All of our guides are locals who know the area well.  They are familiar with the animals and they are very familiar with the terrain.  They are each very friendly and conscientious of your safety and comfort.  They are easy to talk to and are a lot of fun!!  These are guys that you will quickly become friends with!!  They have great work ethics and work long and hard to ensure that your hunt is the best it possibly can be.  You will never find better guides that these guys!  What a wonderful team we have!!


LARRY Heon started guiding for us in 2009 and we think that he is awesome.  He is a local man who has a passion for hunting.  He is a man of many hats including being a fireman and the mayor of the local village.  He has a military background and has army stories to tell in addition to hunting stories.  He has a fun twinkle in his eye and you know that this is not going to be a boring hunt with Larry around!  If you want professional, fun, courteous and consciencious all in one package, then you have it in Larry.


WALKER Dopko as you all know has been a part of this operation all of his life.  In addition to apprenticing as a Heavy Duty Mechanic, he LOVES to guide.    He also loves to travel and has been in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Thailand, Vietnam, Honduras, Nicaragua, Cuba and Mexico as well as several locations in the USA.  He is a Dive Master (scuba).  He is also certified for Search And Rescue in the ocean and First Responders.  He has taken Royal Officer Training for the Canadian Army and is a member of Infantry Reserve with the Canadian Army.


BARRY BRUCKS:  Barry has slowed down the pace, giving him opportunity to spend more time with his grandchildren, his trapping and his beautiful wife, Val.  He has take over the job that Ted used to do and is out there baiting areas that the guides can't get to daily.  Barry has been with us for quite a few years now and anyone who has hunted with us before knows that he is "the best of the best".    He is very knowledgable and kind and it won't take you long to become a close friend of his!  He is also a lot of fun ... according to one of our hunters he has the reputation of being "a devious bastard"!!! ... ha ha .. thats a good one .. Barry, the devious Bastard ha ha ha!


CONNOR Dopko is very competitive ... it doesn't matter if its the competition to get the biggest buck or win the card game or make a goal at the hockey game -- he loves it all!  Connor also loves fishing, trapping, riding the quad, snowmobilling but hunting is his very favorite.... no, lets re-phrase that ... HUNTING IS HIS PASSION!!!!  He guides when he can.  He is apprenticing to be an electrician working in the oil patch in the north but confesses that the job gets in the way of hunting(can you imagine that!). Connor will not be able to guide this year


TED KURJATA:  Ted is our "honorary guide".  For many year he was the "invisible guide"doing the  daily baiting but unless he came to the camp for a visit, you wouldn't ever see him but you would see the results of his hard work as the deer come into the bait.  He is a neighbor who has retired from farming but loves the outdoors!  Anyone who knows Ted will tell you that there is no better man than him anywhere!  Starting with the 2016 season, Ted had to bow out due to health issues.


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