were loading up Rod's bear, Kenny is calling on the radio saying he had a bear too !

Hey ... we have two REAL NICE BEAR coming into camp tonight!  

Rod - May 29/18
Good job Rod!

Kenny - May 29/18
What a BIG BRUIN this one is
Very impressive Kenny!

The guides were skinning/caping these two bear until 5:00 am...
we don't leave our bear overnight but get to it as soon as they arrive in camp.  
We do everything we can to ensure the integrity of the hides and the meat.  
Skinning until 5am just shows how hard our guides work to do the BEST JOB for our clients.


Wednesday, May 30, 2018 Day 3 of Week 3

A very wet and rainy day.
And the good news is that J.L. is no longer a "bear hunt virgin"!
J.L. has a bear!
Way to go!
J.L. May 30/18


Thursday, May 31, 2018 - Day 4 of Week 3

Cool day today but the rain stopped (as least for a while) ....
I think its going to be a great day for Mike today!

Week #1
Rod started off our season with a "big bang"!  
This is his awesome boar:

Rod - May 12, 2012

Steve - May 17, 2012            Park-May 17, 2012

Mike went home without a bear but he did make a nice "clean miss"  (what is "nice" about a miss anyway?!!) on a first class Big Boar ... from what he described, this one was a DANDY!  He will be back next year to redeem himself!!   Mike is an EXCELLENT SHOT and we witnessed him make incredible good shots on target here! ... would this be "bear fever" Mike?!!! ha ha ha

Dale - May 17, 2012
Dale took the last bear for this week!  He also tried to leave a piece of his thumb behind!!!
Dale was using his cross-bow and didn't have hand in the proper position and
the string cut into his thumb ... nothing that 5 stitches couldn't help! Ouch!!!
But ... hey .... he got the bear and thats all that counts!

So ... at the end of week one we have 4 deer for 5 hunters and the 5th hunter missed a "good one" so we consider that 100%!

Week #2
Day 1 of week 2:
Steve took a nice chocolate bear
Steve- May 21, 2012

"Dear Kathy,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for running a first class operation - it was all that was advertised and more.  I have hunted with a number of different outfitters at different camps and yours is in the top echelon.  From your assistance in preparing for the hunt, directions on reaching camp, the lodge itself as well as the cooking and the cleanliness of the lodge - all was spot on.  The lodge felt like home.  It was neat and clean with all the amenities hunters would need - right down to the slippers.  The beds were comfortable and we all had plenty of room to relax.  A lot of outfitters boast of hunters coming in camp as strangers and leaving as friends but my experience is that is a hard bar to reach.  However you did achieve that.  An added value was that the other hunters were easy to live with an made the experience much more enjoyable.  Non-hunters think it is all about the kill and they fail to see that with most hunters, it is about the total experience not just the harvest.

I left for last any comments on your staff - the guides, Barry, Walker and Larry not only know how to guide but also how to hunt.  They made sure that we were well taken care of from the time that we started out till the time they skinned our bears.  The skinning facilities and walk-in freezer were top draw.  It was nice to see Barry. Larry and Walker searching and finding stand umbrellas to shield the rain away from the hunters.  It shows their commitment.

I especially want to thank you for accommodating my diet. I Liked the fact that we had a hardy breakfast and dinner, followed by sandwiches for the field, followed-up by the soup, when after a long evening on stand, cold and wet, we all were able to put your delicious soap in our bellies to warm us up.

Please use me as a reference for future hunters.  I plan to come back next year, hopefully with the same hunters.

Thank you so much Steve ... we thoroughly enjoyed your company and look forward to seeing you in 2013!  - Kathy

Jeff - May 23, 2012
John - May 23, 2012

Trent - May 25, 2012

Benjie - May 25, 2012

Thomas went home without a bear and also without a part of his tee-shirt! ... As you hunters who have been with us before know, anybody who misses, gets a piece of their tee-shirt/shirt hung up on our "Wall of Shame" ... its all in fun!  Thomas is a good hunter but every hunter can tell a tale or two about "the missed shot"!!

This was a fun week (as was the week before!):
Steve, Thomas & Jeff  

                                        John & Kathy                                                
Walker & Barry hanging up
                                                                                                                       "shirt tails" on the Wall of Shame

Week #2 saw 5 bear going home for 6 hunters and the 6th hunter missed his bear so we still consider this 100%!

Week #3
Eddie takes the first bear for this week and its a nice one!
Eddie - May 30, 2012

Marion - May 31, 2012

Bruce - May 31, 2012

Bruce - June 1, 2012

Marcus - June 2, 2012

Larry and Matt go home without a bear this year.  Matt saw a very nice bear but it never came close enough to get a shot.

Good job everyone!
This now concludes our Spring 2012 bear season!

2011 bear season:
First Day - May 9th ... about 20 bear seen between the 7 hunters here ... everyone having a great time but no bear taken today.

Second Day - May 10th ... Here are the first two bear of the season and they are Dandies!

Park- May 10, 2011

Jerry-May 10, 2011

Steve's bear is nice, there is no doubt, but Kyle's bear wins this round hands down!  He is an incredible rich dark chocolate weighing in at 405 pounds .. that is a BIG BEAR for this early in the spring(they have just come out of their dens) ... by July this bear would  weigh at least 600 pounds!   Woo hoo ... good job Kyle!
Kyle - May 12, 2011

Steve and Kyle
 This is a gorgeous chocolate bear. The colour doesn't show up well on these photos but it is a deep dark chocolate .. gorgeous.

Steve - May 11, 2011

Rod - May 13, 2011

Monday, May 16 .. what a good day.  There were no bear taken but everyone saw bear.  Bob saw about 12 bear (including a sow and 2 "fur ball" cubs ... what entertainment they were!), Jack saw 10 bear including 1 decent chocolate bear.  Craig and Ricky each saw one bear.  I am anxious to hear about tomorrow's sightings!

Tuesday, May 17 ... another good day.  Craig saw 5 bear, Jack saw 11 bear and Bob saw 3 bear including a really big black bear that snuck up on him but he couldn't get a shot at him. Ricky took a nice black bear and so did Jack.

Ricky - May 17, 2011      
Jack - May 17, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 ... Yesterday Bob had a really big black bear come in but he did not have an opportunity to take it.  That bear did not come in today but Bob still took a nice bear.
Bob - May 18, 2011

And .. Craig takes a nice black bear too!
Craig - May 19, 2011

Monday, May 23 ...   A slow day out there.  Danny caught sight of a nice cinnamon safely within the trees.  Hmmmm..... I am thinking that it is going to be an extra good day tomorrow!

Tuesday May 24 ... yup ... it WAS a great day today, just like I predicted!  ... Two bear today ... one for Brent and one for Dale.

May 24, 2011 - Dale  
This is a very dark chocolate bear (looks black in the photo).  After Dale took this bear and while he was up in the treestand, he saw another bear .... an incredible jet black bear that he estimated weighed 450 pounds ... that is a "monster bear" for this early in the spring!  He has rebooked for next spring with every intention of going home with that bear in 2012!

May 24, 2011 - Here's Brent, Pro Staffer for ALL-BEAR TV with Host and Producer, Danny Leonard (with the camera).  Congratulations Brent!  Making a picture-perfect bow shot on a beautiful 370 pound Bruin for your first bear ever is something to be very proud of and it made a great show! The show aired on July 18, 2011 and on July 25th.  As soon as Danny can squeeze it into his busy schedule we will be able to watch the bear video on YouTube too!
Here is an e-mail that I received from Brent on September 30, 2011
"Hi Kathy,    
This is Brent Sivnksty, I hunted this spring with All Bear TV! :) Anyway,  I just wanted you to know that it looks like my bear will make the Pope and Young record book!  I'm really excited about that!  I have to have it officially scored by a P&Y representative, but it should make it easily.
I really enjoyed my time with you guys, please tell your family and Barry hello for me."       

Congratulations Brent!!!

May 26/11 - Danny

That concludes our spring, 2011 spring black bear hunts ... GOOD JOB YOU GUYS!!

-May 24th ... first day out for our hunters.
It has been raining hard here for the last couple days and when the sun came out today we were quite confident that today would be a good day and we were right!  Both Ricky and Mike took bear!!! .. awesome!

Ricky - May 24, 2010
Our guide, Roger, states that there is a bigger bear at this stand yet!

Mike - May 24, 2010
Both Ricky and Mike saw 6 - 7 different bear each today.

Terry - May 27, 2010

Its been a tough week - we have been fighting weather all the time with a lot of precipitation!  We have had two misses (including an awesome chocolate bear)!!  We ALL know how frustrating that can be and not one among us can say that we have never missed!!

Our guide, Larry with a "B&C" Whiskey Jack! ... Incredible how tame a wild bird can get!

Rod - May 31, 2010
May 31, 2010 - It was a great day for hunting with some of the hunters seeing up to 5 different bear during the day.  Donnie saw bear ALL DAY LONG!  ... exciting!

Steve - June 1, 2010
June 2, 2010 ... another beautiful day here but forecast is for thunder showers tomorrow!  Nice bear have been seen for the last couple days ... I wonder what tonite's harvest will bring?  Mike made a clean miss last night ... for all of you guys that have been here before, you know that he will be missing part of his tee-shirt!

Kevin - June 2, 2010  AWESOME BEAR!  This boar has an interesting scar running vertically down the center of his nose.... result of a fight with another bear would be our guess.

Everyone saw bear today and they are all looking forward to tomorrow's hunt.  

Park - June 3, 2010             Mike - June 3, 2010                

And ... it sounds like we might have one more bear coming in yet tonite! Woo hoo!!!

2009 Bear season

Norm saw 9 different bear on the first day(including cubs) and came back with some great pictures!  He saw black, chocolate and cinnamon bears.  Check out these pictures!

Mike - May 13/09
The colour of this cinnamon bear is INCREDIBLE! (pictures  just don't do it justice!)

Dwaine-May 14/09

HOLY SMOKE!!!  ... !  What an incredible day!  FIVE BEAR TAKEN TODAY!!!  Yup, thats what I said ... FIVE BEAR!  

Jon-May 15/09               Gary-May 15/09              

Norm-May 15/09

Roy-May 15/09                         Tommy-May 15/09

Good job guys ... 7 bear for 7 hunters!

Tim - May 19/09

Allen - May20/09

Justin - May 21/09
10 minutes after Justin took this bear another bear about 100 pounds heavier came in!!! ... that's hunting!

Jeremy - May 22/09

Although Tom saw bear, he did not go home with one.  Tom is a taxidermist and he was looking for something special and that "something special" chose not to walk into his baitsite!  He accompanied his friends/clients here and has gone home to do his taxidermy work on all the above bear!

Ok... good job everyone!  

Ok .. here we go with our last week of hunting:

Day 1 ... and we have a bear!
Mike-May 25/09
Mike saw a bear much bigger than this one earlier in the day but it just didn't give him an opportunity for a shot.  The pelt of this bear that was taken is incredible and so Mike just couldn't resist ... yes, the other bear was bigger, but would it come back???... Now the interesting story with this bear is THAT IT ONLY HAS THREE LEGS ... now that is the most unique thing!  We have been in this business for a long, long time and we have never seen a 3 legged bear!!!

Day 2 ... and we have another bear!
Jack-May 26/09
Jack saw a nice chocolate just before this one came in but it did not give him a shot.

Day 3 ... Danny takes the last bear of the season ... a beautiful chocolate!

Danny-May 27/09 - chocolate bear
Danny also saw a very nice cinnamon bear.

Bob hunted with us only for Monday and Tuesday but had to return home Wednesday morning.  Bob has already harvested 34 bear including the bear that he took with us last spring.  He saw bear each of the two days that he hunted but after having already 34 bear, you know that he is looking for something specific.  He will be returning next spring and we hope that he will bring his wife Peggy with him!

Scroll down just a bit to see some trail camera pictures

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